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This week’s KBTribeChat was all about health and well-being. Designers from around the world shared how they integrate wellness into their kitchen designs. Many contributors stressed the importance of using lighting in the kitchen in order to create an inspiring and positive space.

Design Tip: An easy way to brighten your kitchen is to add lights underneath your cabinets.

Health and wellness isn’t just about making sure your kitchen has ample lighting, however. It is important to design your space with environmentally friendly products that are low in VOC emissions. In this post, we explore all of the ways people promote health and wellness in their kitchens.

What kind of design image does the term wellness inspire in the kitchen? 

Wellness makes us think of spaces that are bright, clean and easy to maintain, like this design by JRP Design and Remodel, Inc. The white cabinets give this kitchen a modern feel—and not to mention tons of storage—while the accents of orange keep the space fun and energetic.

Design: JRP Design and Remodel | 5003 Piatra Grey 

How does the design of the kitchen ease the burden of preparing fresh food? Do you find usefulness in things like sinks with accessories and herb savers?

Prepping food can be messy, which is why we like to have low maintenance countertops. In most cases, all it takes is a bit of soap or mild detergent and hot water to make your Caesarstone countertops sparkle. If necessary, you can use common, non-abrasive household cleaners like  Soft Scrub Liquid Gel with Bleach directly on a sponge or damp cloth—just be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly after cleaning.

Design: JRP Design and Remodel | 5003 Piatra Grey

Lighting has a major effect on our sense of well being. Please share any kitchen related lighting ideas.

We like to keep the walls and cabinets a light color and then use bold accent pieces like the whimsical chandelier and textured backsplash used in this design from Stella Interiors.

Design: Stella Interiors| 5111 Statuario Nuvo 

Do you find yourself looking for the healthiest choices in materials? Are you considering the VOC emissions when determining the performance of a product? What are some of your favorite products when thinking about “healthy kitchens” and why?

We want to help make the world a greener place—one piece of quartz at a time! We’re the first quartz surfacing company to receive ISO 14001 and 9001  Environmental Management Systems certification. This also means we have low VOC emissions.

5220 Dreamy Marfil

Do you think of living in place or aging in place concepts when you think of wellness? What design features and specialty appliances, tech or gadgets do you find work best for people of any ability?

Put your vitamins and protein powders on display with open shelving! We love this design from Chad Esslinger Design. Open shelving opens up the space and encourages us to keep our kitchen items clean and organized.

Design: Chad Esslinger Design | 4044 Raw Concrete  Perimeter | 4001 Fresh Concrete Island

Less clutter generally creates more peace of mind. Show your best storage solutions for ease of use.

Add shelves and cabinets to your kitchen island for easy storage space. Don’t worry, your storage secret is safe with us!
Design: Sebring Design Build | 5110 Alpine Mist

Technology that counts your steps, calories and other health-related features is everywhere. How do you see tech playing a role in the kitchen?

From steam ovens to fridges that tell you when you’re running low on coffee, there are so many uses for technology in the kitchen! Back in 2017, we partnered with the Industrial Design department at Pratt Institute to consider the changes and challenges that technology will bring to design. Led by New York-based architect and designer Marc Thorpe, the team worked on creating and exhibiting a kitchen of the future at WantedDesign NYC. Check out our blog post, the Future Kitchen: Creating the Kitchen of 2050, to learn more about it.

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House Tour | Spazio LA

Spazio LA has done it again! The Los Angeles based design and build firm takes us inside one of their recent home renovations in sunny Studio City, California. And they sure put this small space to work! With just 1,000 square feet to work with, Spazio LA transformed what once was a cramped and lackluster house from head to toe–or should we say, from roof to floors. The key? Creating a new floor plan that would open the kitchen, dining room and living room up and give the illusion of additional space.

Spazio LA wanted the final look to be open and bright, so they used white throughout the house, both inside and out, to give the home a fresh and modern feel. We love the streamlined shape of the exterior architecture and the modern elements used to enhance the clean lines, creating a cohesive look.

5141 Frosty Carrina

As we enter the home, our eyes are immediately drawn to the Frosty Carrina countertops–most notably the waterfall edges on both the island and perimeter.

Coupling the countertops with a marble chevron tile backsplash, it’s safe to say Spazio LA knows how to put the “fun” in funky.

Spazio LA went with shaker style cabinets in white for their clean, straightforward lines. Shaker cabinets are a great option for their timeless simplicity. And because they aren’t necessarily wholly traditional or contemporary, they work in all different kinds of interiors.

