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KBTribeChat | Design and the Environmental Impact

This week on #Kbtribechat, we were talking green. This week’s discussion challenged us to think about how we can reduce our environmental impact – starting in the kitchen, the heart and soul of the home. From clever food storage to tips on how to reduce electricity and save water, this week’s chat had us thinking about new ways to create a more eco-friendly home.

What appliances and storage solutions can we utilize today to reduce food waste?

Finding yourself throwing away leftovers? Is produce going bad too fast? It could be due to the way in which you’re storing food. To better preserve your food, we recommend using proper containers (preferably glass Tupperware), placing produce in the refrigerator crisper and making thoughtful food decisions when purchasing produce.

What “old school” practices can we re-learn today?

Go old-school with mason jars! The quaint addition isn’t just charming, it’s also a great way to conserve space and reuse and reduce plastic intake. Not only does it look great, but it also takes up less space on countertops and allows room for other essential kitchen appliances. Who says beautiful design can’t have form AND function?

Design: Kitchen Aid Design

How can we reduce electricity usage in the kitchen? Lighting, appliances, processes?

An open kitchen with plenty of natural lighting provides a well-lit room during the day, so you don’t need to turn the lights on. You’ll be saving tons on your energy bill. Once the sun sets, we recommend using LED lights to reduce electric energy costs.

Design: Homestead Kitchens | Haze 2030

How can we reduce water usage in the kitchen?

Upgrade to a dishwasher! We’ve all been guilty of letting the water run a little too long while washing and rinsing. Instead, increase water efficiency by loading up your dishwasher. Fun fact: hand-washing dishes uses (on average) about 20 gallons of water, while water-efficient dishwashers use around 4.5 gallons or less.

 Design: Kitchen Aid Design

What “smart” features can help us in these efforts?

We love lighting systems that integrate with smartphones. It provides full access and control of a home’s lighting directly to your phone, so there’s no excuse to leave a light on. And this technology doesn’t just integrate with your lighting, it can also control thermostat and home appliances.

What other ways can we reduce our impact in our homes and our client’s homes?

We do our most to reduce our environmental impact. Our filtering system recycles 97% of water used in our production processes. We recycle excess industrial materials to reduce landfill burial and soil pollution. And we use environmentally friendly packaging.

Our recycled quartz stone surfaces contain up to 42% reclaimed quartz –making a real impact on preserving the world’s precious resources. Caesarstone quartz can also contribute points to LEED projects.


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KBTribeChat | Bathroom Design Trends

Vanities, tiles, brass and gold. Oh my! Bathroom design is changing, in a good way, and we can’t help but revel in it. A lot of designs are replicating a spa-like aesthetic without having to break the bank. With the changing styles of bathroom designs, expect to see a lot more contemporary, fresh minimal styles.

On this week’s KBtribechat we talked about the trending designs in bathroom spaces, from floating vanities to tiled bathroom floors.      

Design: Lewis Schoeplein |Image: Marisa Vitale Photography | Pure White 1141

Bathroom cabinetry is evolving! What bathroom furniture styles are becoming popular?

We are seeing a lot of transitional and contemporary styles which we are all about! The style is clean, organic and simple. Case in point: Floating vanities. The wall-mounted vanities create a simple, elegant improvement to any bathroom. The floating vanity provides a space that is easier to clean, makes the room look bigger and is perfect for extra storage place. Talk about ideal.

Design: DLUX Design & Co | Pure White 1141

Decorative hardware is becoming an essential design component on cabinetry. What finishes and types are you specifying or want to use?

Brass and gold fixtures are making a comeback – but these aren’t the ones from your grandparent’s bathroom faucets. These modern, warm tones add depth, dimension and luxury to any space. A simple touch of these metals will warm up any bathroom design. Oh, and they look fabulous with Caesarstone, seen above in Pure White. Satin and matte fixtures are also a personal favorite of ours, especially in black. So incredibly sleek.

Design: Collective Studio |Image: Valerie Wilcox Photography | Pure White 1141

What countertop and sink styles are you specifying for today’s bathroom?

Quartz all the way (even though we may be a little biased). The minimalist, clean look of Caesarstone quartz countertops gives the bathroom a modern feel. We also love the fact that it’s stain and scratch resistant. Plus, easy to clean!

