Designer Spotlight | Argent Advisors

20160916112307_300W23 k2

Counter: Blizzard This time of year, as the leaves change to gold and red, is the most beautiful! Especially in New York City where the contrast of concrete and nature amplifies the Fall colors. So we are excited to explore the concrete jungle with Argent Advisors, who have owned and redeveloped more than 7 million  Continue Reading »

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New Trend: Blue Kitchens

blue 1

Designer: Freedom Kitchens | Counter: Raw Concrete Kitchen design has evolved tremendously throughout the years. Everything from maple and pine wood cabinets to speckled granite. I love designing and styling kitchens because it’s the heart of every home. With everything that we have experienced with kitchens, we have come to the conclusion that you can  Continue Reading »

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10 Inspiring Fall Tablescapes

number 10

As fall draws near and we get ready for the holidays ahead, many of us are planning to entertain friends and family. I know we are all looking for a little inspiration for those tables we will be dressing up for the occasion, so why not take a little inspiration from 10 amazing fall tablescapes?  Continue Reading »

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New Trend: Concrete Countertops

4003 Sleek Concrete™ - Freedom Kitchens

Designer: Freedom Kitchens | Caesarstone: Sleek Concrete We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also the hub of culinary creativity. More and more homeowners are moving away from the manufactured look of laminates and choosing materials that are inimitable and timeless. People are wanting materials that are solid and forgiving.  Continue Reading »

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Console Tables of Every Style & Price


Console tables can live just about anywhere in your home… make a statement in an entryway, anchor a large piece of art, be used as an inconspicuous desk, or can easily be tucked along a spacious hall. Similarly to benches, these slender tables are super versatile! I’m sharing six groupings of console tables of every style  Continue Reading »

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10 Gorgeous Pendant Lamps to Hang Above an Island

pendant image

Designed by: Zeitraum A kitchen island is unmistakably the heart of the kitchen. Not only is it usually located in the heart of the room but is also multi-functional, from cooking to washing and eating (or even doing some homework or catching up on emails during breakfast). This is a great opportunity to create the  Continue Reading »

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7 Impeccable Minimalistic Kitchen Designs

20150306163148_10_DanBrunn_ZigZag_Shigeta_Kitchen+Dining Room_Kitchen Counters-Caesarstone

Designer: Dan Brunn | Caesarstone: Pure White I’m all for simple and minimalistic kitchens lately. Between a busy working schedule and a busier family life, I crave designs that are easy to clean, quick to put back in order and visually comforting and serene. The following kitchen designs are, more or less, what I have in mind of what my ideal kitchen would be right now. Designer: Mila Design The upper wooden cabinetry and the impressive slab dining table add a natural note in this all white kitchen.  Continue Reading »

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10 Inspiring Chalkboard Walls

vintage chalkboard wall

Chalkboards are all the rage these days. They are implemented in many different ways, my favorite being the dramatic, show-stopping, eye-catching chalkboard wall. Chalkboard walls are a great way to express your creativity as a homeowner without feeling tied down to one particular design element. The chalkboard medium is ever changing and with a quick  Continue Reading »

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Designer Spotlight | Emerick Architects

Northwood kitchen girls

There are a few states with particularly unique design perspectives – California’s laidback beach aesthetic, D.C.’s traditional style, and New Mexico’s adobe niche. Today, we are excited to explore Oregon’s celebrated warm, woodsy design! Emerick Architects, based in Portland, is known for seeing design through an Oregon lens. Founded in 2000 by Melody and Brian  Continue Reading »

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Light and Airy Powder Rooms

powder bath 2

Image: My Domaine We just bought a new house a few months ago and one room that I am super excited to renovate is the powder room. Though it is the smallest room in the house, I want it to have the biggest impact! There’s nothing like a good ol’ powder room that feels stylish. Another  Continue Reading »

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