The space features all new black aluminum windows and French doors, original floors restained with a light grey color and all new recessed lights.

Design Tip: in an open concept space such as this, area rugs are a great way to define spaces, indicating where one destination (the dining room) stops and another (the kitchen and/or living room) begins.

The floor plan also opens up to the living room, featuring a new electric fireplace with concrete-looking Venetian plaster on the wall with recessed TV and in-wall speakers.

1141 Pure White

The bathroom is a modern, minimalist dream and might just be our favorite space in the house. Gutted entirely, a standalone sink was ditched in favor of a sleek, flat panel glossy white double vanity. Adoring the vanity is a Caesarstone quartz waterfall counter in Pure White, coupled with a drop-in tub with watching Pure White surfacing. By keeping the shower frameless, Spazio LA kept the bathroom from feeling confined.

1141 Pure White

The wall-mount toilet also contributes to the spacious feel of the room, and fits perfectly with the modern and sleek aesthetic that characterizes this renovation.

Well done, Spazio LA. Well done.

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Deciding the color palette of your new home can feel overwhelming: do you go with bold, bright colors or more refined neutrals? A pop of color in an accent piece can go a long way in brightening up a room, so long as you balance it out with complementary neutral tones. Determining what’s “in” right now can seem like a daunting task, but it’s important to remember that some trends are simply classics, and are here to stay.

In this week’s KBTribeChat we dive into which colors are trending in 2018, and which are timeless. Design experts from around the world joined the conversation to give their input on the big question: color or neutral?   

When it comes to the bathroom, what inspires you – spaces layered in neutral hues or spaces that makes a statement with bold color?

We are all about bringing lively color into a space: it can generate new life and vibrancy. The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet is bold and gorgeous, and the perfect accent color for backsplashes, rugs, and shower curtains alike.

5100 Vanilla Noir

What about bathroom surfaces specifically – e.g., vanities and shower surrounds? Do you prefer to “go neutral” or opt for surfaces with a pop of color?

When we’re using a bold color or pattern on the walls, we like to keep the shower and vanities neutral to highlight the intensity of the paint. This allows us to strike a delicate balance between vibrant and sophisticated.

Design: Melissa Lenox Design | Image: Katie Charlotte Photography | 2141 Blizzard

Thinking about the kitchen now. What are the best ways to bring color into a kitchen without overwhelming the space?

Accent pieces like red stand mixers, turquoise ceramic pots and bright orange ovens are a perfect way to bring color into the kitchen. If you pair these pieces with cool-toned white countertops and walls, you’ll have a Pinterest-worthy kitchen in no time.
Design: RS Mannino | 5131 Calacatta Nuvo

What about adding color (and movement) through pattern – e.g., patterned countertops and backsplashes. What patterns are trending at the moment?

Add movement to your kitchen with our Himalayan Moon countertops. The fluid combination of black, beige, and cocoa-brown is hard to beat.

 6611 Himalayan Moon

Black is a timeless, sophisticated neutral. Are you seeing black used in the kitchen and bath? 

We’re obsessed with this timeless trend. Black countertops are sleek, edgy and sophisticated. At Caesarstone, we make sure your countertops are not only stunning, but maintainable as well. A bit of soap and water does the trick to keep our beautiful quartz in tip-top shape.  

Design: CAGE Design Build | 4003 Sleek Concrete & 3100 Jet Black

What hues do you think will be most important in kitchens and bathrooms as we move into 2019?

We think bold colors are here to stay! So long as you balance out strong accent pieces and walls with complementary neutrals, you’re golden.
Poke Me Restaurant | 4033 Rugged Concrete

Share photos of your favorite kitchens and baths, and tell us why you love them!

We’re loving this bold, blue kitchen from Charmean Neithart Interiors. Pairing it with our London Grey countertops provides contrast without overwhelming the eye.

Design: Charmean Neithart Interiors | Image: Erika Bierman Photography | 5000 London Grey


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Designer Spotlight | RTG Designs

Good design isn’t just beautiful. It must be functional, too. That’s Rebecca Goodman’s M.O., principal designer at RTG Designs in Toronto, Canada. At RTG Designs, rich hues, customized designs and functional creativity deliver maximum impact.

