Not Your Typical Home Accessories

Wayfair Canopy Bed

We all have an image we think of when we think about home accessories. When you think about curtains, they’re just that–curtains, fabric covering the wall. One of my favorite things to do is use something unique for these everyday items. Here are some of my favorite ideas. Bed Canopy: (Photo via Traditional Home) This  Continue Reading »

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Comfortable Beautiful Bedding

@CaesarstoneUS #BeautifulBedding

Beds are meant to be comfortable. But I know I’ve been in some beds that I thought I may as well have slept on the floor. Beds can even be an eyesore on any room if you let them. Here are five ways I use to make sure my bed stays comfortable and beautiful. A  Continue Reading »

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Mixing it Up with Quartz


Is granite becoming an aging dinosaur of solid surfaces, a thing of design past? Well, maybe not entirely but it’s certainly given way to more eye-catching alternatives. One of my favorites is Quartz which has the look and feel of stone without the maintenance and it’s doesn’t need to be sealed which for someone who  Continue Reading »

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Great Rooms with Great Style


(Photo via Freshome) Great rooms are large rooms that combine living rooms and dining rooms. They’re usually open to the kitchen, too. I love a great room designed to flow well between the individual areas. The best great rooms are ones that have a well thought-out floor plan (with substantial clearances around the furniture) and  Continue Reading »

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Bathroom Tile Trends


Bathrooms are the spaces where moisture is always present which makes tile one of the most sensible materials to use on walls, floors, and ceilings. Today’s focus is on trends in bathroom tile, the ones that are popping up in contemporary bathroom designs. One growing trend in bathroom floors is the use of large scale  Continue Reading »

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Benefits of LED Lighting in the Kitchen

LED-Feature Image

If there is one thing that I have always avoided in design, it’s overly lit kitchens. It’s even become one of my pet “design” peeves. Thankfully, bright white (and often unpleasant) lights have given way to LED lighting that casts a warmer glow, making the central hub of the home welcoming and energy efficient. There  Continue Reading »

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Inspiring Color Palettes for Spring

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I love digging through textiles and swatches to stimulate new ideas; here are a couple collages that turned up during my latest textile whirlwind. As a designer, it’s easy to get caught up with projects, to-do lists and the business side of things. Believe it or not, a large portion of my time is spent  Continue Reading »

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Shades of Blue – Adding Color to the Kitchen

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If there is one thing that will warm up a kitchen (other than the oven) it’s bringing in deeper colors. Yes, white kitchens that were once the hottest thing in design have given way to warmer hues from teal to shades of charcoal. Blues are becoming a nice middle ground in a room that has  Continue Reading »

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Timeless Bathroom Trends

@CaesarstoneUS #Timeless Bath

Bathroom design or renovation can sometime break the bank. For this reason, many homeowners choose to go with a timeless design that will stand the test of trends. Check out these classic baths. White Cabinets White cabinets provide the perfect neutral backdrop for small pops of color that can be changed inexpensively. Bathrooms with white  Continue Reading »

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Home Decor DIY For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day DIY

When I think of Mother’s Day, I think flowers. There are so many creative ways to include DIY flower projects in your party decor. You may make some just for your Mother’s Day party or decide to keep them around the house. Here are some ways to add lovely florals to your holiday. I love  Continue Reading »

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