Caesarstone Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving

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As Thanksgiving approaches, the kitchen becomes the most important part of the house. Pies need baking, turkey needs thawing, and the side dishes need preparing. This is the time of year when functional kitchen elements are essential, including durable countertops for prepping and carving the turkey, cabinetry for storage, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere  Continue Reading »

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Creative Ways to Style Your Sink

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 (Via Scandinavian Love Song) Styling your sink can go one of two ways. It can be a clean and simple look or you can create a sink style vignette. There’s really no right or wrong way of going about it. If you are looking for a more modern look, choose what your necessities are and  Continue Reading »

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Caesarstone at the First Annual StyleMakers Event

Variety & WWD Stylemakers sponsored by Caesarstone, Smashbox Studios, Los Angeles, America - 19 Nov 2015

A few days ago we shared the exciting news that Caesarstone would be joining with our partners Variety & WWD in the first annual StyleMakers event on November 19, 2016. Well, we did and boy was it a hit! This year’s honorees included fashion designer Zac Posen, costume designer Lyn Paolo, stylist Elizabeth Stewart, hair stylist  Continue Reading »

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Designer Spotlight | JWT Associates

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(Photos: Lee Manning Photography) JWT Associates is a residential architecture firm in Los Angeles that specialize in assisting clients create their California dream homes. The firm has worked on renovations and additions to many architecturally significant homes in the region, and their goal is to seamlessly integrate the old with the new, respecting the beauty  Continue Reading »

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Caesarstone Supports the First Annual StyleMakers Event

Variety's Actors on Actors: Emmy Edition presented by Autograph Collection Hotels - Day 1

(Via REX SHUTTERSTOCK) Caesarstone is all about innovation and design, which is why we’re excited to share our participation in a brand new event that honors the best in the business. From our partners and top style authorities Variety & WWD comes the first annual StyleMakers event on November 19, 2016. The StyleMakers celebration spotlights innovators  Continue Reading »

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How to Style Your Kids Books

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(Via Decoracion) Kids bedrooms are my favorite spaces to design. They are an unrestrained area of the house. The tricky part is incorporating all of the different kids items to make them align and connect without looking cheesy. Books are a huge part of a child’s learning process. They shouldn’t be hidden in dressers. Instead they  Continue Reading »

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5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Hallway

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(Via Nordic Design) Hallways are often thought to go unnoticed by guests, so many find it pointless to decorate them. But we neglect the fact that the hallway is the path through our home. It is a space that we travel on to get to our destination. Here are a few tips to make you  Continue Reading »

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How to Arrange Throw Pillows on a Bed

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(Via Vintagency) When people make their bed, I’ve noticed that it can be over complicated which can be greatly simplified. Arranging your pillows should be a fun process and personalized to each individual. I love the overall look of this bed. The covers are completely pulled back with an intricate designed duvet. The main head pillows  Continue Reading »

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6 Ways to Bring Orange into Your Home

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(Via Koto Living) Orange is one of those colors that can get a bad rap. Sure, using orange to deck out everything can be a bit much, but using it well can be so great. Here is some proof. Appliances can be pretty drab, or they can a focal point to a room. The orange  Continue Reading »

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Simple Kitchens That Take Your Breath Away

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Bold elements are beautiful and often added to create depth in a kitchen. They become the focal point of the room and leave your guests in aw of the design choices you made, but how do you create an incredible kitchen without those striking qualities? A kitchen doesn’t need extravagant architectural elements or decor to  Continue Reading »

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