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Desiré is a designer, blogger, and lover of all things glamorous. Though primarily a self-taught decorator, Desiré studied at The Art Institute, where she honed a distinct aesthetic largely influenced by the Modern Glamour movement, the theme of her popular design blog, Sukio. Not only is she considered a "closet fashionista," discreetly stashing handbags and shoes whenever possible, but, as an MIT graduate, she’s also an undercover nerd. Fashion, nerdom, and several years as a Washingtonian have combined to shape her unique perspective on interior design. In addition to blogging, Desiré’s passion for decorating led to stints as the operator of her own boutique and the moderator of DC Design Evenings, an event series in partnership with Apartment Therapy. She also sits on the Advisory Board for the Interior Design Resource Agency and co-founded Room to Rebloom, a nonprofit offering design services to women in need. Likes include Coca-Cola, Fashion Week, and her tuxedo cat, aptly named Play.

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Kitchen Inspiration: 3 Ways to Work with Stainless Steel

Kitchen Inspiration- 3 Ways to Work with Stainless Steel on the Interior Collective 1 4

Stainless steel, such a familiar material yet, with the exception of sinks and appliances, remains underutilized in the kitchen. My guess is that most envision the industrial look of a chef’s kitchen, with its racks of pots, pans, and utensils all arranged to maximize efficiency rather than aesthetics. Yes, it can be a sterile material, but when used in the right way, it can be quite sexy too—chic even! Here are three ways to work with stainless steel so your kitchen feels like home and not your local diner.

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Loft Style: 5 Ways to Delineate Space with Steel and Glass

Loft Style- 5 Ways to Delineate Space with Steel and Glass on the Interior Collective 1

Loft living may not be for everyone, but it does yield some great design tricks that work in any home. Inspired by old factories, steel windows have become a signature feature of loft apartments and a growing trend for those who love the look. From entire walls of glass to interior doors, here are five ways to work this popular trend..

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Why Eat Out When You Can Dine In: Kitchens for Family Mealtime

Caesarstone Project Feature

Why Eat Out When You Can Dine In- Kitchens for Family Mealtime on the Interior Collective 1

Kitchen remodels can be a challenge, but they also offer great opportunity: a chance to create a fully-customized experience from the grout color to the draw pulls. Not only can design decisions reflect your current lifestyle, but it can inspire new habits as well.

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Year of the Horse: A Contemporary Approach to Equestrian Design

Year of the Horse 4

Happy New Year! It may be a month into 2014, but Chinese New Year celebrations are just beginning. Of the many ways to mark the occasion (Lion dance, anyone?), perhaps a room redo is in order—one inspired by this year’s sign under the Chinese Zodiac. Welcome the Year of the Horse into your living space with these contemporary decorative accents.

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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design Tips To Do Now And Try Later

Caesarstone Project Feature

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design Tips to Do Now and Try Later on the Interior Collective

Eco-design can be overwhelming at times—so many products to choose and decisions to make. But it’s important to remember that small steps can be taken today while you plan for bigger investments tomorrow. Here are some design tips that you can implement right now, or plan for later.

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Dine to Design: A Taste of French Country Style

Dine to Design- A Taste of French Country Style on the Interior Collective

Our interior design preferences can be influenced by so many things, not just websites and shelter magazines but also more personal experiences—a childhood home, sentimental objects, the places we go, and even the foods we eat. In fact, smell and taste play a key role in experiential memory, which is why a favorite food or dining experience can elicit such emotion. Does a hot bowl of French onion soup evoke happy thoughts of your trip to the French countryside? It may be a great starting point for your next kitchen design!

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A Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen Renovation

Caesarstone Project Feature

A Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen Renovation on the Interior Collective

The phrase “Scandinavian design” may conjure thoughts of lightly colored wood (pine, perhaps), cozy textiles, and the occasional accessory with a handmade ere, colorful pop, or traditional print. While all of these elements can be found in Scandinavian design, this kitchen renovation by House 2 Home Design & Build (H2H) proves that inspiration doesn’t necessarily mean literal translation.

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Color Inspiration From Spring’s Pantone Runway

Color Inspiration From Spring’s Pantone Runway on the Interior Collective

With Fashion Week just around the corner (It begins on February 6th), now may be the perfect time to reflect on runway trends that seamlessly translate into interior design. When it comes to colors, the Pantone Fashion Color Report provides a palette of popular hues from last year’s runway. Its selection of pastels, neutrals, and brights offers fashionable inspiration for your next decorating project.

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Rethink Red: Update Your Dining with the Latest ‘It’ Colors

Update Your Dining with the Latest It Colors on the Interior Collective

Greens and teals are popping up on dining room walls as a luxe alternative to red. Long considered the perfect shade for dining, it may be time for red to make way for the latest ‘it’ color.

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Express Yourself with Unconventional Gift Wrap

Express Yourself with Unconventional Gift Wrap on the Interior Collective

I love wrapping paper! And the holidays present a perfect time to think outside the box (pun intended). Here are five unconventional ideas to help your gifts stand out from the crowd.

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