Gorgeous Lighting For Your Bath

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Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Bathrooms are a necessity in every modern day home, and the last to get any decorating attention. While updating things like the tub or shower, toilet, and vanity require a bit more money, modest upgrades like lighting can make all the difference. Lighting sets the mood in every room of your space and does not go unnoticed. Why not look at some options for the smallest and often used room?

Gorgeous Lighting For Your Bath

Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel

To me there are three directions to choose from when it comes to bathroom lighting. The first is suspension lighting; you can see examples in these first two images. Suspension lighting provides glowing pools of light that help to create a spa-like feel. This type is best used in bathrooms that have at least one good source of natural light.

Gorgeous Lighting For Your Bath

Image: My Old Country House

Gorgeous Lighting For Your Bath

Image: The Lily Pad Cottage

The second type is sconces. A pair of these guys still provides those warm pools of light we talked about, but makes them bit more focused and directional. I love using sconces most in bathroom that have little to no natural light of their own.

Gorgeous Lighting For Your Bath

Image: HGTV

Gorgeous Lighting For Your Bath

Image: Remodelista

The last is statement lighting. An oversized chandelier, a beautiful outdoor piece that you wouldn't think to bring indoors, or anything else that immediately draws your eye to it. This piece is the focal point of the room and allows you to play down everything else.

What's your favorite type of bathroom lighting?

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