Designing Creative Shared Spaces for Kids

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Image: Stadshem

Sharing a room with a sibling used to feel like a real bummer, but with endless creative ways to design shared spaces, these days, kids seem to be squealing over rooming together.

Room sharing is usually the conclusion of not enough space for everyone to have separate rooms. However, many modern parents are opting for siblings to share their space even when it is not necessarily a necessity. Sharing a room builds strong bonds and teaches children to share.

Designing Creative Shared Spaces for Kids

Image: Une maison colorée au Brésil

When one thinks of children sharing a room, a bunk bed is usually the first thing that comes to mind. While a great solution, especially when space is tight, bunk beds are not the only option. Side-by-side twin beds are also another traditional option. I love the modern take on that traditional setup, pictured above. The idea of one long bed base, with two mattresses atop is a brilliant one. Notice the built-in drawers at the bottom of the frame for extra storage? The design of the drawers is so modern and minimal that you almost don’t even notice that they’re there.

Sharing a room doesn’t always mean two children, close in age, and both the same sex. The shared space below was designed for two boys and a girl, all different ages, living in a small New York City apartment. It is a great visual example of how to make a small space work.

Designing Creative Shared Spaces for Kids

Image: Land of Nod

This room has beds lined up along one side, and desks on the other. Keeping a few design elements similar creates uniformity, even when the space is whimsical and eclectic.

Designing Creative Shared Spaces for Kids

Image: Land of Nod

Sometimes age difference can really vary and you have to mix a crib and a bed. I love the great space-saving solution of building a lofted bed over a crib.

Designing Creative Shared Spaces for Kids

Image: Handmade Charlotte via Scandinavian Deko

Creativity is the best thing to keep in mind when designing or decorating a children’s space; it seems that shared spaces make even more allowance for it. For instance, bunk beds don’t have to be bought; they can be built. And, they don’t have to be limited to two; they can easily be made for three.

Designing Creative Shared Spaces for Kids

Image: Apartment Therapy

Perhaps your shared space also has to work as a playroom. Why not have the beds double as a playhouse? I don’t know any child who wouldn’t love to share a space like this.

Designing Creative Shared Spaces for Kids

Image: the boo and the boy

While building unique beds is on trend at that moment, don’t rule out the thought of buying bunk beds. There are so many great options these days that have a modern and multi-purpose design.

Designing Creative Shared Spaces for Kids

Image: Oliver Furniture

The elements I always keep in mind when designing a shared space are:

  1. Make the space creative. Modernize traditional ideas and concepts.
  2. Have a few items (beds, bedding, lighting) matching / Repeat patterns to create continuity.
  3. Keep things somewhat minimal to ensure as much space as possible.
  4. Make designated space for sleep, study and play (if the space doubles as a playroom).
  5. Trust your imagination.

If you follow these elements as a guideline, you are sure to come up with a special space that your children will be begging to share.

What’s your favorite creative shared space idea?

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