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Designer Spotlight | YS Built

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” If there’s one quote that summarizes the mission of YS Built, it’s this. When Yuval Sofer arrived in the United States in 2001, he was stunned to discover the lack of energy efficient and eco-sensitive housing options available. A former technology entrepreneur, he made it his mission to create modern, sustainable, custom homes for the everyday homebuyer – not just the super wealthy or ultra-activist.

Enter YS Built.

Sofer started the Seattle-based design-build firm in 2007, operating on the motto, “High design, low impact.” The firm works in a unique way by partnering with a host of top architects, designers, engineers and even future homeowners to develop homes from start to finish. With this approach, YS Built is able to access top of the line products at a discount and pass those savings on to the homeowners. Sofer shares, “Our goal was to bring high design and quite a high level of sustainability for normal people and make it a no-brainer.”

All YS Built homes meet or exceed sustainability standards, without sacrificing functionality or style. The green design, coupled with their low-maintenance materials and systems promote eco-friendly (and beautiful!) living. One look through these homes and we’re sure you’ll be considering relocating to the Pacific Northwest!

Let’s start with the Summit Park Residence, designed in collaboration with Stephenson Design Collective.

All Summit Park Residence Images: Andrew Pogue Photography

Imagine waking up to this view every morning...and we're not talking about the one outside the windows! Our eyes go straight to that gorgeous Pure White waterfall island in this YS Built spacious custom home.

If the unobstructed views of the Issaquah highlands aren’t enough to impress you, this open-concept design is also Built Green certified, which means it meets high quality standards in energy efficiency, indoor air quality, conserving natural resources and water quality.

This galley-style kitchen has no shortage of storage – an important feature of any family kitchen. The Pure White countertops throughout the space offer a beautiful contrast against the dark walnut veneer LEICHT cabinetry. A leader in modern design, YS Built is a proud supporter of LEICHT Seattle for its own commitment to ecological excellence.

Even the bathroom is spacious… Just look at the size of that tub! The off-white tone of the Blizzard vanity countertop adds a warmness that evades throughout the space and makes this bathroom even more dynamic.

And now, a look inside the Torres Residence, also designed in collaboration with Stephenson Design Collective…

All Torres Residence Images: Lara Swimmer Photography

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and this is especially true in this 2,400 square foot Seattle house – the design forgoes a traditional living room in favor of casually positioned seating in niches throughout the space, letting the Blizzard topped kitchen serve as the primary living area of the home. Now that’s a design after our own hearts!

The Torres residence can be described as minimalist, yet graphic and features a black, white and walnut color palette. To keep the space from feeling stale or cold, YS Built used a mixture of textures and materials, including walnut LEICHT cabinets, Caesarstone quartz, steel and glass.

Of course, no custom home would be complete without a spa-worthy master bathroom to accompany it! YS Built extends his use of Blizzard into the en suite vanity for a finish that is the epitome of ultra-modern cool.

Nothing warms our heart more than seeing Caesarstone quartz used by companies who share our passion and commitment to environmental sustainability. Like YS Built, we make it our mission at Caesarstone to do our part in protecting the environment. Just meeting current industry standards isn’t enough – we’re always trying to exceed them and push our industry to adopt more sustainable practices.


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KBTribeChat | A Tile Trends Discussion

Tile is having a heyday. Now more than ever, people are clamoring for tile’s undeniable style and performance. As we see interior design trends becoming bolder and more audacious, there’s plenty of tile to fall in line. From looks that take us back to art deco’s roots to options that speak to more contemporary styles, today’s tile products are running the gamut of aesthetics, form and function. Tile is increasingly specified in commercial and residential spaces, and thanks to advancements in the material, it’s being used in more plentiful and unique applications.

Here’s a look at the tile talk that took place on this week’s KBTribeChat:

Name the hottest new tile trends you’re loving.

Although it’s not new to the scene, penny tile is always a winner in our book. It’s classic, graphic and impactful! The simplicity and uniformity of pattern provides a timeless quality that works in just about any décor style. Like Nate Berkus famously said, "Reach for materials that have been around since the 1920’s. If you're building something into your house, your kitchen, err on the side of classics, and it will look good for longer." From terrazzo to terra-cotta, these tiles have and will continue to withstand the test of time.

