Unique Uses of Caesarstone


Created by Jaime Hayon. Photo from Deezen While Caesarstone is typically associated with kitchens and baths, we are always thrilled to see the more unique uses of Caesarstone quartz. From Caesarstone swings to Caesarstone jewelry, the uses are only limited to the imagination. Earth, Kitchen by Tom Dixon. Photo from Deezen Air, Kitchen by Tom Dixon.  Continue Reading »

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Designer Spotlight | BK Interior Design


We are excited to explore the beautiful spaces created by BK Interior Design, a firm focused on helping clients express themselves through their interior. BK Interior Design is a firm that does it all – from moving walls to creating end-tables. We wouldn’t mind a custom BK Interior’s piece! We kick off this designer spotlight  Continue Reading »

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Make Rustic Place Cards for Thanksgiving

rustic placecards for Thanksgiving 3

Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? Wow, it feels like the last month has flown by! I wonder how many of us are already planning for Christmas? I’m not quite there yet since I’m getting things together for a fun Thanksgiving dinner and today I thought I’d show you an easy Thanksgiving place card  Continue Reading »

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Designer Spotlight: Stritt Design & Construction


Established in 2001 near Sydney, Australia, Stritt Design & Construction creates stunning residences on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. And while we’re thousands of miles from the land down under, their work is testament to how quality design is universal. Check out a few examples how Stritt implements good design in these coastal homes: Stritt understands how  Continue Reading »

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Moodboard: Sophisticated Country Kitchen

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Choice Homes Sure, not everyone is lucky to have a gorgeous country kitchen to decorate, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing a touch of the sophisticated country elegance to even a blah rented one. Inspired by the prettiest kitchens of that style, here are some things to be found in common that are easy  Continue Reading »

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Add Nature To Your Fall Décor

use nature in your fall decor 6

Sometimes we think that when we are decorating for the new season, we must spend a ton of money purchasing the most popular décor for the season. I for one like to take a different approach to decorating for fall. Adding nature into your fall décor is a great way to save money and add  Continue Reading »

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Bathroom Mirrors

4130 Clamshell™ - Wattle Valley Kitchens IG-1 (1)

Designer: Wattle Valley Kitchens | Counter: Clamshell We all know that bathroom mirrors are a serious necessity. How else would we see our beautiful selves in the morning? Or how would we know if we have a giant piece of kale in our teeth? A bathroom would be in major trouble without a mirror present.  Continue Reading »

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Tiny House Tour | Big Sky Design

20160912082832_LR 5542-6

If you are as obsessed with the tiny house trend as we are, then you’re going to love Big Sky Design’s remodel of an old camper to serve as the company’s mobile interior design boutique. Modeled after the ever-popular food truck trend, Jennifer Kraner, the owner of Big Sky Design, noted that design is food  Continue Reading »

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10 Contemporary Sconces for the Bathroom

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Designed by Sutro Architects There are certainly lots of ways to light up a bathroom, and if you ask me, I’d say that a combination of them is most often the best and most complete way to do so. This depends on your lighting needs. If you need a decent reflection of yourself in the  Continue Reading »

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Five Tips on How to Decorate with Wallpaper


Whether it’s a classic chinoiserie repeat or a bold, abstract pattern, wallpaper has been making a major comeback in interiors. But with so many options out there, choosing the wall covering that’ll work for you can be quite the obstacle. Here are our top tips from designer Kathy Kuo to help you do wallpaper the  Continue Reading »

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