5 Steps To An Organized Kitchen

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Hi there, Caesarstone readers! I’m Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog, where I write about creating a beautiful and organized home. I’m delighted to be featured on the Caesarstone blog today to talk about one of my very favorite things– kitchen organization! Since the kitchen tends to be the heart of the home, it has  Continue Reading »

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5 Sustainable Home Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank


Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography A sustainable household is important but it doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Whether it’s environmentally friendly interior design improvements or maintaining good home practices, these tips will help you go green in style. If you’ve been thinking about going green, you might be wondering where to start. Taking care  Continue Reading »

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Designer Spotlight | Bay Countertops


Today, we bring you a two for one: part fabricator and part designer, Bay Countertops does everything from start to finish. Located around the San Francisco bay (get it, Bay Countertops?), they work with fledgling Caesarstone slabs and create dream bathrooms and kitchens with a beautiful finish. The design team at Bay Countertops not only  Continue Reading »

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Insights from Sheri Adelman


The idea of remodeling my kitchen was daunting and “where do I even start?” was overwhelming. I spent hours that likely equated to days searching on the internet for the latest trends of a new kitchen. I walked through specialty stores and big brand discount stores. I went to a tile store and stood there  Continue Reading »

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10 Interior Design Words You Should Know


In the world of interior design, there are a plethora of words and terms that can sometimes be tricky to pronounce with really specific definitions. These ten words are just a few of our picks that you must know if you’re going to demonstrate your design expertise to clients and (let’s be honest) other designers.  Continue Reading »

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3 Modern Kitchen Countertops with Waterfall Edges


The blank sides of a kitchen island can often feel unfinished; a countertop with a waterfall edge acts as a capstone by creating a seamless transition from top to bottom. This unique look elevates the island from strictly functional to a sleek statement piece and insulates cabinetry from spills and scrapes in high-traffic spots. See  Continue Reading »

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Eat-In Kitchens: Lounging With Banquettes


Fivecat Studio | Photo by Scott LePage Kitchen banquettes are the perfect opportunity to bring in casual, functional style to a kitchen. They’re perfect for the morning coffee, homework, or a delicious dinner for the entire family. You can design a banquette to be a neutral counterpart in your kitchen or have it stand out with bright  Continue Reading »

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House Tour | Red Lily Renovations


What started as a DIY home built by the owners 15 years ago, transitioned into a beautifully upgraded house to reflect the owners growing family, evolving taste, and renovation needs. “The home we built was not the home it was intended to be. It really needed a makeover,” said homeowner, Tanya. Completed in just seven  Continue Reading »

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Back to Basics: Bring the Outdoors into the Bathroom

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Designed by Knudson Interiors Natural elements made a loud entrance to the interior design scene last year, but their invasion of stylish homes didn’t stop in boudoirs and living rooms. Pushing deeper into private quarters, timber, stone, and houseplants went on to claim their rightful place in the shower room as well. Right now, nature  Continue Reading »

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Being Good to the Environment: Eco-Friendly Kitchens & Baths

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Photo by R.Z.Owens Constructions Being good to the environment is easier than you think. Eco-friendly elements are more accessible than ever before, meaning you can have “green” kitchens and baths that protect our planet’s resources and can save you time and money in the long run. Here are a few ways to make an eco-friendly  Continue Reading »

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