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Kirsten Grove has always had a passion for interior design. Simply Grove is Kirsten's creative outlet for all things aesthetically beautiful. Started in 2008 as a way to show off eye catching design and decor from all over the world, Simply Grove has become a hang-out for like-minded creatives with a love of interiors and an appetite for design eye-candy. You will also find Kirsten featured in publications and sites like Better Homes and Gardens, Lucky Magazine, RealLiving Magazine, Elle, and Design Sponge to just name a few. She was also named one of Babble’s Top 50 Design Mom Bloggers of 2011 and has been a speaker at Alt Summit 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Farmhouse vs Modern Designs

Specht Architects- Misty Carrera

Farmhouse and Modern are two aesthetics that are equally fun to live in and to design. However, they are very different from each other, which is why I am going to be showing you a few of differences between the two. To accomplish this, I will be comparing a modern kitchen to a farmhouse kitchen.

Ohashi Design Studio- Pure White

Clark & Co Homes- Statuario Nuvo

Both of these kitchens are gorgeous! The first thing that my eye goes to in each of these photos are the cabinets. Cabinet style is a dead giveaway for an aesthetic. Modern cabinets are more often than not going to be sleek with little to no wood design. As you can see in the modern kitchen, the cabinets are completely smooth. However, in the Farmhouse kitchen the cabinets are gallery- style with a crisscross wood design. Speaking of this crisscross design, notice that the cabinets are not the only thing to feature this detail. You can also see this detail in the end of the island! This design is very common in the Farmhouse aesthetic.

Robert Kerr Architecture Design- Pure White
Jennifer Ferrandi Design- Ocean Foam

My eye instantly goes to the difference in walls for these two kitchens. White wood paneling is featured in this farmhouse kitchen whereas the modern kitchen’s walls are clean. Again, the difference in wooden details is a big giveaway.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the biggest and most evident difference between these two aesthetics is the degree of “sleekness.” You will find more clean aka smooth surfaces in a strictly modern home than you will in a farmhouse styled home. Also something to note, these two aesthetics are perfect for mixing and matching! My favorite way to mix these aesthetics is by starting with a Modern foundation and adding dashes of Farmhouse. For example adding opening shelving like the ones you see in the second image of this post is a great way to mix that farmhouse feel into your modern space.

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Modern Laundry Rooms

Josephine Design LLCBlizzard

Laundry rooms are often overlooked and forgotten. But having a well-designed laundry room will, believe it or not, help you get your laundry done faster. If you have a quality space you’ll actually want to spend time in that space. So, well-designed laundry room = clean clothes, right? That’s the idea! A great way to design your laundry room is keeping it modern. This is because the aesthetic is so clean, and for a room that serves a cleaning purpose, modern lines are the only way to go.

I’m loving all the white in this space. From the cabinets down to the appliances, I would feel instantly clean walking into this space and I would want to keep it that way.

Freedom KitchensFrosty Carrina
I'm really enjoying the contrast in this space. Similar to white, a deep wood can instantly clean up a design. Also, contrast brings interest and interest brings beauty!

A laundry room is perfect to pair with a mud room. Section off your space with cubbies for mudroom necessities, and everything thing else you can dedicate to laundry storage.

Your laundry room doesn’t have to be just stark. Throw in some color to spice things up! Also having an island for more storage will go a long way. Use it for storing laundry baskets, folding, and even the water bowl for the pup.

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Inspired by Large Kitchen Islands

Benning Design Associates- Pure White

I am very excited about the wave of large kitchen islands. It is very common that the kitchen becomes the gathering place of our home, and for good reason. This is a space where memories are created, bread is broken, and food is made. The kitchen is often where the family comes together, which is why kitchen islands are becoming larger and more prominent. In this post I will be sharing my tips for making this trend work in your home.

Freedom Kitchens on The Block- White Attica

A large island can stick out like a sore thumb if not careful with the design. So, make sure your island ties in with the rest of your kitchen. Use the same counter material throughout the kitchen and don’t forget to use the same cabinet material or something that compliments.

CCI Renovation- Frosty Carrina

Organization is important with a large island because a large surface is a breeding ground for junk. With a large island you will have the extra space for cabinets and drawers, so use that space wisely.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design- Jet Black

Add a range or a sink to your island. This can allow for more prep areas around your kitchen. And when family and guests want to help in the kitchen, you are not running into each other.

New Mood Design- Quartz Reflections

Your island can also can double as your table. This option is a great space saver and perfect for a home that may not have a designated dining area. Even if your kitchen has a dining area, the island can be available for more relaxed settings.

How would you design a large kitchen island?

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4 Tips for the Perfect Kitchen Lighting

Designer: Lynne Hirsh Design | Color: Noble Grey

Picking the right lighting to hang over the kitchen island can be super fun! With these four tips, you’ll have even more fun and will definitely pick out the right lights for your space and kitchen island.

