The Kitchen as an Art Gallery?

Artwork does wonders to add character to a space. Not only can it unify a room’s theme, but it also injects a layer of sophistication and slight edge that many do not take advantage of.

The dining room, bedrooms and hallways are the most common places to display artwork, but we’ve found a few clever ways to incorporate your best pieces into a room that you may have overlooked: the kitchen.


A cubist piece serves as the focal point of this kitchen.

Many shy away from placing art in the kitchen for several different reasons, from fear that something may splatter on the piece to simply never thinking of the idea in the first place. The kitchen can be a great place to showcase your most interesting pieces, so consider adding work that is bold and interesting, yet in line with your aesthetic.


Positioning a canvas away from the stove on an opposite wall keeps the piece out of harm’s way, while still adding an artistic flair to the rest of the room.


Add another helping of character to a charming kitchen with a series of framed prints.


This piece perfectly reflects the kitchen’s streamlined aesthetic.

Do you think the kitchen is a good place to display artwork? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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