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Brittany is an interior designer and stylist constantly searching for creativity and inspiration in the world around her. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she finds plenty of both. Her interior design studio services a variety of clients throughout California seeking her simple and collected aesthetic. Brittany believes that a house becomes a home when it is beautiful, comfortable and, most importantly, reflects the personality of the people who live inside. In addition to interior design, Brittany is a regular One Kings Lane Tastemaker where she sells everything from vintage sofas to antique oil paintings through her online tag sales. As a stylist, Brittany has most recently designed for retailer Fred Segal and is currently the in-house visual merchandiser for the LA Mart and California Gift Show.

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4 Home Décor Items that are Better with Trim

Pillow and Drapery Trim

A lot of clients forego adding details or trim to furniture and accessories to keep decorating costs down and allocate those funds to other, seemingly important, items in their room. When you need 32 yards of a $150/yard trim just to add a little pizazz to your drapery, it definitely begs the question, is it worth it? But if I told you that you could get the same pizazz with a $2/yard trim and a glue gun, the answer to that same question would be a resounding, yes!
What you’ll need.

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4 Furniture Pieces That Are Better On Wheels

Filing Cabinets with Wheels

There’s no debate that the wheel is one of the most important inventions of all time. Wheels just seem to make everything they are attached to more functional and fun. Looking around the house, there are a few items that could be improved upon by adding wheels. Here are my top picks for household items that are just better when they are mobile.

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My Top 3 Summer Recipes and their Dining Decor Matchups

Summer Salad Patio

Well folks, Labor Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to get in our last summer meals. Certain things just taste better in the summer, so whether it’s just you and your honey, the whole extended family, or a small group of friends, here are some of my favorite summer meals and the perfect settings to enjoy them.

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Poster Bed Personalities

Classic Four Poster Bed

Four poster beds make a statement like nothing else in a home. Due to their large size they become an overwhelming presence in a bedroom, but overwhelming in a good way – that is if you select the style that fits with your personality and overall aesthetic of your home.

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What’s Your Window Treatment Style?

Balloon Shades

Even though I grew up in a home with nothing but white blinds, I have come to really appreciate the style and functionality that comes from the multitudes of window treatments. Because of the vast variety of window coverings available, the decision of what to put where can be confusing and overwhelming: for that very reason I wanted to provide an easy guide to help readers determine what type of window treatment best suits each of you.

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Skirted Table Solutions: Add Personality to a Table

Red Skirted Table

It all started when I began the hunt to find a meeting table for my new office. The corner where the table would be located is tight, but I wanted to maximize surface areas as much as I could; this resulted with me coming up with the not so popular diameter of 42 inches. I looked high and low for something I loved, would fit the style of my office, was within my budget, and right around my ’perfect’ size. After about a month of searching, a light bulb went off in my head: I realized that a skirted table was the answer to all of my woes.

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Stylish Kitchen Accessories

West Elm Canisters and Dishes

Designing custom kitchens are some of my favorite projects. There’s something about the durability, permanence, and functionality of a kitchen that I love. But, I don’t think that a great kitchen should stop with beautiful cabinets and a stylish backsplash: beauty in a kitchen should extend to every part. Whatever is sitting on your stove, next to your sink, or anywhere else should compliment the rest of the space instead of taking away from it. In essence, my dream kitchen is one where every part, from the largest refrigerator to the smallest teaspoon, serves a functional purpose, but also exudes stylish living.

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Floor to Ceiling Paint Designs

Sometimes it’s the riskiest design decisions that transform a room from good to great. This is exactly how I feel about painted ceilings and floors. Painting your walls is low risk. I do it everyday when working with clients – it’s an easy sell. What isn’t such an easy sell is convincing them to paint their ceiling. People often ask, “…but won’t it feel like a cave?”, “…won’t it make the room feel smaller?” My response to these (questionably) valid concerns is always: painted floors and ceilings are awesome so do it anyway!

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4 Classy Ways to Add Patriotic Spirit to Your Décor

Holidays are a great time to reconnect with family and friends, take some time to relax, and reflect on the purpose of the season. There are a few holidays worth getting all decked out for. For me, the 4th of July is one of them; but, I don’t like holiday decorating to get too themey. Since I like to keep things a little bit sophisticated and classy, while still festive, here are a few quick tips for how you can add some festive yet classy 4th of July inspired décor into your home.

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5 Ways to Accent Your Lifestyle With Hardware

There’s nothing like a trip to the hardware store to get your creative juices flowing! I first noticed this about a year ago while working on a few window displays for the California Gift show. After coming up with a few concepts, I headed to Home Depot to figure out how to execute them. I then left with materials and ideas far superior than my original plans. Miniature garden fences became rustic window frames, and metal conduit became the perfect legs for my space-aged table. Even better, there are fun and practical ways to use your local hardware store for home decoration and fashion.

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