  1. When picking a smaller light fixture, install three so your island is evenly lit. I love these lights - the dark pulls your eye to other black features in this mostly white kitchen.

Designer: Hendricks Churchill | Color: Pebble

2. Go for two when picking a large light fixture like these. Again, like the black fixtures, these grey lights pull your eye to all of the grey sand beautiful chromes in this space. I especially love the journey from the lights down to the color matching countertop down to the stools. Complementary and matching colors are everything - make sure you have the same colors in multiple places so nothing looks out of place.

Designer: Dixon Projects | Color: London Grey

3. Go for an elaborate chandelier. This light fixture works so well in this space with all the ceiling details and the simplicity of everything else. If you go for something elaborate stick to just one fixture, otherwise the space can be overwhelmed.

Designer: B+G Design | Color: Pure White

4. If your kitchen island is also your dining area, feel free to pick something you might have above a dining room table. This space is very clean and simple making this statement light fixture all this space needs to pop! And again, this light fixture guides my eye to similar colors like the lines in the marble and complements it so well.

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Black and White Bathrooms

Three Birds Renovations- Caesarstone Statuario Maximus countertop

I believe I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again- your bathroom is a sanctuary in your home. It’s a place to get away, rest, and rewind. For me that means having a clean space rich in the classic contrast of black and white. Really, you can never go wrong with a black and white bathroom (or possibly any room for that matter). To me, there is something so calming about black and white, I think it’s the no fuss that comes along with the theme. So today I will be sharing four tips to accomplish the black and white bathroom look.

1. You can never go wrong with lots of white and a bold pop of black! The white marble gives an amazing oo-la-la factor in this bathroom. I love the look of the marble floors and walls mixed with the tile design. The cherry on top of this bathroom is the bold black tub. It makes an immediate impression and pulls your gaze to the greys in the marble and tile grout.

Jodie Rosen Design- Caesarstone Frosty Carrina countertop

2. Try a bold black accent wall paired with a black and white floor tile. The black wall pairs well with the black in the tile and adds a nice contrast next to the white walls around it. It is important that if you have a black accent wall that it ties in with some other element in the room and that it is tied in with the flooring of the space.

J. Marx Atelier- Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo countertops

3. I always endorse a bold wallpaper in a bathroom, especially in a powder room. Choosing a wallpaper with a white base and design in back is the perfect way to get the black and white look.

Du Bois Design- Caesarstone Raven countertop

4. An easy-peasy and always gorgeous option is a black floor and white wall. Bonus tip: Contrast your black floors with a white tub and your white walls with a black framed mirror and/or lighting fixtures.

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How To Design A Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Photo by Laura U- Caesarstone Concrete countertop

Time to have some fun in your child’s bathroom! Don’t be mistaken, yes your master bathroom is important, but so is every bathroom in your house, including your children’s bathroom! I have some fun tips to share with you on how to make a kids bathroom of your and your child’s dreams.

1. With a pop of color in your tile you can keep this space clean but also fun for your kids. Best of all, your kids can grow up in this space as it’s not especially ‘kiddie.’
Photo by Larisa McShane- Caesarstone Pure White countertop

2. This girl’s bathroom is great space to share! The curves in the cabinetry give this space a sophisticated, fun, and soft feeling. Try adding shapes such as these waves into your children’s bathroom and you’re young child as well as yourself will feel comfortable using this space.

Photo by Robert Kerr architecture design- Caesarstone Pure White countertop

3. I cannot say enough good things about adding wallpaper with a fun print into your children’s bathroom! This wallpaper makes this space completely and utterly their own and wallpaper can always be changed out as they grow into young adults!

4. Just like your tile, your cabinetry is also a great way to add a pop of color! And the colors in this rug!! A fun young rug is sometimes all you need to make this a kid- worthy space. I know that I would more than happy to grow up with this bathroom well into my teens and early twenties.

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How To Create A Refreshing Bathroom Design

Jodie Rosen Design - Pure White 

Bathrooms are an extremely important space in our home. It’s a sanctuary for many of us! I know I love a good hot shower to get lost in and wash away all of the day’s troubles or vice versa, get charged up to tackle the day ahead. However, I find that this can only be accomplished in a well-designed space. A well-designed bathroom can install ease into your day to recharge and relax. There are a few key aspects to include in your bathroom to get you in the best mindset for your day to come or to help you wind down. Here are my favorite tips!

1. Your tile choice is important! A fun shape and color can quickly transform your space and make it all your own. I love light and clean colors in my space. I’m all about the calm feelings in the bathroom!

Harvey Norman Renovations - Raven

2. Go for the walk-in shower and opt out the bath if you don’t have the space. However, if you have the space, include both! But separate them because the shower/bath combo needs to stay a thing of the past. I also love the doorless walk-in shower here. Just make sure your floor is properly tilted to direct the water to the drain and not elsewhere.