How is tile fitting into emerging design trends?

More and more designers and homeowners are tossing out the conventional interior design rulebook in favor of styling a truly individual home. Tile offers a way to do this, infusing a space with personality and character.

Design: Michelle Berwick Design | Image: Sam Stock Photography | Pure White

Bold color/pattern for lasting surfaces like tile: yes/no/why?

Yes! We’re always a fan of bold design (when it’s done right, of course).  Tile is a great way to add an unexpected twist to an otherwise boring space – like Michelle Berwick Design did in this laundry room! If bold colors make you nervous, try a pattern trend in a classic color.

Pro Tip: Before installing a bold tile, think about how long you will be living in your home. If it’s your forever house, go for it! But if you’re planning on moving after a few years, be mindful in your choice as colorful and creative patterns might turn future homebuyers off.

Any common issues/priorities in spec’ing tile?

Consistent design is key. If a tile has a pattern, it needs to be clean and neat when pieced together. Pay close attention to the functionality the tile will serve in the space, rather than just considering the tile on its own. How will it look with the counters, hardware fixtures, etc.?

Design: Cook Design House | Pure White

Show & tell of your favorite tile installations!

We love how Cook Design Home paired this parquet patterned backsplash with our Pure White. It gives the space a high-end custom look, without the expensive price tag, since it makes use of affordable subway tile.


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The Functional Kitchen

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large kitchen, storage is always a necessity. From storing dishware to finding the perfect place for your pots and pans, we always need more storage options. And on top of finding more storage options, finding accessible places to store day to day items is a must. Like when I’m frying an egg. I don’t necessarily want to go digging for a pan and spatula. I’d love if they were an arms length away. And while we’re at it, creating storage options that look really great is an added bonus! Below I’ve got some better storage ideas for all of us that will keep those needed items near us.

Design: Jessica Leigh McGouran | Image: Stephani Buchman | Organic White

For those of you that love to host and find yourself entertaining a lot, having a beverage fridge near you may be the best idea ever! Especially if it only stores your beverage needs. You can hide it nicely under your counters or choose glass doors to show off all of those pretty drinks.

Image: Apartment Therapy

I have a few friends that cook on a regular basis that depend on having their pots and pans close by. If you have the room, create a storage wall that you can hook all of your pans on. It looks cool and is very functional. Add some herbs and greenery to the wall for an even more stylish vibe.

Design: Suzanne Childress Design | Misty Carrera

A classic option for storing grains and snacks is using glass jars. You can choose jars that go with the style of your kitchen to create the perfect look. I love mixing colors of food within the jars to add a bit of texture to the kitchen. Place these jars in groupings or add them individually throughout.

Who says that you can’t style the inside of your pantry to look straight out of a magazine?! And the reality is, you’ll be able to see everything and have access to more when it’s put in its right place. Just remember to place day to day items eye level for easy use, and then place everything else higher or lower.


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House Tour | A Pennsylvania Barn Conversion

When Adam and Laura Travetti welcomed their son, Keating, they knew it wouldn’t be long before it was time to pack up their belongings and find a house with more space for their growing family. From the moment they laid eyes on the West Chester, Pennsylvania barn they now call home, they knew it was meant to be.
All Imagery: Austin Eterno Photography


What they didn’t know was just how much more space (and work!) they would soon be taking on. A stunning and unique piece of property, the 1830’s bank barn needed serious work – and Adam and Laura had never renovated anything prior to this project. Although it was a huge undertaking, it wasn’t enough to stand in the way of them and their dream home. They placed an offer on the house and immediately brought on Archer & Buchanan Architects and Michael Rhile Construction to help with the project.

Although they had brought in a professional team to help them reach their goals, both Adam and Laura wanted to be as involved in the renovation as possible. Adam described the process as “extremely collaborative” and admits it was Laura who really took the reins when it came to designing the interior.

From the moment you walk through the front doors, you feel like you’re in a rustic retreat  rich with meaningful memories. From the get-go, the couple knew they wanted to honor and preserve the history of the barn while bringing it into the 21st century. The previous owners had purchased it as an operational barn in the 1970’s and after their own renovation, lived in it right up until the Travettis purchased it in 2016. The Travettis kept the footprint of the home as close to the original as possible, while opening the space up and exposing as much of the barn as they could.

