Designer Spotlight | Argent Advisors

20160916112307_300W23 k2

Counter: Blizzard This time of year, as the leaves change to gold and red, is the most beautiful! Especially in New York City where the contrast of concrete and nature amplifies the Fall colors. So we are excited to explore the concrete jungle with Argent Advisors, who have owned and redeveloped more than 7 million  Continue Reading »

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Add Nature To Your Fall Décor

use nature in your fall decor 6

Sometimes we think that when we are decorating for the new season, we must spend a ton of money purchasing the most popular décor for the season. I for one like to take a different approach to decorating for fall. Adding nature into your fall décor is a great way to save money and add  Continue Reading »

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Bathroom Mirrors

4130 Clamshell™ - Wattle Valley Kitchens IG-1 (1)

Designer: Wattle Valley Kitchens | Counter: Clamshell We all know that bathroom mirrors are a serious necessity. How else would we see our beautiful selves in the morning? Or how would we know if we have a giant piece of kale in our teeth? A bathroom would be in major trouble without a mirror present.  Continue Reading »

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House Tour | Emmy Rossum


We are thrilled to take you on a house tour of Actress Emmy Rossum’s European style NYC apartment. Emmy, popular for her role as Fiona Gallagher in Shameless, grew up in NYC but only just purchased her first fixer in the city. From the ‘after’ shots, you would never imagine the space being anything but  Continue Reading »

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New Trend: Blue Kitchens

blue 1

Designer: Freedom Kitchens | Counter: Raw Concrete Kitchen design has evolved tremendously throughout the years. Everything from maple and pine wood cabinets to speckled granite. I love designing and styling kitchens because it’s the heart of every home. With everything that we have experienced with kitchens, we have come to the conclusion that you can  Continue Reading »

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10 Tips For Working From Home


These days there are a lot of people who work from home, whether it’s for themselves, like me, or for their employer, like my husband. It’s become more and more common everyday and works really well for most people. That means, though, that having an inspiring and organized work space is very important. Let’s be  Continue Reading »

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Tiny House Tour | Big Sky Design

20160912082832_LR 5542-6

If you are as obsessed with the tiny house trend as we are, then you’re going to love Big Sky Design’s remodel of an old camper to serve as the company’s mobile interior design boutique. Modeled after the ever-popular food truck trend, Jennifer Kraner, the owner of Big Sky Design, noted that design is food  Continue Reading »

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10 Inspiring Fall Tablescapes

number 10

As fall draws near and we get ready for the holidays ahead, many of us are planning to entertain friends and family. I know we are all looking for a little inspiration for those tables we will be dressing up for the occasion, so why not take a little inspiration from 10 amazing fall tablescapes?  Continue Reading »

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10 Contemporary Sconces for the Bathroom

1 (1)

Designed by Sutro Architects There are certainly lots of ways to light up a bathroom, and if you ask me, I’d say that a combination of them is most often the best and most complete way to do so. This depends on your lighting needs. If you need a decent reflection of yourself in the  Continue Reading »

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Open-Floor Layouts: A Double-Edged Sword Carving Design Trends

Richard Cole Architecture - Eggshell

Designed by Richard Cole Architecture | Caesarstone Eggshell The open-floor plan is a hot design trend these days, and it’s reshaping homes and offices across the globe. The open plan owes its popularity to multiple factors, such as greater spatial flexibility and conduciveness to multi-purpose use, increased aesthetic appeal, sense of stylistic unity, and improved  Continue Reading »

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