Design: Hendricks Churchill | Haze 2030

As far as sinks go, vessel sinks (aka decorative bowl sinks) sit on top of the counter and add an artistic twist to a bathroom vanity. The contemporary look gives an edgy, fresh look for anyone looking to change up their bathroom design.

Design: Montana Labelle Design| Pure White 1141

Design: Davidson Walker Construction Ltd. | Image: Enviable Designs

What faucet and shower valve handle styles and finishes are you excited about?

Wall-mounted faucets are becoming a popular choice because they’re equal parts minimal and functional. Designers have been praising this essential design element and we can expect to see more this year.

Design: A Finer Touch Reconstruction| Calacatta Nuvo 5131

Tile for bathroom flooring and showers has become very popular. Why do you see this trend continuing? Share beautiful images of bathroom tile inspiration!

Who doesn’t love a little tile action? From the floor to the walls, tiled bathrooms can be bold and daring. And with so many materials to choose from, we’ve got a chronic case of tile envy. Even better? It’s easy to clean and adds a chic touch to the home.

Design: Four Point Design Build | Pure White 1141

Many lighting options are available for the bathroom! What are your favorites?

Neutral tones + natural light = the spa we’ve been daydreaming about! Forget about paying to go to a professional spa, bring the spa retreat to your home. Natural light is key in creating a fresh, airy feel.

Design: KYODER Design | Haze 2030

Insider tip: To create a spa-like atmosphere for your bathroom you don’t have to go all white - throw in some natural wood tones and work with texture, too. Have fun with it!

Design: Sweenor Builders, This Old House | Blizzard 2141

What features are you integrating into today’s bathroom designs?

Wallpaper is always in and it’s a key element to add flair and flavor to a bathroom. What’s great about wallpaper is there’s tons of options to fit any bathroom design whether you’re going for a bright and bold look or prefer a more minimal design. Wallpaper is a bathroom must.


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Designer Spotlight | Melissa Lenox Designs

Meet Melissa Lenox, the brains and beauty behind the Charleston, South Carolina interior design firm, Melissa Lenox Design. A longtime California girl with an aesthetic that is both modern and timeless, Melissa brings a dose of West Coast style to her East Coast work. Her passion for architecture and eye for design are evident in every project she touches.

So, where did it all start?

Melissa began her design journey at the University of California at Berkeley, where she earned a degree in Interior Architecture and Design. After graduation, she jumped headfirst into a career with a prestigious architecture and interiors firm in San Francisco. But it wasn’t until relocating to South Carolina five years later that she found herself craving more – and just like that, Melissa Lenox Design was born.

The interior design aficionado focuses on residential architecture and design, as well as small boutique commercial projects. Her designs blend California cool with Charleston charm for a result that is delightedly fresh and airy, with a traditional touch. Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself!


That “California cool” we mentioned earlier? This bathroom epitomizes it. Amidst all the white, a space can run the risk of lacking life and character. But you don’t need to reach for the saturated hues – intricate patterns and textures are an easy way to bring in an additional element of warmth to a space. Bonus points for exotically-sourced rugs with a vintage flair.

Image: Lucy Cuneo Photography | Blizzard

The laundry room might be home to dirty socks and stained blouses, but you’d never know it by looking at this all-white space. Each and every surface of this room is perfection, from the textured backsplash to the Blizzard countertops. This beauty is sure to bring out your inner clean-freak!

Image: Katie Charlotte Photography | Blizzard

If we had known geometry could look this good, we would have paid more attention in math class. The wallpaper, the gold accents, the Blizzard vanity - everything about this space is so right. If it were acceptable to live in a powder room, we’d happily take up long-term residence here.


Shelfie game strong! Every item that sits atop these open shelves tell its own story, lending authenticity to this nook and cranny. The framed palm tree sitting atop the Blizzard counter effortlessly adds to the laid-back California aesthetic that characterizes so many of Melissa’s designs.

Image: Katie Charlotte Photography | Blizzard

If there’s one element that characterizes the Cali-cool aesthetic, it’s a whitewashed kitchen. At its simplest, it allows designers to view rooms as a blank canvas, waiting to be layered with vibrant colors, rich patterns and dynamic textures. And that’s exactly what Melissa did with this gorgeous room, featuring Blizzard surfacing.