In contrast with the surrounding wooded landscape, symmetry rules in the foyer and double-height living room, from the placement of the windows to the positioning of the furniture.

No all-white kitchens here! With a bold aesthetic and unique style, the Travettis designed a kitchen that’s anything but boring. The bright blue hue of the cabinetry brightens and energizes the whole room, while splashes of orange make a statement in the form of kitchen appliances.

And where would a barn kitchen be without its Rugged Concrete counters? A home with this much rustic charm and character requires surfaces to match! The textured complexion adds another layer of dimension to the space, without overwhelming it.

Considering that their move was spearheaded by a desire for more space for their young son, it only seems fitting that he get an entire playroom dedicated to him – swing and all!

Of course, no renovation comes without its challenges… like having to reinforce areas of the home with steel beams wrapped in period wood. But you’d never know when looking at the finished product!

Some of the most beautiful details of this home were the ones left untouched during the renovation. Just look at those original stone cladding interior walls that truly speak to the integrity of the historic home.

Laura and Adam pride themselves on being quick decision makers – and good thing! With so many design decisions to finalize, there isn’t enough time in the day to fret over every last choice. When 79 individual lights fixtures needed to be hand chosen, Laura wasted no time on the task – she had every last light selected in just two days!

A perfect family home wasn’t the only thing the Travetti family got out of this renovation.

“What we took away from this project is that we truly love one another as a family!  We survived something amazing and difficult and fulfilling and frustrating and overwhelming and everything in between. The people that worked on this project are artists.  And friends now.  We all created a living breathing work of art. There are fewer and fewer of these grand stone bank barns left.  I like to think that Laura, Keating and I (along with our team) saved something so worth saving, and something that can be enjoyed for many years to come!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Adam!


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Designer Spotlight | Michelle Olivia Design

This week, we’re taking a walk down interior design lane with Michelle Seaman, owner and designer of Michelle Olivia Design! The full-service Austin-based design firm bridges the gaps between architect, contractor and designer to create custom spaces that are beautifully built for real life - proving beauty can indeed be functional, too!

When it comes to design, her approach goes beyond a new couch or fresh coat of paint. Her goal is to craft a space that works harmoniously with its homeowners, creating an environment where memories can be made. She lives for the wide-eyed excitement on her clients’ faces when she shows them what’s possible and the sighs of relief when their visions begin coming to life mid-project.

She refers to her design method as “interior space planning,” a process that she says sets the stage for making a house a home. “At Michelle Olivia Design, we act as both your advocates and experts to ensure the space embodies your family’s personality and needs.”

But enough chit chat... See for yourself!

All Images: Bennett Creative


This kitchen is the heart of a 1979 ranch home, completely restored by Michelle to mimic the client’s love of “Restored Modern Style” while maintaining the eclectic charm of the space. It’s the perfect mix of boho, glam and modern.

Our favorite thing about this kitchen? The countertops, obviously! Michelle chose Caesarstone quartz in London Grey to serve as the perfect muted backdrop, letting the backsplash take center stage.

Since the kitchen is limited on square footage, Michelle knew she needed smaller appliances that wouldn’t overwhelm the space. Jenn-Air was the obvious choice, as it fit her sizing requirements without sacrificing professional quality. “I have a love affair with Jenn-Air appliances (and Caesarstone, obviously),” says Michelle.

Michelle chose Blizzard countertops to complement the rich walnut cabinetry in this master bathroom remodel, and quite frankly, we can’t think of a better choice for this glamorous space.

When there’s not enough room for a full cabinet, just add shelves! We love the way Michelle maximized every last inch of this master bath, opting for open shelving where cabinets wouldn’t fit. Bathroom storage space is always a necessity!

Brass fixtures are totally having a moment – and we couldn’t be more on board. Just look at the way these fixtures pop against the greys in the marble. And don’t even get us started on that Blizzard shelf inset. We’ll be talking about it for hours!

We’ve got to hand it to you, Michelle…you are definitely on to something with this interior space planning. You've left us wanting more!