Rebecca's lifelong passion for interior design led her to study at the prestigious Parsons School in New York City. Since graduating in 2007, Rebecca worked for design firms in both New York and Toronto prior to launching RTG Designs. She believes that good design should reflect every project's unique needs while remaining functional and aesthetically beautiful. RTG provides a full range of interior and exterior design services for projects of all sizes and budgets, from color consultations to complete renovations and new builds.
All Images: Stephani Buchman Photography | 4600 Organic White

While we’d like to say the focal point of this room is the Organic White counters, it’s really the light wood accents that steal the show in this bright and fresh kitchen. Together with the tumbled subway tile and matte black pendants, this space has just the right amount of texture to hold our interest (and has us thinking up ways to get invited over for dinner).
4600 Organic White

Believe it or not, this pied-à-terre is just a mere 700 square feet – not kidding. But that number did little in limiting Rebecca’s design hopes for this home. Although it took some back and forth, Rebecca ultimately got her clients to ditch their formal dining area for a more casual (and space saving) design, extending the Organic White island to create high-rise seating.
4600 Organic White

Design Tip: If you want to make your bathroom look unique, a custom vanity can make a world of difference. Rebecca worked with Watchtower Interiors to create this navy bespoke cabinet that contrasts beautifully with the Organic White surface and subway tiled wall, while adding additional storage space.
1141 Pure White

From sleek and modern to classic and ornate, the right hardware can refresh the entire look of a bathroom. These looped stainless steel pulls add a custom touch to this Pure White double vanity and offer a refreshing break from the predominately sharp and rectangular features of this powder room.
1141 Pure White

Not unlike the previous bathroom, Rebecca continues the geometric play in this master bath, but this time she kept the stainless steel pulls linear and square and instead hung rounded mirrors above the oversized Pure White vanity.
1141 Pure White perimeter

If we had to choose three words to describe this semi-custom kitchen, it would be sleek, edgy and (of course) functional – as all RTG Design spaces are!

1141 Pure White

We don’t think we could love an entry way more if we tried! Rebecca proves Caesarstone isn’t just for the kitchen or bathroom, creating a floating shelf from Pure White that integrates perfectly into the pattern and dimensions of the wall paneling.
1141 Pure White

Rebecca took what was once a dark and gloomy kitchen lacking storage and style and transformed it into a bright and fresh gathering space using Pure White quartz. Her favorite project detail? “The integrated shiplap pantry with push latch closures!”


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KBTribeChat | Residential Remodeling Trends

Whether you’re designing your new home or just looking to update a room in your current house, it's always helpful to see what's popular and trending. Just because it's trending doesn't mean it's not timeless. A well-executed renovation can withstand the test of time and add substantial value to your home.

During this week’s KBTribeChat, design experts from all over came together to share their thoughts and discuss the latest remodeling design trends making waves in 2018.

Lets talk style! What are the most popular remodeling trends today

Homeowners are getting more streamlined in their overall aesthetic. It’s all about creating a stress-free environment to come home to. A less is more motto.

Design: Red Lily Renovations | 2141 Blizzard and 4130 Clamshell

What are the latest design & product trends in residential remodeling and custom building that are most likely to increase a homes value

There are few things that can brighten up a home as much as a freshly remodeled kitchen. The kitchen is undoubtedly the major selling point of a home, as well as a focal point for valuable family time.

Design: Drury Design | 2141 Blizzard

Hardwood floors also have a pretty strong ROI. Whether it’s putting in new hardwood or resurfacing the existing, people appreciate a beautiful hardwood floor.

Design: DLUX Design & Co. | 1141 Pure White

How are the demographics of aging in place and millennials changing remodeling trends and innovations?

Aging in place has prioritized remodeling for accessibility – favoring open designs that maximize mobility, expanding upon the open-floor plan.

Design: Dunn Architecture | Image: Marc Angeles Photography | 1141 Pure White

For kitchen and baths, are there certain features (hardware, finishes, space savers, shower systems) that are in high demand and can fetch top dollars?

Quality is key. One of the most popular features to splurge on are countertops. Homeowners look for surfaces that are engineered to last. It’s why so many homeowners are opting for quartz. As we like to say at Caesarstone, our quartz is designed for life.

Color trends interior or exterior; are there colors that are more appealing for home purchase or sale?

The right paint can give you a lot of bang for your buck…both inside and outside. It adds to the curb appeal and makes everything look fresh and new. White is a favorite for kitchen cabinets and grey comes in a close second. We’re also seeing more mixing of colors and materials.

Design: Jenn Feldman Designs | 5141 Frosty Carrina

Lets talk about exterior trends.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and this is true for houses, too! From replacing siding, upgrading windows and redoing landscaping, there are many ways to give your house an exterior facelift that’s sure to make a lasting impression.

