How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

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(Via Sorakeem) There is something so romantic and picturesque about reading a good book on a cold, fall day. In fact, I start reading novels around September, October. I feel like I have no time to read in the summer, but when fall hits, I become a book worm. Creating a reading nook can be an  Continue Reading »

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6 Cribs for a Sophisticated Bedroom

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Once kids come along, it’s easy for your whole house to get turned into a playpen. The one place that should really stay your own is your bedroom. Even when your baby is just a newborn and is sleeping in your room, you can still keep the place your own. Here are six ways to  Continue Reading »

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Pet-Proof Your Home: Ideas for a Stylish Pet-Friendly Space

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(Via Vallen Decor) “Pets are the new kids.” You’ve probably heard this phrase thrown around a lot in recent years and if the booming pet industry is any indication, it’s probably not far off the mark. Much like having children, owning a pet requires adjusting your living space to make life safer and more comfortable  Continue Reading »

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Serene Bathrooms

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(Via Mark D. Sikes)  When I think of serene bathrooms, I think of spa like spaces with lots of natural light, natural wood and soft white hues. I also think of crisp white towels, greenery and lavender scents filling the space. Anyone can create a space that feels like a spa. Just think back on what  Continue Reading »

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Modern Planters, Indoors and Out

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You can find a traditional terra cotta pot anywhere or pick up a basic container in any home improvement store, those have been available for decades. Modern planters are more contemporary in design with clean lines, they can be round, square, or sculptural and are concrete, ceramic, or resin. On a modern planter you’ll find  Continue Reading »

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Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day 5

Happy Memorial Day, from all of us at Interior Collective! We hope you all enjoy time with friends and family today. No matter your plans, please take time to reflect on the service of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, current and former. Through their sacrifice, we are able to enjoy  Continue Reading »

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Displaying Large Pendants in the Bedroom

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Who says bedrooms can’t be beautiful?! Most homeowners wait to decorate their bedrooms until after the rest of their home is decorated. I disagree with this. We spend so much time relaxing in our bedrooms that we owe it to ourselves to create a beautiful, serene space. One detail that can take your bedroom over  Continue Reading »

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Adding Plants To The Powder Room

Adding Plants to the Powder Room

Bathrooms don’t have to be boring and impersonal. In fact, since we spend a lot of time in our “salle de bain”, we should create a space that is both beautiful and practical. One accessory that instantly brings style to a powder room is plants. A plant brings color, life and texture. The deep green  Continue Reading »

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Delectable Salad For Spring


Lately I’ve been trying to eat healthier; salads are a quick, easy meal that have made their way into my regular routine. The strawberries in my garden are sprouting and have me excited, but they’re not nearly ready to pick. While I typically try to hold out for my own produce, I decided to buy strawberries at my local  Continue Reading »

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Little Ways To Make Your Home Greener


Today is Earth Day. And like every Earth Day since it first came into being in 1970, we take time to recognize the beauty and resources our planet provides, and strive to alleviate the strain we put upon it. There is no better way to begin building a more eco-friendly lifestyle than working to make  Continue Reading »

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