Poolside Décor to Compliment the Outdoors

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Image: Amangiri

Here’s a “good” problem: figuring out how to furnish your poolside space; it’s the kind of problem I’d actually want to have—because then I’d have a pool. But just because I don’t have a pool doesn’t mean I can’t have opinions about what makes for good poolside décor. Here are some of my favorite examples.

It’s important to consider the whole environment when designing for an outdoor space, and that remains true poolside. The beautiful desert location has influenced the very Zen, spa-like décor above. Smooth white fabrics lacking patterns, simple wood bases for the chaise lounges, and earthy woven chair backs work a relaxing spell that is in step with the space.


Image: Arch|dez|art

The modernist glass façade and concrete surround found here make the perfect background for the right angles and minimal décor. A steel fire pit and dark, somewhat stark, seating without cushions or frills of any kind keep within the overall structured feeling.


Image: Apartment Therapy

We’re seeing only a corner of this space, but my imagination is filling in the rest of the area with more of the same fun puffy color. Because of the surrounding cityscape, there are multiple directions in which to take the poolside décor: industrial, minimal, and many others. This rooftop playground is designed to be just that: colorful and playful—an escape from the daily routines of urban life.


Image: Contemporist

Another, very different, rooftop pool provides an opportunity to go in another, very different, direction. This furniture seems Scandinavian to me. Think Ikea – utilitarian and carefree. The black and white palette adds to the sense of both style and effortlessness. And what better way to enjoy a poolside retreat?

How have you decorated your pool area?

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