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KBTribeChat | The Technicurean Kitchen

This week’s KBTribeChat is all about the “Technicurean,” an emerging group of socially conscious consumers that are as passionate about cooking as they are about their kitchen technology — especially the latest products that can perfect their meal and ensure greater respect for their food. As self-proclaimed kitchen connoisseurs ourselves, we fully support that! So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Design: Faithful Countertops and Bernard Kim


How do you define a gourmet kitchen vs. a chef’s kitchen?

A chef’s kitchen is about efficiency and functionality, designed and equipped to satisfy the needs of the professional chef. A gourmet kitchen can be similar, but places a larger emphasis on design. Not only does it have all the gadgets, it’s also easy on the eyes!

Design: Bungalow 56


What is the most important feature in a kitchen for your clients?

Countertops, of course! Kitchens are high-traffic, heavy-use areas, so surfaces should be carefully chosen to withstand such activity. Quartz countertops offer extreme durability and endurance - because no one wants second best surfaces in the heart of their home!

Imagery: Signature Kitchen Suite


What cooking technique is crucial for delivering accurate, consistent temperatures?

Sous vide! It offers consistency, waste reduction, flexibility and will absolutely delight your taste buds (yes, Signature Kitchen Suite, we stalked your Instagram).

Design: Hayburn & Co


What are the best design features for preserving the food?

While the right fridge is key, a well thought out pantry is critical when you have a big family. New technology has also made it possible for appliances to have enhanced temperature controls, with cooling zones for specific food types, LED lights to imitate natural sunlight and air purification systems. The future is bright!

Imagery: LG STUDIO

Technicureans rely on technology to make cooking more convenient. What emerging kitchen technology trends are you most excited for?

We can’t help but get excited about smart fridges, like LG’s ThinQ! Seriously, a gadget that lets you know when you’re running out of OJ or your milk is going bad? Count us in!

Design: NS Builders, MetropolitanCabinets & Counters | Imagery: Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography


What are some “must-have” design elements for a Technicurean’s kitchen?

Since the Technicurean is all about respect for food, we’d say sous vide cooking equipment. Overcooked food, be gone! We also love the look and functionality of pop-up sockets and charging stations, especially if you use your kitchen for entertaining. After all, how are you going to Instagram all those hors d’oeuvres with a dead phone?

Design: Kitchen Ideas | Photography: Melissa Lukenbaugh Photography


What kitchen design solutions add a “Technicurean” touch?

It’s all about integrating functional technology into the kitchen design, simplifying the cooking experience while staying true to the design and style.  Smart appliances, fixtures and durable work surfaces bring a Technicurean kitchen to life.

Design: Coddington Design


How do you integrate new appliances into a timeless kitchen design?

Stick to clean lines and streamlined designs! Not only will it make the space seem bigger and brighter, it can also help embrace a modern aesthetic that seamlessly integrates new appliances without losing the qualities you love in a timeless design.


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Milan Design Week 2018 | That’s A Wrap!

And that’s a wrap on Milan Design Week 2018! In what may have been the busiest year yet, design enthusiasts from all over the globe took to Milan to experience the exhibitions and product launches taking over the storefronts and palazzos throughout the beautiful city. There was definitely no shortage of memorable projects on view! Every year, the festival brings together an array of practitioners, design companies and creatives for a week of incredible, unusual and all around fascinating collaborations and installations. It’s a week Caesarstone looks forward to with unparalleled anticipation – and this year was no exception.

For the sixth time, the leading quartz manufacturer returned to Milan’s Fuorisalone - this year to unveil Altered States, the highlight event of their 2018 designer collaboration with New York-based collaborative practice Snarkitecture. For those that missed the festivities, have no fear -  we’ve put together a wrap up of the week so you can experience the beauty vicariously through us! As if we needed an excuse to relive it yet again…

Being that it was the year of Eurocucina, which takes place biennially, this year’s collaboration explored the core theme of the kitchen island and was showcased at the faded grandeur of Palazzo dell’Ufficio Elettorale di Porta Romana, open to the public for the first time.

Snarkitecture was inspired by the changing states of water in nature, through glaciers, rivers and geysers, a vision that was beautifully brought to life in an immersive experience of a conceptual kitchen island. Altered States called visitors to reconsider the primal elements of ice, water and steam and their connection to the everyday rituals of the kitchen island, such as cooking, gathering, entertaining and working.