After exploring these spaces, we don’t know where we want to reside more – California or South Carolina!


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KBTribeChat | The Evolution of the Laundry Room

Laundry - love it or hate it, it’s an essential routine in everyday life. And over the years, the laundry room has evolved into so much more than just a space to clean clothes. As laundry moves from the basement to the first floor, we’re seeing new innovations in design and technology.

On this week’s KBTribeChat, we discussed the evolution of laundry rooms and the latest in laundry tech.

Design: Beyond Beige | Blizzard 2141

Laundry is moving up from the basement. What trends in laundry room design do you see because of it?

Laundry might be boring, but your laundry room doesn’t have to be. After all, a well-designed laundry room = clean clothes, right? We’re a fan of going bold in this space – wallpaper, bright colors, patterns, don’t hold back!

Design: Kriste Michelini Interiors | Blizzard 2141

Laundry rooms are also becoming more and more multi-purposeful. Mudrooms, storage extra storage, even workspaces – now that’s one productive area!

Design: Two Peas and Their Pod  | Statuario Nuvo 5111

What are your pain points around laundry? What features do you wish you had?

The right materials can help create a clean, low-maintenance laundry room. You need surfacing that’s durable, non-porous, highly resistant to stains and resistant to most chemicals, acids and solvents. Wait a minute…we might know a surface that checks all those boxes…

Design: Avenue Design

Counter space is also important for a functional laundry room. Don’t fill up the counters with clutter. Keep them clear and clean for style and practical usage.

Design: Avenue Design | Pure White 1141

Laundry machines are operating with less water and shorter cycles. Has this impacted the way you do laundry?

It makes us feel less guilty! At Caesarstone, minimizing our impact on the environment is a priority for us. We’re big on saving water – 97% of the water used during manufacture is reclaimed using filtration and recycling systems. So we’re all for laundry machines that can do the same!

Design: Pine Street Carpenters | Pure White 1141

Top load or front load? Debate.

Top load. No – front load. Wait, no… top! Alright, alright, if we HAD to choose, we’ll say front load. It provides the opportunity to stack the machines, and we’re all about saving space.


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Meet the New 2018 Colors from Caesarstone

When it comes to interiors, the right surfaces can make all the difference. From the countertops in your kitchen to the vanities in your bathroom, your home should be a reflection of you. Caesarstone makes this easy with its array of quartz colors and collections – and now, there’s even more options to choose from with the arrival of the new 2018 colors. The new arrivals bring a bold and fresh look to the surface that is sure to make you feel right at home.

The seven new colors bring a luxurious albeit effortless beauty to any space with blends of deep auburns, peppering greys and accented whites. Oh la la! But these new additions are so much more than just surface-level beauty (no pun intended). They’ve got brawns, too.  Like all Caesarstone quartz, these surfaces are durable, lasting and stain and scratch resistant - as all good counters should be.

Let’s meet the beauties…

Excava 4046

Deep auburns, chestnuts and coppers sweep across Excava’s unpolished canvas. Veer off the beaten path with a new style for your kitchen – or any other room for that matter! The swirling accents introduce a unique, contemporary element.

Cloudburst Concrete 4011

Can we say kitchen goals? The soft swells of pure white veil a creamy white base as rich tones and an innovative texture further define its captivating, infinite beauty. The high-end countertop is ideal for any island-styled kitchen.

Topus Concrete 4023

Rich shades of buttermilk veil a cream-toned base creating a multi-layered effect. If you’re looking to spice up your kitchen, Topus Concrete brings a fresh new look to any design.

Frozen Terra 4601

A classic, neutral-colored white base is embellished by glimmers of black basalt and translucent grey quartz. The accented surface is a breath of fresh air.

Airy Concrete 4044

Speaking of fresh air – meet Airy Concrete. A calm grey base enriched by lively clouds of white and dark grey capture the essence of the interface between water and air pulling the gravity of waves to the surface. Airy Concrete offers the perfect amount of grey if you’re looking for a minimal, modern look.

Intense White 6011

Intense in the best way possible, this white exudes an elegant, contemporary style. The petite crystallines softly embellish a bright white base welcoming light into a room, setting the tone for a sophisticated space with a radiant atmosphere.

