Linens For The Kitchen

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Image: Linen Napkin Set of 12 from Pillow Link

Each year as we roll into a new year and another January I pause to think and hope that the New Year will be simpler, both in life and in my home. That might mean different things to different people – a more organized schedule, fewer things, less obligations – in fact it means something different to me nearly every year. For 2015, it means going back to basics. Streamlining my wardrobe, choosing quality over quantity, and adding more natural things to my world.

Linens For The Kitchen

Image: Nordic Blue Chambray Kitchen Furoshiki Towel from Ambatalia

One of the things I'm most looking forward to is going through and cleaning out my kitchen linens stash. Threadbare dish towels? Gone. Stained napkins? Repurposed as cleaning rags. Fraying tablecloths? Donated.

Linens For The Kitchen

Image: Quilted Black Modern Potholder from Rain Studio

I'm keeping an eye out for new pieces that align with my aesthetic throughout the rest of my home. Modern, clean lines and nice feeling fabrics. No more big box store sale pieces that will just do for now.

Linens For The Kitchen

Image: Flax and Natural Stripe Table Runner from The Stitchin' Chicken

The same goes for my table. You should have plenty of neutral mix-and-match pieces that can be pulled out for a dinner party or a holiday meal. Just add florals and dinnerware to change it up!

Linens For The Kitchen

Image: Linen Bread Bag from Feathered Cottage

Why not go the extra mile and adopt the green approach of using drawstring linen bags to store bread, fruits, vegetables, etc.? Smaller ones would do a great job holding sandwiches for lunches and snacks.

Linens For The Kitchen

Image: Vintage Tea Towel from Anestas Vintage Linens

Let's not forget about vintage. Although older, well-made pieces should still be holding up wonderfully just like this Vera towel.

Linens For The Kitchen

Image: DIY Fringed Chambray Napkins from The Purl Bee

I love the idea of making my own pieces as well, like these DIY fringed chambray napkins that somehow manage to look both casual and sophisticated. Besides, handmade is always just a little bit more special no matter what.

Linens For The Kitchen

Image: Modern Grey Linen Tea Towel from Jackson Fabric Arts

Of course there's also plenty of room for fun patterns and colors, though I tend to prefer the more subtle side of both. This pretty towel makes me want to experiment with bleach pen techniques to create more of my own pieces.

Linens For The Kitchen

Image: Thick Linen Chambray Apron from FEED + Food52

One of my favorite kitchen linens that won't be going anywhere is a thick canvas apron my Grandma gifted me several Christmases ago, similar to the one pictured above. I was in college and just starting out, so such a sturdy piece was most welcome and is lasting the test of time very well.

Linens For The Kitchen

Image: Pair of Grey Striped Linen Towels from Linen by Inga

You can't go wrong when you choose a classic look like this striped linen. It will only get softer with use and never go out of style. Bonus!

What do you look forward to doing for a fresh start each January?

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