Emma-Rose Design - Oyster

3. Add a fun pop to your space with your lighting fixtures. I love the look of these drop lights! A fun light fixture will give your space the pizzazz it needs! More importantly, you’ll want as much good lighting you can get if this is the space you use to get ready (makeup, hair, etc). Even better if you have some natural light spilling in from a window!

Jordan Iverson Signature Homes, Kuda Photography - Concrete

4. Find the perfect faucets, sinks, and shower heads for your space! Try to find something that replicates the shapes in your space. If you have lots of straight lines look for sleek, clean-lined styles. Vice versa if you have soft lines and curves. Also to keep your space cohesive, find faucets and showerheads that are or at least look like they’re from the same family.

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4 Designer Laundry Rooms to Inspire

Designer: James Treble | Countertop color: Frosty Carrina

How many hours a day do we spend doing laundry? For me, it’s a lot! My two children and husband produce a bulk amount of dirty clothes...daily. I’m also a huge clean freak and I hate having dirty laundry lying around my home. The one thing that helps ease the pain is doing laundry in a stylish space. Anyone can be inspired by their surroundings. There are a few key details when designing a stylish, laundry room. Here are my favorites!

  1. The right materials can help create a clean, low maintenance laundry room. Two finishing materials to consider for the floor is ceramic tile and slate. Both are durable and long lasting. If it feels too cold, add a throw rug for coziness.

Designer: Studio Dearborn | Photography: Jeff McNamara | Countertop: Pure White

2. Wood cabinets create a warm look and can be paired with tile any color of the rainbow. To elevate your cabinets, use streamline, industrial hardware. Consider painting the walls white to allow the wood to stand out.

Design: MGA.I, Jackman Builders, and Apollo | Photography: Peter Matthew Photography | Countertop: Fresh Concrete

3. Counter space is important for a functional laundry room. Don’t fill up the counters with clutter. Keep them clear and clean for style and practical usage.

Design: Baroni Building & Walton Design Solutions | Photography: Angle Eye Photography

4. Use color in your laundry room. Right now blues and greens are trending. Choose a warm tone for your cabinets and pair with neutral counters. Also, using a pendant light can bring immediate style into your space.

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Kitchen Trends for 2017

Image: Simply Grove

Kitchen trends have come and gone quickly these past few decades. There’s been a lot of high moments in kitchen design and a lot of really low moments. Anyone remember pink formica? Or how about sour green refrigerators? We’ve experimented with colors and textures for many many years. 2017 feels different though- classic moments are sticking around and new colors and materials are mixing well with items from the past. It’s all about bringing natural light in and keeping things clean. Below are a few trends that will compliment any kitchen beautifully!

1. Sconces- We are seeing more sconces flanking kitchen windows or surrounding ovens. They bring in a pop of sophistication and character. You can choose a more modern sconce or a traditional sconce. Both will bring in personality.

Image: The Future Kept

2. Tile- Subway tiles are not a thing of the past. They are staying around and being spotlighted in new shapes and colors. If you want a fresh take on white tiles, try using a dark gray or black grout.

Image: Simply Grove

3. Coffee Stations- It’s all about coffee right now. Who doesn't drink coffee? If you don’t drink coffee, you most likely drink tea. This is making a huge trend for coffee stations. I took a unit from Ikea, painted it the colors of my kitchen cabinets and use it as a place to display my coffee maker, coffee cups and other tools needed.

Image: Coco Lapine Design

4. Shades of Gray- Gray seems to be a huge trend for kitchen cabinets. We are seeing both light gray and dark gray. Gray’s mix very well with all types of metals, marbles and a variety of colors. It also mixes well with different wood tones. Gray is definitely the new white!

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Bathroom Mirrors

Designer: Wattle Valley Kitchens | Counter: Clamshell

We all know that bathroom mirrors are a serious necessity. How else would we see our beautiful selves in the morning? Or how would we know if we have a giant piece of kale in our teeth? A bathroom would be in major trouble without a mirror present. Now the question is, how do you choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom? Well, it really does come down to preference. A mirror is a mirror and it provides one thing, your reflection- except maybe a mirrored medicine cabinet. But besides that, all mirrors provide the same role.

Designer: Studio Tupelo | Photo: Whit Preston | Counter: Pebble

For a dramatic look, venetian mirrors are a gorgeous option. They provide character and class and you can get them in any size or shape. True venetian mirrors are not cheap, but you can find budget friendly options on eBay and other online sites.

Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Rectangular mirrors are perfect for a larger view of yourself. Flea markets and antique shops are great for finding the perfect frame! A big trend right now is mixing woods and metals. Choose a wooden mirror to break up too much metals.

Image: Simply Grove Instagram

Round mirrors are all the rage right now. They give a wider view and look fantastic paired with squared lines. Frameless and framed round mirrors are perfection!

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