The Trick to Using Bright, Bold Colors in Interiors

Using Bright, Bold Colors in Interiors #CaesarstoneUS

Take a step out of your color comfort zone and make a statement with the bright and bold—without overwhelming. The trick? Create a base palette for the space and add in colors to add character and emphasis.

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7 Tips to Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

Make Small Spaces Feel Larger # CaesarstoneUS

Designing an interior is all about showing your personality while finding a perfect balance between imaginative and functional. And when it comes to small spaces, the more creativity you have the better.

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Our Return to The Red Carpet | Oscars 2015

Post-Oscars Review

Our return to the red carpet. #oscars2015 #caesarstoneus

Another successful year at the Oscars – congratulations to all the nominees and especially the winners! Although we didn’t take home a tiny statue, we still felt like winners this year. Celebrities schmoozed at the Calacatta Nuvo bar in the Architectural Digest Greenroom, stars dressed in our favorite Caesarstone colors, and we took our Interior Design Style Quiz so many times that we received ALL the Oscar styles!

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Behind The Scene Of The 2015 Architectural Digest Greenroom


An exclusive look with design firm Commune at the backstage area where A-listers will gather during the 2015 Oscars

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With just under 3 days until the 87th Academy Awards (ABC, 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT), it’s no surprise that the buzz is building. Beyond guesses of who will win each category, USA Today and Architectural Digest give Oscar-lovers a sneak peek at the backstage oasis that is the 2015 Architectural Digest Greenroom.

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Our Return to The Red Carpet | Oscars 2015


We love working with celebrities – they’re natural tastemakers, oozing with style and always choose the highest quality in design. That’s why we can’t wait for the 87th-annual Academy Awards on February 22nd!

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Wallpaper: Choosing the Right Pattern (and Place) For Your Design Style

Wallpaper: Choosing the Right Pattern (and Place) For Your Design Style #caesarstoneus

Gone are the days of your grandma’s plaid wallpaper. Today, wallpaper is as stylish and sophisticated as the people using it, taking high-end design to a more unique level. Take Neil Patrick Harris and David Burka’s Harlem Townhome for example: their den features a Andrew Martin wallpaper as a backdrop to colorful magic memorabilia, anchoring the space.

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Cupid’s Color: 5 Ways to Design with Red

Brilliant red countertops add bold contrast in mono-chromatic kitchens, and create a lively, charismatic mood. This island features one of our favorite classic colors: Caesarstone Red Shimmer.

We’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow! Valentine’s Day has us in the mood for romance and sumptuous reds. Luckily, when it comes to interior design this vibrant hue can make a statement all year long. Red is a primary color in design and, when used right, it can be a daring and powerful addition to a space.

Not sure how to integrate red into your next design? Here’s some inspiration:

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3 Plant Types To Green A Modern Home

3 Plant Types to Green a Modern Home #CaesarstoneUS

In interior design, plants tend to be one of the final touches added to a space—but definitely not the least important. As humans, we have an innate attraction to nature. So plants used thoughtfully in interior design can make us happy, more productive, less anxious, and more creative.

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Caesarstone Names Winners of #ThisIsCaesarstone Contest

#ThisIsCaesarstone Photo Contest #CaesarstoneUS #interiordesignmagazine

Caesarstone hosted its first-ever #ThisIsCaesarstone Photo Contest this winter. Partnering with Interior Design, the company turned to interior designers and architects on Facebook to enter photography of their projects using Caesarstone, attracting a total of 132 innovative and beautiful applications of the material. “Connecting with those who use, support and innovate with Caesarstone was our goal and it was certainly achieved,” says Karen Schakarov, VP of marketing, Caesarstone.

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