Flannel Grey 4643

A simple, clean, and minimalistic look, Flannel Grey will transform your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room -  every and any room. The dark grey accents swirl across a soothing medium heather grey base.


Can’t get enough? Continue exploring the new colors here!

House Tour | Michelle Berwick Design

While this stunning Toronto townhouse now boasts a modern glow and a color scheme that could impress even the most monochromatic obsessed, it didn’t always look like this. In fact, when Michelle Berwick of Michelle Berwick Design walked through the front doors, she had a big project on her hands – a 4-story big project, to be exact!

Let’s start from the top and work our way down, shall we?

On the top floor we find the master bedroom, where drama is encouraged – at least as far as the décor is concerned! Letting the bed take center stage, Michelle added some trim to the headboard wall and painted it black to create a real wow-factor upon entering this space.

We love the way she mimicked the trim on the yellow barn door for added texture and a natural flow. It feels much more glam than farmhouse, if we do say so ourselves. Mixing modern elements with a bold statement of color keeps the space from feeling too serious. Only smiles welcome here!

Just through that yellow barn door, we enter the en suite – a clean and ever so sleek bathroom that couldn’t be more complementary to its master bedroom neighbor if it tried.

The matte black floating vanity was custom made, accented with gold hardware and of course, Caesarstone quartz in Pure White.

To ensure the space was both his and her friendly, Michelle chose features that spoke to her feminine side with the crystal sconces and his masculine edge evidenced in the graphic porcelain tiles of the shower.

Flip a 180 to the other side of the master bedroom and you’ll find the home office. This room is a must-have as the homeowner works from home and needs a space to maximize productivity without any mess. To maximize storage and utility, black and white built-ins were installed creating further cohesion in the upstairs space while maintaining functionality.

When renovating a four-story townhouse, staircases can’t be ignored – there are too many of them! Michelle kept the stairs fresh and clean, painting the risers and sides white, staining the new treads to match the laminate flooring (yes, they had us fooled too) and adding square end posts with flat black pickets.

But enough about the stairs, on to the living room…

Here she is folks… Cozy. Stylish. Restrained. Lux. Now this is a living room that delivers. Not only is it totally on trend (hello mid-century modern chic!), it feels open, airy and bright. Note to self: add that buttery leather armchair to your wish list.

If you love mint/celadon/pistachio or any and all other things green, this foyer was made for you. Taking inspiration from the gorgeous handmade cement tiles on the floor, it only seemed appropriate to carry the color through this tiny space.

A main floor wouldn’t be complete without a kitchen and here’s one that is sure to put a little pep in your step. Michelle carried the minty color through to the heart of the home, but kept the upper cabinetry light and bright.

Using a custom table the homeowners already owned, Michelle cut it down and attached it to the island to create an eat-in kitchen that maximized space. By bringing the kitchen all the way over to the front entryway, the kitchen flows beautifully with the rest of the main floor living space.

Because the kitchen itself is such a statement piece, Michelle kept the hardware and lighting sleek and simple with rose gold accents and a marble fish scale backsplash. Oh, and Pure White countertops to match!

Here’s what’s behind the left door in the front entryway… It’ll make you forget everything you thought knew about powder rooms! Shares Michelle, “Powder rooms are often small pokey little spaces that only serve one purpose… So have fun with them. Add wallpaper, add decals, add a pop of color.” Now that’s advice we’re going to remember.

Down one more flight of stairs and we reach the final floor, where you’ll find a girls’ room that’s all that - and then some.

Pretty details of soft blush and nude tones mixed with that vintage rug and hints of brass make this space ultra fem.

And the room has a bathroom to match! Michelle kept this bathroom, complete with Pure White counters, neutral enough to remain timeless while adding just the right amount of pretty with the tiles and rose gold detail. The metallic finishes together with the flat black hardware complete the design – giving the girls a bathroom with plenty of personality while still being adult-friendly.

With two bedrooms and a bathroom on this floor, the homeowners wanted a shared bedroom for their two daughters so they could make the extra bedroom a homework space/playroom. We just have one question – when can we come play?

It’s whimsical, it’s colorful and it’s full of fun. And we’re not just talking about the playroom!