Presented as a playful series of interactive landscapes, the courtyard installation encouraged visitors to interact with the various states of water while moving through an archipelago.

Each island was constructed from a unique Caesarstone color; Vanilla Noir, Alpine Mist and White Attica.

The Caesarstone surfaces were layered one on top of the other, a reference to nature’s topography.

“We asked Snarkitecture to create an installation that will inspire architects and designers to think about the future of the kitchen and use our material in new ways.” – Eli Feiglin, VP of Marketing at Caesarstone

"I would describe the setting of the installation as gloriously dilapidated. It definitely added a sense of reverence, making it seem almost like a sanctuary.  It really highlighted a dichotomy of old and new in a harmonious way." - Don Helms, Director of Brand Marketing at Caesarstone

Inside, a large circular kitchen island made of Caesarstone White Attica sits at the center of the space, where visitors were invited to discover and engage with the multiple functions of the island.

“We took Caesarstone surfaces and turned them into something voluminous and engaging, further highlighting the strength and flexibility of the material.” - Snarkitecture

More than 250 pedestals surrounded the White Attica island, forming an amphitheater constructed entirely from metal mesh and three different Caesarstone colors from the new 2018 Metropolitan Collection; Cloudburst Concrete, Airy Concrete and Rugged Concrete.

Altered States, we won’t soon forget you!


House Tour | Chaney Widmer’s Philadelphia Row Home

In 2015, Chaney and her husband, Charlie, went house hunting in Philadelphia. They weren’t looking for a home that needed a lot of work, but when Chaney spotted this 1930’s row house, that’s exactly what they got. The house didn’t show well - it had aging wall-to-wall carpet, and was in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint - but she saw its potential immediately.

Chaney is the founder of Mix & Match Design Company, an online residential interior design business, so she is very used to seeing beyond the not-so-pretty and imagining what a space could be with a little work. Though her husband was hesitant about taking on a “project house,” she convinced him that they could bring back the house’s original charm while modernizing it.

After purchasing the home, they dove into a 30-day renovation “blitz.” The whole house got new hardwood floors and a fresh coat of subtle gray paint. They also removed part of a wall between the kitchen and dining room to unite the whole first floor. Those changes gave the home a much brighter and more open feel – very important in a 1200 square foot row house!

When it came time to renovate the kitchen, they chose a clean, modern look with a mix of high and low end items. She chose IKEA cabinets for their simplicity and budget-friendliness (and soft-close doors!), but paired them with Caesarstone quartz countertops in London Grey. She invested in this particular quartz because of its low maintenance, high durability, and subtle marble look she loved.

For flooring, she chose an inexpensive slate-look porcelain tile laid in a herringbone pattern to give it more of a pop. Beneath the floors is a happy surprise - heat! Since the kitchen sits over the garage and the floor tends to get icy cold in the winter, this small splurge was well worth the investment.

On the decorating side, Chaney took the slow and steady approach - swapping out one piece at a time to create a home that reflects her family’s personality and lifestyle. They love throwing small gatherings and larger parties for friends and family, so creating a home that’s made for hosting is important to them.

Chaney loves a good mix of old and new, and some of her favorite “old” pieces are ones she has inherited from her grandparents, like the jelly cupboard in the living room. Her style has an minimalist, modern feel, but it’s also cozy thanks to some of the vintage pieces and textile choices.

She also loves to hunt for the perfect piece for a room and is happy to spend time searching in secondhand stores or on online classifieds. Their dining table, the Dylan from CB2, was actually a Craigslist find from a couple who downsized and couldn’t fit it in their new apartment!

One of her favorite projects in her home was the wall she hand-painted in their small bathroom. Though she liked the idea of wallpaper to give it a pop of bold color, she decided to try her hand at painting a triple-hash pattern. It turned out beautifully!

Chaney runs her business out of her home, so they turned one of the second floor bedrooms into an office. It’s one of her favorite rooms in the house because of the natural light that flows in and its clean, modern look.

The potential Chaney saw when she first toured the home has been realized. Nearly three years later, they have a fresh and cozy home they absolutely love. And we can see why!