Design: Jenn Feldman Designs

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House Tour |The Balboa Cottage at Lido House Hotel

If there’s one place in Orange County, California that screams summertime, it’s the brand new Lido House Hotel. Located just steps away from the darling Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach, this Cape Code-style boutique hotel features 130 rooms and five two-bedroom, two-bathroom three-story cottages. Each cottage is unique and features a distinctive motif designed by one of five different Newport Beach-based design firms. Today, we’re exploring the Balboa Cottage, designed to the absolute nines by Rona Graf, founder of Grace Blu Designs.

Come on in!

Rona wanted a retro-playful aesthetic, intersecting California effervescence with East Coast sensibility – and she certainly created that. From the moment you walk through the front doors, you’ll feel your mood immediately lighten.

Rules? What rules? That was Rona’s MO when it came to this project. Just look at that lounge inspired breakfast nook! In the words of Rona, “When it comes to patterns – just got for it!”

This has to be our favorite spot in the place – did you see that wallpapered ceiling and painted custom table? It’s the perfect fit!

One glance at this sunlit kitchen and we can practically smell the sizzling bacon that’s sure to be served up for brunch while casually sipping on bubbly mimosas.

For inspiration, Rona turned to mid-century Newport Beach, blending old-school glamour with quartz and brass brightened by vibrant color and go-for-bold patterns. We love the stark contrast between the White Attica countertops and rich hued cabinetry.

The pattern play continues in the first floor powder room, where guests can wash up at the White Attica topped vanity.

No detail is too small! Rona blended "old school Hollywood glam and surfer-ville" featuring a shot of the Newport Beach Fun Zone in the stairwell, an iconic spot on Balboa Island.

Upstairs, guests will find the master and guest bedroom, where subtle pops of color and texture weave in and out of details everywhere you look.

The guest bedroom is the very definition of playful. With dual queen beds, a wallpapered ceiling and tons of patterned throw pillows, we’d be hard pressed to unmake the bed at the end of the night – it would feel like ruining a work of art!

Who doesn’t love a little black shiplap? Look closely and you’ll even find black grass cloth adorning the ceiling in the master bedroom.

Constant in every room of the cottage is Rona’s confidence and willingness to experiment, exuding from every last nook and cranny.

White Attica makes a striking statement against brass accents and a patterned beauty of a backsplash in the en suite bathroom. By pairing down the vanity to its bare brass bones, the focus remains on the tiles, which we have to say look like they were made especially for this space.

We might not have known it before this tour, but we know it now – we definitely need a bright yellow freestanding tub in our home, STAT. Add it to the ever-growing wish list! If this tub doesn’t bring out your sunniest self, nothing will. And that’s a fact.


Additional Credits:

Builder: MW Custom Homes
Developer: R.D. Olson Development
Photography: Ryan Garvin
Hotel: Autograph Collection Hotels


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KBTribeChat | Kitchen Design for Foodies 

Perhaps you missed your calling as a culinary artist, or you simply have a passion for cooking for your family and friends. Foodies, it goes without saying, take their food seriously. So when it comes to kitchen design, these culinary connoisseurs know a thing or two about fitting a kitchen. A gourmet kitchen makes cooking a lot more fun and a lot less challenging, regardless of your skill level in the kitchen.

This week’s KBTribeChat was all about how to create a kitchen built for foodie royalty.

What are the elements that put the “gourmet” in a gourmet kitchen?

While your run-of-the-mill kitchen is designed for style, gourmet kitchen offer solutions for everything from oven space to pot storage - all the bells and whistles necessary to create memorable meals.

Design: A Finer Touch Construction | 5131 Calacatta Nuvo island

Is a large island an important component of a kitchen for those who want to try new foods and share with friends and family? Explain!

We call this feature the self-sustaining island – and it’s a gourmet kitchen must. It should have plenty of counter space, its own sink, cabinets, storage. Heck, give it its own oven, microwave and second dishwasher, too!

Design: Alno | Image: Lars Frazer Photography | 5000 London Grey

What sink area and dishwasher features do you recommend for foodies?

When it comes to the foodie sink, bigger is always better. And two is always better than one. This holds true when it comes to dishwashers, too! If you find yourself entertaining a lot, investing in two dishwashers might be a good idea. One can run while the other is being loaded.

Design: Lori Gilder

What surfacing materials are recommended for those keenly interested in exploring food and cooking? Why?

Quartz all the way. It’s sturdy enough to stand up to the busy activities of prepping and cooking meals night after night and beautiful enough to play into the creative messiness of making a meal for loved ones. After all, for those of us who view cooking as an art, messy is all part of the process.