Credits | Contracting: La Vida Contracting | Cabinetry: Exclusive Designs | Photography: Arnal Photography

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KBTribeChat | The Kitchen Island

An island is the star of the kitchen, the hub of the modern home, a workhorse that does it all. From cooking prep and storage to dining and entertaining, this jack-of-all-trades has become an integral design element and focal point of the home.

This week, we chatted all about kitchen island trends with the design community during KBTribeChat. Let’s dive right into this island adventure!

Design: Oakville Kitchen and Bath Centre | 5003 Piatra Grey and 4600 Organic White

What materials, finishes and details are currently popular for kitchen island cabinetry and hardware?

For high-end kitchen countertops, quartz reigns supreme. The material is extremely durable, can last virtually forever, is a breeze to maintain AND it’s beautiful. Now that’s a no-brainer!

It’s a tempting alternative to natural stone countertops. Quartz countertops, like Caesarstone, are scratch, heat and stain-resistant making them a low-maintenance option. Unlike granite and marble, which are delicate surfaces requiring a lot of care, quartz is resilient and easy to clean with just soap and water – no harsh chemicals required! Quartz is nonporous so it doesn't require any sealing, whereas granite and marble need to be resealed at least yearly. The nonporous nature of quartz also makes it highly resistant to mold and bacteria contamination. Why wouldn’t you want one of the hardest materials in the world as your kitchen countertop of choice?

Design: Avenue Design | Image: Birdhouse Media Photography | 6046 Moorland Fog and 1141 Pure White

Do you like to match the kitchen island to the perimeter? Why or why not?

The two-tone kitchen counter is a definite yes. Insider tip: not only does it add to the aesthetic, it can help stretch a budget. If you’ve had your eye on a pricey surface, you could use it in a small area as a focal point and install something more affordable in the rest of the space.

Surfaces can also be tailored to functions, such as a heat-resistant top for the cooking zone and a warm wood for the eating area. Whatever your taste, there’s room for more than one countertop in your kitchen.

Design: LDa Architecture & Interiors | Image: Sean Litchfield Photography | 3141 Eggshell 

Are waterfall counters still popular?  What is trending for island countertop materials and edge details?

Yes! Waterfall countertops have a sleek and minimal look which makes them a particularly good option for contemporary interiors. The counter to floor design creates a dramatic focal point and allows you to show off the material that the countertop is made with. As for countertops, we vote for quartz every time!

Design: Jessica Leigh McGouran | Image: Stephani Buchman | 4600 Organic White

Island countertops with an overhang for seating are popular. What design solutions do you like to add style to the eating bar side of an island?

We like playing with different heights. It creates a dynamic separation between prep station and dining, while still keeping attention focused and socialization easy. But as with any good design, it’s dependent on the client’s preferences and lifestyle.

Design: Kitchen Ideas | Image: Melissa Lukenbaugh Photography| 500 London Grey

What are the pros and cons of designing a sink and dishwasher or cooktop on the island?

Pro: Designing a sink or cooktop in the island helps bring the client closer to the entertainment center.

We love putting cooktops and sinks in islands, especially if there is seating on the island. It's nice for the cook to be able to talk to their guest or family while they're in the kitchen rather than have their back turned to them.

Con: Designing in a sink or cooktop can compromise open counter space.

It’s important to consider what you want from your space before overloading the area. If you have a large island, this is less of a concern but in smaller kitchens you might not want to sacrifice precious prep area. Give extra consideration to island cooktops; they can be challenging (although not impossible!) to vent and because they take time to cool down after use, they can be a hazard in a house of young children.

What features are nice to have or useful on a kitchen island?

A kitchen is only as beautiful as it is functional. Storage, smart features, integrated technology and lighting are all important and useful additions to the kitchen island.

Islands often become drop zones for mail and other clutter – extra storage can keep this surface clutter-free and organized, especially for busy families. And don’t forget about outlets! Nothing throws off a workflow like having to move the blender, food processor or other appliance due to a lack of electrical outlets.

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Caesarstone Hosts Elle Décor Dinner Party at Kathryn Ireland’s Home

During the annual La Cienega Design Quarter Legends event, VIP designers, artists, architects and influencers of all artful interests travel to Los Angeles, CA to experience the vibrant design district and engage with like-minded professionals and fans.

