4 Interior Spaces Inspired by the Ballet

Ballet is one of those art forms that leave me breathless and awe-struck. The way the dancers beautifully manipulate their bodies with such grace and control, the way the costumes move with each leap, the way the sets capture the scene. All of these visual elements create a feast for the eyes and a sense of wonderment that you don’t often get in an everyday space. However, I believe every space can have that sense of magic—a space so beautiful it takes your breath away. In that spirit, I’ve paired up interiors inspired by ballet to serve as a beacon of beauty, and possibly serve as inspiration for your home renovation or a simple change of décor.

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Color Inspiration From Spring’s Pantone Runway

With Fashion Week just around the corner (It begins on February 6th), now may be the perfect time to reflect on runway trends that seamlessly translate into interior design. When it comes to colors, the Pantone Fashion Color Report provides a palette of popular hues from last year’s runway. Its selection of pastels, neutrals, and brights offers fashionable inspiration for your next decorating project.

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Decorating with Plaid: It’s Not Just for Lumberjacks Anymore

We are seeing plaid all over fashion this season! I for one wear it several times a week and could wear it almost everyday. Whether it’s a flannel shirt, plaid button up, or a tartan skirt, I’m in love with this trend. Plaid is the perfect addition for these cold months and I’ve enjoyed seeing it more and more in decor.

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Runway to Room: Aztec Prints

Aztec Pillows on the Interior Collective

I noticed Aztec prints cropping up in fashion a little over a year ago; maybe you have noticed them too. If you aren’t aware of the origin of these designs, they are inspired by the textiles of the ancient Aztec people. The Aztecs lived in central Mexico from the 14th to 16th centuries. You didn’t realize that you were going to get a history lesson today, did you?

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From Runway to Room: How to Translate Kid’s Fashion into Your Interior

I don’t have kids just yet, but I find myself wildly attracted to kids clothing. There’s a certain freedom that comes with designing for kids—brighter colors, bolder patterns, and an unapologetic nod to history that creates such whimsy. Translated into a room, these same elements spark the imaginations of both kids and adults and foster an atmosphere perfect for growing minds. Just how do you create this effect? Read on…

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Fashion to Interiors: A Look Inside 5 Runway Designers’ Homes

Jill Stuart House

What you see strutting down a runway is an expression of a fashion designer’s personality and soul. Glimpsing into the interior of their home is even more enlightening. It reveals the type of environment they escape to after the fury of the fashion world. Oftentimes, their spaces are in stark contrast to their clothing. Other times, it’s a beautiful expression of the brand that they’ve masterfully created. What exactly do these spaces look like? Let’s find out.

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4 Ways to Update the Polka Dot Look

Navy Polka Dots

Who doesn’t love polka dots? They’re fun, youthful, and don’t take themselves too seriously. Polka dots have been hot for the last few seasons and they’ve gone through a number of variations. Designers have somehow managed to take the “itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny yellow polka dot” idea and morph it into something sophisticated and refined.

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Back in Brocade: The New Fall Trend For Home and Fashion

Brocade Fabric Fashion

I suppose we could have seen this coming. It’s fall, and with the arrival of cooler weather comes the desire for richer, more lush fabrics for both ourselves and our homes. That desire, combined with the trend toward more ornate patterns and embellishments, results in an explosion of brocade, a heavy fabric with a raised pattern.

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Outfit to Room: The Breezy Outfit

Breezy Outfit Moodboard

There is something so beautiful about an easy breezy outfit. Summertime and early fall are the seasons to watch the effortless outfits that surround us. From light jackets to linen shirts to fun sunnies and beyond, we see an array of stylish ensembles that require less, which makes for more. When translating this to room decor, you get a seamless space full of breathable fabrics and fresh accessories. Below is an outfit that was just born to be created into a cool space.

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From Runway to Room: Safari Chic

Zebra Fashion and Decor

Let the trend spotting begin! As we continue our journey into New York Fashion Week and Fashion Month, industry experts are busy analyzing, assessing, and cataloging each new look. After several runway shows, trends are indeed emerging, and while not a specific print, color, or silhouette, one that I call Safari Chic is a trend worth watching. It adds a luxurious flair to an old theme with all the ingredients needed for a stylish space!

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