5031 Statuario Maximus

Quartz care & cleanup is a cinch. Top chefs agree when looking for prep and cook surfaces: durability, versatility, low maintenance & heat, scratch & stain resistance are critical. So is avoiding mold and mildew buildup. In essence, function and beauty are key—and quartz elegance and strength are the optimum solutions.

4011 Cloudburst Concrete

If you are wondering what you can use to clean quartz countertops, you might be surprised to learn that quartz surfaces are easily wiped down with a mild soap and water mixture or mild commercial cleaning solution, and they never require resealing. Cooking in a kitchen with quartz surfaces is just more fun since quartz offers the aesthetic appeal we all desire coupled with simple maintenance and quick cleanup.

Do you have recommended storage solutions for a wide range of cooking implements and supplies?

The foodie cooking strategy requires a variety of gadgets and tools, not to mention the usual serving platters, casserole dishes and baking sheets.Storage in a high-tech kitchen must be plentiful and easily accessible if you don’t want your gourmet cooking to slow you down.

Design: Greenbrook Design

What other tips do you have to create versatile kitchens designed to explore food?

Don’t forget about seating, and lots of it! Half the fun of cooking delicious food is enjoying it amongst friends and family – so come with an empty stomach and pull up a chair!

Design: Studio McGee


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Designer Spotlight | Chad Esslinger Design

The work of an interior designer isn’t all glamour and throw pillows. Sourcing, planning and coordinating multiple projects takes time and dedication. But for Chicago based designer Chad Esslinger, the work is so much more than just a job – it’s his passion.

With a love for all things design, from interiors to architecture to landscape to product development, Chad began his formal design education as an architecture student before realizing he wanted to focus on home décor products and interior design. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois and spent the next 20 years designing and developing products for the world’s leading wholesalers, retailers and manufactures. In 2011, he started Chad Esslinger Design, a full-service design company focusing on residential interior, design, decorating and remodeling as well as design and development of home decor products.

Why does Chad choose Caesarstone quartz for so many of his projects? “The colors and designs are perfect for today's modern, rustic, transitional, and traditional kitchens. The styles are trend-right but not ‘trendy’ and will stand the test of time.”
Image: Life Lens and Love Photography | 4004 Raw Concrete and 4001 Fresh Concrete

Perhaps one of our favorite projects from Chad is this modern and classic kitchen. Simple details come together to make this a one-of-a-kind bright and lovely space.

With white perimeter cabinetry, white square tiles and unique stained wood details, this kitchen was the perfect contender for two-tone countertops – Raw Concrete for the perimeter and peninsula and Fresh Concrete on the island.
5000 London Grey

If this kitchen looks familiar, it’s because you just might have seen it before - on HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation. The 100-year old home got an open concept facelift with a modern farmhouse touch.
5000 London Grey

The clients wanted to go with dark stained cabinets and London Grey paired perfectly by adding contrast and beauty.
5000 London Grey

A “Case of the Mondays” is impossible with a custom home office like this! Chad chose London Grey for the desk surfaces in this space because of its durability and beauty, describing it as “the perfect soft warm grey.”
Image: Picture Perfect House | 4001 Fresh Concrete

A Fresh Concrete perimeter countertop was the obvious choice in this ranch style kitchen, complementing the marble hexagon backsplash tile and rustic wood floating shelves.

“I love flip flopping cabinet and countertop finishes. This is one of my favorite kitchen projects, with white cabinetry and a Sleek Concrete countertop perimeter,” shares Chad.
 4001 Fresh Concrete

Both modern and rustic, Chad chose Fresh Concrete on the perimeter of this kitchen to contrast the white cabinets and the beautifully refined jumbo slab of London Grey to finish off the huge island.
5000 London Grey

Not only does the island seat six, it also houses a drawer microwave, beverage fridge, double trash bin and additional storage.

The only question we have before we wrap this up is, “When can we come over?”


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Sugar & Charm Kitchen Reveal

When it came time for Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm to remodel her cramped and dated kitchen, she knew exactly who she wanted to design it – Sarah Sherman Samuel, of course! Together with architect Greg Coleman, the two combined their creative magic to craft a new kitchen and dining room that might just be straight out of our dreams.

Let’s take a closer look…

The old solid oak hardwood floors were refinished to breathe new life (and light!) into the space. The cabinets - IKEA boxes with Semihandmade fronts (a Sarah Sherman original) - were painted a desert grey matte and together, the two features add warmth and dimension to the kitchen.