During this year’s event and in celebration of LA design and style, Caesarstone hosted a private Elle Décor dinner party at British-born designer of textiles and interiors Kathryn Ireland’s home on the evening of May 9th. The premier guest list included heavyweights in the industry like Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Michael Smith, Sabrina Soto, Sarah Sherman Samuel, Louise Roe, Sophia Bush, Marg Helgenberger, Whitney Robinson, EIC Elle Décor and Kate Kelly Smith, executive publisher of Hearst Design Group SVP.

Ireland’s Santa Monica home was recently featured in Elle Décor Magazine, and many designers who hadn’t visited prior were anxious to see how she had styled the home.

This 1920s Spanish-style home includes a guest cottage and design studio and is ideal for gatherings of this sort, as the welcoming indoor/outdoor floorplan allows for socialization and is the perfect vantage point for watching breathtaking west coast sunsets.


The whole home has a coastal, Moroccan vibe, and Ireland’s background in textiles is evident as layers of fabric and colors adorn each room, from floor to ceiling.


The beautiful craftsmanship of Ireland’s home is further seen in the use of Caesarstone throughout—from the kitchen, where Fresh Concrete is the surface of choice for the countertops and island, to the master bathroom, where Calacatta Nuvo covers the floors, full shower, surfaces and pony wall. Quartz Reflections is featured in the guest room as the bath vanity, shower surrounds and other vertical applications.

Much like her home, the dinner party was laid-back California style, yet elevated. The main tablescape saw flowers of deep burgundy, peonies and artichoke décor mixed with gold and brass-tapered candles on top of an embroidered table runner.

“This lovely evening brought the country’s finest designers together to enjoy food, drink and dialogue without the constant vibration of smartphones. Each table had their own joyful experience,” said Erika Egede-Nissen, Caesarstone Director of Media Relations.

The evening wrapped with everyone gathered around the kitchen island clinking glasses to each other, Caesarstone, Elle Décor, Kathryn Ireland and the beautiful state of the design industry.

House Tour | Stylin’ Homes

When Kristen and Cassy Bax of Stylin’ Homes first walked through the doors of this Orangeville, Ontario house, they had one mission: create a home that would wow anyone and everyone who walked through the front doors. The homeowners wanted their 2,600 square foot home upgraded from a dark and traditional builder-grade home to a light and modern beauty that better reflected their personal style, with all the functionality necessary for a family of five (including three children under the age of six).

All imagery: Allison Clark Photography

There were many elements to be considered in order to design a home that excited its owners, could host a variety of guests and was suitable for raising a growing family. But Stylin’ Homes was up for the challenge.

The design inspiration for this project started with the kitchen. The goal of the kitchen was to transform what was a dark and dull space into something bright, welcoming and open.

With 24-foot ceilings, Stylin’ Homes had plenty of room to get creative when it came to cabinetry installation. Rather than extending the cabinets to the ceiling, Kristen and Cassy created a custom walnut veneer frame that added depth and dimension to the space, while also providing sleek storage space. Talk about multi-functional design!

From the moment Stylin’ Homes laid eyes on White Attica, they knew it was the one. The white base matched the cabinets perfectly and the subtle grey veining came to life in the bright white space. Originally, White Attica was just going to be used for the countertops. But once the design duo saw how beautifully the cool grey paired with their black, white and walnut color scheme, they extended the quartz up and into the backsplash.

Cassy and Kristen wanted the center island to be the focal point of the kitchen. To make this happen, they opted for a mitered, 5-inch thick waterfall bartop made of White Attica and paired it with a black granite island. The result? An eye-catching centerpiece that is sure to wow every guest who walks through the front door!

“Knowing that Caesarstone could give us the flexibility to make the bartop thick and the ability to have it mitered together made it an obvious shoe-in for the project,” shared Cassy.

When it came to choosing flooring, Kristen and Cassy knew they needed something that would be forgiving against the many bumps and scrapes that come with raising a family. They decided on a dark hardwood with a rustic touch because it was durable and easy to clean, while still in keeping with the home’s modern aesthetic.

This geometrical pendant that hovers above the wood dining table is just one of the many ways Cassy incorporated straight lines throughout this home, maintaining cohesion.

The circular couch gives the space an inclusive and welcoming feel – perfect for a family that loves hosting guests!

