10 Inspiring Chalkboard Walls

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Chalkboards are all the rage these days. They are implemented in many different ways, my favorite being the dramatic, show-stopping, eye-catching chalkboard wall. Chalkboard walls are a great way to express your creativity as a homeowner without feeling tied down to one particular design element. The chalkboard medium is ever changing and with a quick wipe, you can start anew, creating something exactly your style. Here are 10 of my favorite inspiring chalkboard walls:

Shelter Island fisherman
This chalkboard wall as a part of the kitchen is so neat. It creates a focal point for the room, along with a touch of whimsy. Source: Twelve On Main

Okay, I am slightly obsessed with the new use of the vintage, green chalkboards these days. This chalkboard wall is a great example of how taking a chance can pay off big time.

Rustic Reclaimed Chestnut

How great is this chalkboard wall with a wood burning pizza oven built in? I dream of having this space!

Geddes Glen- Henley Manor

To combine a large chalkboard wall with what I can only assume are simple black walls elsewhere is genius.  This space commands your attention.

Source: Roseleigh Homes | Countertop: Bianco Drift

This kitchen is so drool worthy. That chalkboard wall peeking through the hallway is beautiful.

South Philly Row House
Okay, this chalkboard wall, in the bathroom?  I cannot get enough of the commanding personality this room offers.
Source: Etelamaki Architecture | Countertop: Nougat

What about this modern kitchen with those chalkboard cabinets. I never would have thought of that.

Modern Kids

This modern children’s room takes a chalkboard wall to another level. What a creative area.

Source: Yellow Prairie Interiors

This chalkboard wall was done by Janna at Yellow Prairie Interiors. It is a great addition to her kitchen, and I love how it can be hidden by her pantry barn door.

Olimpic Village Condo

Who says dark walls are oppressive? This is a classic example of how color can create a specific mood. How lovely is that chalkboard wall?

I hope these gorgeous chalkboard walls have inspired you like they have me.

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