Sarah describes Eden’s aesthetic as modern, but not without character – so it seems perfectly fitting that Eden labels the style of her finished kitchen as “modern country bungalow.”

Exposed shelving can be intimidating to many, after all, it exposes every nook and cranny. But done right, it’s one of our favorite kitchen shelving features – just look at how much character it adds to the space!

Eden is BIG on entertaining, so Sarah shared that Caesarstone countertops were a no brainer for their durability and beauty.

“For the counters, we chose Caesarstone in Calacatta Nuvo. I wanted something durable and low-maintenance, with a little variation. This polished Caeserstone has been an absolute dream in the kitchen, with zero stains and it cleans up perfectly. We actually used it in our master bath too! I love the look of the waterfall edge!” says Eden

To bring old charm to the new space, Sarah opted for a stunning hand glazed brick terra-cotta tile that extends from the floor to the ceiling. “I thought it was perfect for our house considering we’re in a ranch area and I like the modern, rustic feel. I love the unevenness and rawness of the tile,” says Eden.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets adorn an entire wall next to the fridge. This clean and minimal look was designed by architect Greg Coleman. A nice touch, indeed! After all, who doesn’t need a little extra storage?

Right off the kitchen, the dining room is an extension of the kitchen. When designing this room, Eden knew she wanted this space to be the focal point for entertaining, “an area large enough to have a dinner party and a place we can gather for holidays, parties and meals.”

But before the dining room could be designed, it had to be built. This area, which was once a tiny office with leaky windows, was added onto the house to give Eden additional square footage. Greg added in three sets of large glass French doors and a large window to bring as much light as possible into this bright and open room.

Fingers crossed we’ll be receiving an invite to Eden’s next dinner party…


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Restaurant Tour | Hank’s

Austin, Texas has a new addition! Sitting pretty in a 1950’s shopping center in the city’s Windsor Park neighborhood is Hank’s – a hip new eatery, bar and coffee shop that is sure to sweep the city off its feet.

While hard to picture today, the 8,500 square-foot space once housed a grocery store – that is, until local couple Andy Means and Jessie Katz got their hands on it. Enlisting the help of the talented Claire Zinnecker, the interior aficionado transformed the space into a light and bright dream, dubbing the style “minimalist desert modern.”

All Photography: Wynn Myers

The design intent? “To make the space feel warm, comfortable and inviting while maintaining an organic sophistication.” And did they ever…

White Attica 5143

White Attica stretches across the bar top, where guests can sip on cocktails, wine, coffee and even nut milks made right in Austin proper. Paired with tones of green and black, White Attica, also featured on select tabletops, creates a powerful albeit natural look that serves as a dramatic counterpoint to the rich hues.

White Attica 5143

The interior features white walls, high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling industrial style windows, with a variety of uniquely furnished (but equally well-lit) dining areas.

The globe rattan shades add a vintage feel to the restaurant, which is carried through to the exterior patio.

While the restaurant, bar and café each serve individual purposes, the spaces flow easily thanks to a cohesive design that marries warm woods, organic colors, Caesarstone White Attica and plenty of greenery.

On the opposite end of the bar, patrons can get their caffeine fix at the impeccably decorated coffee shop.

Veering away from the teal tones residing in the bar area, this area of Hank’s features pale cane chairs, lightwood benches and peach tones that beautifully reflect Austin’s warm climate.

White Attica 5143

"The pretty natural light, minimalist desert modern aesthetic, placement of house plants and succulents, and attention to detail on the project has made it a perfect spot," said the Hank’s team.

Design is in the details and there’s no shortage of them here. Natural materials and plant life are an integral part of the interior design. But Zinnecker didn’t stop there. Mixing these elements with unexpected and vintage elements adds a personal touch to the space, creating a totally Instagrammable area – talk about #restaurantgoals.

“Being born and raised in Austin, I wanted to make sure to create a space that felt like Austin of the past and Austin of the future,” Zinnecker says. “Engaging local makers and small-business makers is important to all my designs, so I made sure that Hank’s utilized these resources,” shared Zinnecker.

White Attica 5143

And if the interior wasn’t enough to impress you, Hank’s also boasts an additional 4,000 square-foot patio – the perfect place to dine alfresco under the Austin sun.

We wouldn’t hate sipping on a midsummer night’s cocktail in one these wicker Acapulco chairs!

We have a feeling the residents of Austin will be welcoming this newcomer with (wide) open arms…


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