Choosing the Perfect Bench


I like a good bench. They’re versatile and small enough to fit pretty much anywhere- at the foot of a bed, in an entryway or office, pulled up to a kitchen table, or they can even stand alone in a dressing room. Since I’m gearing up to move and renovate once again, I’m parting with  Continue Reading »

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10 Farmhouse Style Bathrooms


Our bathrooms are one of the most important places in our home, wouldn’t you say? I know I would. Most people say that a good kitchen and bathroom are what make or break a house. With so many different design aesthetics these days, there is something for every taste. For myself, there is something that  Continue Reading »

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Designer Spotlight | Alta Constructors, Inc.


Alta Constructors, Inc is a family-run, Tucson-based design and build firm specializing in design-driven residential and commercial projects. Their designs are modern with a subtle nod to the southwestern aesthetic of their home state, Arizona. The southwest desert appreciation in this kitchen design is in the warm wood tones, Eggshell countertops, and playful backsplash. Add  Continue Reading »

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How to Hide Your TV

TV Lift 2

TV placement is becoming more and more discrete. Nowadays, many homeowners don’t have the space for (or don’t want) a media room in their home. Rooms need to be more multifunctional, rather than specific to certain needs, so what does a homeowner do when they want a TV in the room but don’t want to  Continue Reading »

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House Tour | J. Bryant Boyd, Design-Build


The setting: Austin, Texas. The visionaries: J. Bryant Boyd, Design-Build & Carlos Barron photography. The star: This adorable house. This script could be award winning! J. Bryant Boyd, Design-Build, based in Georgetown, Texas is a recognized leader in design, construction, and restoration with an emphasis on traditional Texas character and sustainable home design. As a purveyor  Continue Reading »

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Unique Metal Features for Your Home


When it comes to outfitting the interior of a home I love to look beyond traditional materials, which is probably why I love using metal features so much. Metal like steel panels, corrugated sheets, and a simple powder coated railing can change the tone of a space as well as break up traditional materials like  Continue Reading »

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Designer Spotlight | Alexander Butler Design Services, LLC

Pure White & Raven01 - West 67th

Founded in 2010, Alexander Butler | Design Services, LLC is a full-service design firm based in New York City focused on tailoring the design to client and context while collaborating with everyone involved on the project. Imagine the quintessential New York City dream apartment and you have just envisioned Alexander Butler’s design in this jaw-dropping  Continue Reading »

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How to Include a Wine Wall in Your Home


A new growing trend in home design that I’ve noticed is to plan and dedicate a space for your wine collection. Whether that be making room for a 12 bottle holder in your kitchen cabinets, or investing in a fully decked out, temperature controlled, wine cellar. Any wine enthusiast would agree, there’s always space in  Continue Reading »

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Fireplaces that Wow


What comes to mind when I say fireplace? Picture your fireplace; what do you see? Is it something that excites you? Is it something that you’re proud of or is it something that is just a part of your home? Fireplaces have gone from zero to hero in the home. They center the home and the family.  Continue Reading »

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House Tour | Laura U Interior Design


Laura U Interior Design, pioneered by Creative Director, Laura Umansky, the company’s namesake, is a leading design firm based in Houston, TX. The firm is known for its bold yet functional aesthetic, garnering numerous awards and featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle, and Veranda Magazine. Laura U Interior Design and Purple Sage  Continue Reading »

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