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Kirsten Grove has always had a passion for interior design. Simply Grove is Kirsten's creative outlet for all things aesthetically beautiful. Started in 2008 as a way to show off eye catching design and decor from all over the world, Simply Grove has become a hang-out for like-minded creatives with a love of interiors and an appetite for design eye-candy. You will also find Kirsten featured in publications and sites like Better Homes and Gardens, Lucky Magazine, RealLiving Magazine, Elle, and Design Sponge to just name a few. She was also named one of Babble’s Top 50 Design Mom Bloggers of 2011 and has been a speaker at Alt Summit 2011, 2012 and 2013.

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Modern Laundry Rooms

Laundry Blizzard- Josephine Design LLC

Josephine Design LLC- Blizzard Laundry rooms are often overlooked and forgotten. But having a well-designed laundry room will, believe it or not, help you get your laundry done faster. If you have a quality space you’ll actually want to spend time in that space. So, well-designed laundry room = clean clothes, right? That’s the idea! A  Continue Reading »

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Inspired by Large Kitchen Islands

Benning Design Associates - Pure White IGHoriz

Benning Design Associates- Pure White I am very excited about the wave of large kitchen islands. It is very common that the kitchen becomes the gathering place of our home, and for good reason. This is a space where memories are created, bread is broken, and food is made. The kitchen is often where the  Continue Reading »

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4 Tips for the Perfect Kitchen Lighting

Lynne Hirsh Design- Noble Grey 4

Designer: Lynne Hirsh Design | Color: Noble Grey Picking the right lighting to hang over the kitchen island can be super fun! With these four tips, you’ll have even more fun and will definitely pick out the right lights for your space and kitchen island. When picking a smaller light fixture, install three so your  Continue Reading »

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Black and White Bathrooms

5031 Statuario Maximus™ - Three Birds Renovations 2.jpeg

Three Birds Renovations- Caesarstone Statuario Maximus countertop I believe I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again- your bathroom is a sanctuary in your home. It’s a place to get away, rest, and rewind. For me that means having a clean space rich in the classic contrast of black and white. Really, you can  Continue Reading »

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How To Design A Kid-Friendly Bathroom

LauraU- Concrete

Photo by Laura U- Caesarstone Concrete countertop Time to have some fun in your child’s bathroom! Don’t be mistaken, yes your master bathroom is important, but so is every bathroom in your house, including your children’s bathroom! I have some fun tips to share with you on how to make a kids bathroom of your and your  Continue Reading »

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How To Create A Refreshing Bathroom Design

Jodie Rosen Design - Pure White IGV

Jodie Rosen Design – Pure White  Bathrooms are an extremely important space in our home. It’s a sanctuary for many of us! I know I love a good hot shower to get lost in and wash away all of the day’s troubles or vice versa, get charged up to tackle the day ahead. However, I  Continue Reading »

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4 Designer Laundry Rooms to Inspire

5141 Frosty Carrina™ - James Treble 2.jpeg (1)

Designer: James Treble | Countertop color: Frosty Carrina How many hours a day do we spend doing laundry? For me, it’s a lot! My two children and husband produce a bulk amount of dirty clothes…daily. I’m also a huge clean freak and I hate having dirty laundry lying around my home. The one thing that  Continue Reading »

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Kitchen Trends for 2017

kitchen after 7

Image: Simply Grove Kitchen trends have come and gone quickly these past few decades. There’s been a lot of high moments in kitchen design and a lot of really low moments. Anyone remember pink formica? Or how about sour green refrigerators? We’ve experimented with colors and textures for many many years. 2017 feels different though-  Continue Reading »

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Bathroom Mirrors

4130 Clamshell™ - Wattle Valley Kitchens IG-1 (1)

Designer: Wattle Valley Kitchens | Counter: Clamshell We all know that bathroom mirrors are a serious necessity. How else would we see our beautiful selves in the morning? Or how would we know if we have a giant piece of kale in our teeth? A bathroom would be in major trouble without a mirror present.  Continue Reading »

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New Trend: Blue Kitchens

blue 1

Designer: Freedom Kitchens | Counter: Raw Concrete Kitchen design has evolved tremendously throughout the years. Everything from maple and pine wood cabinets to speckled granite. I love designing and styling kitchens because it’s the heart of every home. With everything that we have experienced with kitchens, we have come to the conclusion that you can  Continue Reading »

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