When it came to the master bathroom, the clients had one request – they wanted the space to feel less like a bathroom, and more like a spa retreat.

Stylin’ Homes continued with the white finishes to create a sense of cohesion throughout the home. The light and bright color scheme also opens up the space, which was on the smaller side, and keeps the bathroom from feeling overcrowded or tight.

To further that “spa retreat” design, Kristen and Cassy wanted to bring the outdoors inside, so they installed large windows above the tub. Just look at the way green of the forest pops against the white walls inside!

The client was so in love with the White Attica surfacing in the kitchen that they asked to carry the color through to their ensuite vanity. We have to say, they have excellent taste!

One of the most unique features of this renovation can be found in the “man cave,” where Cassy and Kirsten designed a custom display for the owners’ impressive scotch collection. Shares Cassy, “The design inspiration came from boutique hotel wine storage as well as a play on the straight lines that we were already incorporating into the home.”

We can only speak for ourselves, but if we were guests walking through this home, we would most certainly be wowed!


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Designer Spotlight | YS Built

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” If there’s one quote that summarizes the mission of YS Built, it’s this. When Yuval Sofer arrived in the United States in 2001, he was stunned to discover the lack of energy efficient and eco-sensitive housing options available. A former technology entrepreneur, he made it his mission to create modern, sustainable, custom homes for the everyday homebuyer – not just the super wealthy or ultra-activist.

Enter YS Built.

Sofer started the Seattle-based design-build firm in 2007, operating on the motto, “High design, low impact.” The firm works in a unique way by partnering with a host of top architects, designers, engineers and even future homeowners to develop homes from start to finish. With this approach, YS Built is able to access top of the line products at a discount and pass those savings on to the homeowners. Sofer shares, “Our goal was to bring high design and quite a high level of sustainability for normal people and make it a no-brainer.”

All YS Built homes meet or exceed sustainability standards, without sacrificing functionality or style. The green design, coupled with their low-maintenance materials and systems promote eco-friendly (and beautiful!) living. One look through these homes and we’re sure you’ll be considering relocating to the Pacific Northwest!

Let’s start with the Summit Park Residence, designed in collaboration with Stephenson Design Collective.

All Summit Park Residence Images: Andrew Pogue Photography

Imagine waking up to this view every morning...and we're not talking about the one outside the windows! Our eyes go straight to that gorgeous Pure White waterfall island in this YS Built spacious custom home.

If the unobstructed views of the Issaquah highlands aren’t enough to impress you, this open-concept design is also Built Green certified, which means it meets high quality standards in energy efficiency, indoor air quality, conserving natural resources and water quality.

This galley-style kitchen has no shortage of storage – an important feature of any family kitchen. The Pure White countertops throughout the space offer a beautiful contrast against the dark walnut veneer LEICHT cabinetry. A leader in modern design, YS Built is a proud supporter of LEICHT Seattle for its own commitment to ecological excellence.

Even the bathroom is spacious… Just look at the size of that tub! The off-white tone of the Blizzard vanity countertop adds a warmness that evades throughout the space and makes this bathroom even more dynamic.

And now, a look inside the Torres Residence, also designed in collaboration with Stephenson Design Collective…

All Torres Residence Images: Lara Swimmer Photography

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and this is especially true in this 2,400 square foot Seattle house – the design forgoes a traditional living room in favor of casually positioned seating in niches throughout the space, letting the Blizzard topped kitchen serve as the primary living area of the home. Now that’s a design after our own hearts!

The Torres residence can be described as minimalist, yet graphic and features a black, white and walnut color palette. To keep the space from feeling stale or cold, YS Built used a mixture of textures and materials, including walnut LEICHT cabinets, Caesarstone quartz, steel and glass.

Of course, no custom home would be complete without a spa-worthy master bathroom to accompany it! YS Built extends his use of Blizzard into the en suite vanity for a finish that is the epitome of ultra-modern cool.

Nothing warms our heart more than seeing Caesarstone quartz used by companies who share our passion and commitment to environmental sustainability. Like YS Built, we make it our mission at Caesarstone to do our part in protecting the environment. Just meeting current industry standards isn’t enough – we’re always trying to exceed them and push our industry to adopt more sustainable practices.


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