Choosing the Best Kitchen Colors and Materials

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When it comes to a kitchen renovation, the most important part- other than making sure all the plumbing, gas lines, and walls are properly installed- is choosing colors and materials that will not only withstand trends but also daily wear and tear. Unfortunately for most, this is one of the most intimidating aspects of designing  Continue Reading »

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How to Style Your Living Room

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When I get home from a long day of working, my first thought is how much I want to just lounge on my couch and watch an old Friends episode. My living space is very multi-functional. It’s the space where I entertain and also where I watch movies and eat buckets and buckets of popcorn. Living  Continue Reading »

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Tips for Organizing a Styled Kitchen


I’m one of those people who craves organization. I feel at ease and calm when things are in their appropriate place. I also hate clutter- especially on the countertops. It’s sort of difficult to find balance between a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen that isn’t too minimal, yet not overwhelming. Therefore, I thought it might be helpful  Continue Reading »

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How to Style Your Bathroom

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Bathrooms have come a long way from colorful Formica and fluffy toilet seat covers (you know that you had one of those in the 80’s). Today we see more soothing, spa-like bathrooms. Neutral tones that create a very simplistic look. The term “less is more” has really become true for the bathroom. The last few  Continue Reading »

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The Coolest Summer Beach Towels


Every summer I promise myself I’m going to invest in a nice, hip beach towel I can be proud of. For some reason, it always falls short on the long list of items to buy each season… so, I end up dragging out my touristy Hawaiian beach towel from my honeymoon years ago. It’s sort  Continue Reading »

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22 Beautiful Coffee Table Books


There’s something about books that I just can’t get enough of. I hoard them for décor purposes, but also because they’re fun to collect (and educational, right?!). I can probably blame the obsession on my history in print design, either way- I’m always picking up interesting reads or books with character. Here are 22 beautiful coffee  Continue Reading »

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Mother’s Day Treat: Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

Caesarstone US - 5130 Cosmopolitan White

Let’s face it – if you haven’t gotten a present for Mom by now, your last minute options are either flowers or a gift card. But you can do better than that… and she deserves better than that! Give a gift that comes from the heart and only takes a trip to the grocery store  Continue Reading »

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Designer Spotlight | Mila Design

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Mila Design is a Miami, Florida based building and interior design firm that specializes in functional yet ultra sleek designs for both commercial and residential projects. The South Beach home above shows off their clean and modern aesthetic, as well as their preference for using Pure White Caesarstone counters in their kitchen designs. We love  Continue Reading »

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13 Neutral Baskets for Any Decor Style

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Sometimes the word basket makes me think of bad Longaberger collections, but gone are the days of ugly decorative baskets. There are so many great modern versions and they have a multitude of purposes. I wanted to compile 13 of my favorite neutral baskets that are well suited for any decor style. 01: small jute floor basket // 02: large  Continue Reading »

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Caesarstone Recipes by Isabel Smith: Green Smoothie

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I love smoothies because they’re easy to make and a great way to fit in more fruits and vegetables into your every day diet. This green smoothie in particular is made from many items you may already have in your kitchen, and although there are some green veggies in the it, it tastes much more  Continue Reading »

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