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Designer Spotlight | DV Design

When it comes to interior design, we love a fresh perspective – and that’s exactly what Diana Verduzco, owner and principal designer of Los Angeles-based Interior Design firm, DV Design, is bringing to the industry! With an undeniable natural talent and genuine passion for design, this up-and-coming interior designer is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Having studied interior design and business in both California and Paris, Diana always knew she wanted to venture out on her own and establish herself as a design force to be reckoned with. At just 25 years of age, she launched her very own residential interior design firm, DV Design. The brilliant newcomer just celebrated her one-year business anniversary with nearly 20 projects under her belt in her first year alone.

Style-wise, Diana strives to bring a strong sense of luxury and modernism to the spaces she designs. Always adding in her organic designer flair and love for glamour, her clients are consistently impressed by her selections and wowed during the reveal. Currently, Diana is in the process of becoming internationally certified as a Feng Shui practitioner, and plans to launch a second company by the end of April. Now that’s a woman after our own hearts!

Diana has even coined her own term, calling her design style “Glama-Zen” where 1920’s Art Deco glitz and glam meet the bohemian-zen of contemporary times. Think strong, symmetrical geometry, tasteful sparkle and decadence, and a mixture of earthy materials and textures.

Her unique approach to design is exemplified in this Huntington Beach Master Bath project. Every selection was carefully and thoughtfully considered in an effort to transform this outdated Master Bathroom into the en-suite, in-home day spa of her client’s dreams.

Beginning with a neutral backdrop, hand-cut Moroccan mirrors, and modern fixtures and hardware, Diana added serene artwork, an essential-oil diffuser, and even a succulents wall as the personalized finishing touches.

We might be biased, but we think the star of this space is the Eggshell countertop which Diana had custom fabricated with a beveled-edging detail to create the perfect environment to suit her client’s needs and aesthetic.

Diana accented the shower nook and vanity backsplash with a beautiful shades-of-grey glass linear mosaic to give dimension and textural diversity against the other matte and eggshell finishes.


Can’t get enough of Diana’s “Glama-Zen” style?  Check out DV Design on Instagram!


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KBTribeChat | Modern Design

If modern design had a tagline, it would be “Less is more.” From open floor plans to clean lines, modern design favors minimal, uncluttered spaces with smooth, strong lines and artistic flair. During this week’s #KBTribeChat we discussed the aesthetic, sharing our favorite elements of modern design with the design community.

Design: Avenue Design | 1141 Pure White

What is your favorite element of modern design?

We’re currently crushing on waterfall islands. This modern element elevates the island from strictly functional to a sleek statement piece and focus for the entire kitchen. Not to mention, the clean and crisp lines evoke a sense of purpose and order and accentuate symmetry and balance.

Design: Blue Flag Development | 5000 London Grey

What is the most important aspect of modern design in kitchens?

Creating a space that still feels warm and inviting, not cold and lifeless – after all, the kitchen is the heart of the home! Blending modern design with other styles make for a space that’s sleek, but not sterile. Pops of color warm the space, as do big windows. And the right countertop is key!

Photo: Louis Roe | 5031 Statuario Maximus

Metals are more diverse and popular than ever in kitchens and baths. What are some of best ways you’ve seen metal used in modern design?

Mixed metals are having a huge moment right now. Brass is back, stainless steel will never leave, and many others are being explored – and we encourage it! Gold accents and hardware are a pleasant surprise in bathroom design, since we so often see chrome or stainless steel. We love the brushed effect Louis Roe used in her bathroom renovation, featuring Statuario Maximus counters.

Design: DLUX Design & Company| 1141 Pure White

What is a must-have for modern design in bathrooms?

Clean lines, seamless transitions, and functional design are the heart of modern bathroom design. Skip complicated patterns and ornate details in favor of polished designs that create an effortless finish. Added bonus: Clean lines create the illusion of a pristine bathroom.

Design: Port + Quarter, Kyla Ray | Cabinetry: Sherwood Cabinetry | Photography: Gabriel Hall

White will always be a mainstay of modern design, but what colors do you see as on-trend right now?

Blues and grays are definitely having their moment in modern design – it’s fresh, pairs well with a number of finishes, and achieves the warm and welcoming feeling necessary for modern design. It’s also a great color if you want to make a statement without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.


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