Party Time | Milan Design Week


More than 1,000 guests attended the shared party held last night by Caesarstone and Wallpaper* Magazine at Palazzo Serbelloni. They all took a ride on the swings in the main hall of the palace, and celebrated Milan Design Week between the tropical forest that Philippe Malouin created with his 20 planters, especially for “Movements”. Among our special guests were  Continue Reading »

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Day 3 | Milan Design Week


“Nothing deserves our attention more than food – it binds us, it fuels us, and the myriad of issues concerning its production, distribution and consumption, touch on some of humanity’s most fundamental problems”. This is how food designer Marije Vogelzang describes what stands in the basis of “Eat Shit”, the first exhibition of the Design Academy Eindhoven’s  Continue Reading »

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Day 2 | Milan Design Week


“We advocate an idealistic agenda in design, as we deplore the obsession with the New for the sake of the New”, says designer Hella Jongerius and theorist Louise Schouwenberg, in the manifesto “Beyond the New”, published just a few days ago. “Cultural and historical awareness are woven into the DNA of any worthwhile product. Otherwise the designer  Continue Reading »

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Day 1 | Milan Design Week

image 8

It’s this time of the year: Milan Design Week has just opened this morning, and once again you can spot enthusiastic visitors who are eager to see as much design as they can, in a very short time. Thus, I can’t think of a better way to start the day as with “Housewarming”, the smart  Continue Reading »

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Creating a Beautiful Entryway


When people walk into your home, what is the first thing that they see? A pile of shoes? A stack of mail? Maybe a pile of toys? That’s a normal occurrence at most homes. If you are wanting to spruce up your entryway, here are a few tips that won’t break the bank. It will  Continue Reading »

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Israeli-born architect Dan Brunn, AIA, of Dan Brunn Architecture, is a wildly talented designer and long-time partner of the Caesarstone team. He has developed awe-inspiring commercial and residential projects worldwide since establishing his firm, Dan Brunn Architecture, in 2005. He believes an architect’s role is to craft spaces that respect the site, provoke sensuous interaction, and heighten the user’s connection with the space.

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Caesarstone Presents: Movements | Milan Design Week


For the third year in a row Caesarstone is proud to present a unique installation designed by an international acclaimed designer, especially for the Milan Design Week.  “Movements” by Philippe Malouin, continues previous collaborations with Nendo and Raw Edges, this time with an 8-piece swing-set and a handmade group of planters. How can a company, which  Continue Reading »

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Bringing the Indoors Out


If you love to entertain or spend lots of time outdoors, having your outdoor space feel like an extension of the inside of your home will make your time outside all the more enjoyable and comfortable. Look in any shelter magazine or check out your favorite blogger’s site and you’ll find an array of articles  Continue Reading »

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Unexpected Homes

home_featured image

As the old adage goes, home is where the heart is. A home can be any shape, size, style, and location. But what about a water tower turned modern home, or a renovated 200-year-old cabin, or an unassuming garage turned lakeside retreat. We’ve been inspired by unique architects and designers who think outside the box  Continue Reading »

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Colorful Kitchen Cabinets


A new trend that we are seeing more and more is colorful cabinets in the kitchen. It’s a fun change from wood and white cabinets. Of course it works best in minimal style kitchens. Natural light, marble, white tile, light floors, these all compliment colored cabinets. (Photo:  Domaine) (Photo:  The Design Chaser) When choosing a color  Continue Reading »

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