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Mod Abode was started out of a passion for three things; photography, architecture, and design. A photographer by trade for the past 13 years, I figured, what the heck--why not combine all my passions into one. Thus, Mod Abode was born! For as long as I can remember, I have loved design. I've always been particularly drawn to modern design. It has always been a favorite pastime to pick up the latest issue of Dwell Magazine and gawk over the stunning modern architecture and clean, minimalist interiors. And every store catalog I receive in the mail containing simple yet bold interior accessories, has a rather long shelf life in my home, because I love to study the featured rooms photographed so beautifully inside the issue. Since starting my photography business in 2006, I've had many opportunities to photograph our travels, our home, and lots and lots of happy moments in peoples' lives. After being a general contractor on the build of our own modern home in Indianapolis, Indiana, I gained an even stronger appreciation of modern craftsmanship and functional homes built with form in mind. So here you have it, a broad range of things that interest me, related to modern homes, for modern enthusiasts like yourself!

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Modern Urban Dwelling

Hi! Meet Mac, a ten-year-old Scottish Terrier who gets to reside in this amazing modern urban dwelling in Indianapolis, Indiana with his owner, Joe Shoemaker. I’m sure you’re wanting to jump ahead and immediately look through all of the photos to see more of this home—I usually do the same thing too. However, you’ll appreciate  Continue Reading »

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How To Create A Vertical Garden Design

A growing trend (no pun intended) are vertical planters! They’re a smart and beautiful way to enhance sides of buildings in urban spaces, decorate lobbies of hotels or office buildings, or even help to decorate a feature wall in your home. They’re also being used in restaurants to serve a dual purpose of wall decor  Continue Reading »

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Mid-Century Modern- Designed Then. Relevant Now.

Today more than ever, mid-century modern design is everywhere. It is a term that describes mid-20th century developments in interior design, product, graphic design, architecture and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965. Most of the designs of mid-century had gone out of fashion by the late 60s, but in the early to mid-eighties, interest  Continue Reading »

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Inspiration for Eclectic Kids Bedroom Designs

When it comes to designing a kid’s bedroom, it is so easy to walk inside your favorite children’s home furnishings store and pick a “theme,” and then buy the individual pieces to that theme; crib bumper, matching throw pillow, coordinating wall art, complimentary sheet set, ALL with the same design carried throughout the items. That’s  Continue Reading »

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Decorating With Succulents

One of my favorite ways to add color and life to any room is by incorporating plants. In particular, succulents have been all of the rage lately. They come in a vast assortment of shapes and sizes, and their unique details are sure to grab anyone’s attention. After a recent terrarium-building collaboration I did with  Continue Reading »

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