Beautiful Ideas for Your Staircase

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(Via Raandyou) Many homes have staircases, but I think they are far too often overlooked. Sure, a staircases main purpose is to get you to a different floor of your home, but they have the potential to be more. They can easily transform into a great accent piece in your home. Here are four ways to add some  Continue Reading »

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How to Decorate with Pattern

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(Via Inovah) Although, I had a formal design education, finding the perfect pattern combinations can be challenging even for those of us who have spent years practicing design. Finding out what works and what doesn’t can be a lengthy process. However, it can be made less stressful if you follow some simple steps which will  Continue Reading »

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Fun Back to School Projects

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A new school year means new projects. A fun way to get in the mood to go back to school is to make your own back to school supplies. There are so many fun and very do-able projects that will make your school supplies stand out. Here are five DIY ways to get excited to  Continue Reading »

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Space-Saving Ideas For Your Pantry

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A pantry is a fundamental component of every kitchen, providing that much needed space for canned goods, dry foods, spices and other cooking essentials.  Knowing how to organize a pantry, whether large or small, can really improve the functionality of the space and make it easier for you to find what you need, when you need it.  Here are some ingenious ways to help make the most out of  Continue Reading »

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Using Open Shelving in the Kitchen

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(Via House Beautiful) If you’re like me, you love drooling over images of kitchens with seamless shelves built-in to display gorgeous dishware. But, is it practical to have open shelving in a kitchen? It depends on who you ask. Brighter, larger kitchen. While having upper cabinets can provide more storage, removing the doors or replacing  Continue Reading »

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How to Style Black and White Art

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(Via My Paradissi) Art can make or break a space. You can create the coolest room and then hang a piece of art that just ruins the whole look. One type of art that’s hard to mess up is black and white art. It’s classic, neutral and easy to pair with any color. The hardest  Continue Reading »

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Jungle Inspired Interiors

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When florals circled back into the trend cycle, I was ecstatic! I love me some florals. And now jungle/greenery trends have circled around again and I’m as pleased as punch. Greenery, in both prints, products, and actual plants, is great for adding depth and soul into a space. Once you have a living organism, it  Continue Reading »

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Inspiring Home Office Ideas

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(Via A home office should inspire productivity.  Designing the perfect office space for your needs is essential and there is no reason to sacrifice functionality for style. Whether constructing business from home or working on personal projects, having a home office that sparks creativity helps in completion of any tasks.  Freshen up your home  Continue Reading »

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Unexpected Art Installation Ideas for Your Home

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(Via My Scandinavian Home) There are so many amazing art installations in the world right now. There is no reason to not have something cool showcased in our own homes. Art can be interpreted in so many way. Not just on the wall. This piece seen above, is the perfect example of great art taken away  Continue Reading »

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Fireplace Surrounds

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This is Coco of COCOCOZY blog here today.  So thrilled to be posting here on Interior Collective.  Today I want to look at the world of fireplace surrounds and the materials used to face the surrounds. The fireplace surround is the area closest to the fireplace hearth. On a traditional fireplace, the surround is then topped by a mantel.  In modern decor, the fireplace surround may end up covering the entire  Continue Reading »

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