Let the Light In: 4 Unique Places to Use Windows

Image: Traditional Home

Windows are such beautiful things aren’t they? They let it light and allow you to be part of the outside world while protecting you against Mother Nature’s not so pleasant side (cold, heat, bugs, critters, etc.) I’ve been thinking a lot about my “dream home” lately and even though it probably won’t be happening until the distant future, one thing is for sure, it will have windows galore. And as I’ve thought about the placement of such windows, I’ve come across some pretty groovy ideas.

1. In a bathroom behind the mirrors

Let the Light In: 4 Unique Places to Use Windows on the Interior CollectiveImage: Veranda Magazine via Decor Pad

This is incredible genius for two main reasons. One, it gives you the perfect lighting for getting ready for the day. Natural light is the most flattering and allows you to see things that artificial light is often too dim to catch. Two, if the window takes up the same space as the mirror, that leaves you extra wall space for additional storage or artwork.

2. Window-backed cabinets

Let the Light In: 4 Unique Places to Use Windows on the Interior CollectiveImage: Traditional Home

I saw this image in Traditional Home a while back and have never forgotten it. It takes expert craftsmanship to pull off a cabinet that doubles as a window, but what a wise investment! With every kitchen remodel there always seems to be the lengthy discussion of what is more important: window space or cabinet space. This is what we call the best of both worlds.

3. Windows in closets

Let the Light In: 4 Unique Places to Use Windows on the Interior CollectiveImages: (left) Steven Gambrel via Habitually Chic (right) The Lisa Porter Collection

When I picture my current closet I picture a small, cluttered, dark space. When I picture the closet in my future dream home I picture a grand, incredibly organized, light space. Well it’s time to cast off the notion that closets must be void of natural light. It may take some shifting around, but if you’re working on a remodel or new construction project you may want to consider placing your closets so that they can accommodate a window. Who knows, I might actually keep it clean if I can bask in the sunshine while I’m in there.

4. Interior to interior windows

Let the Light In: 4 Unique Places to Use Windows on the Interior CollectiveImage: Nate Berkus via La Dolce Vita

The past 15 or more years have been all about the great room design plan, open floor plans, and eliminating hallways. I know, I know… it’s like one big party and makes your house feel bigger when it isn’t chopped up, but for noise, privacy, and organizational purposes I just can’t quite jump on board whole-heartedly. Enter interior to interior windows. They allow for separation but also keep the openness of the space. They are most successfully executed with steel casing as shown above.

Where will you add windows in your future dream home? Comment below and let us know!

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