Spring Design Trends

Spring 2015 Design Trends #CaesarstoneUS

Image: Brittany Ambridge

Everyone is anxiously awaiting spring, the rising temperatures, and a new season to influence a fresh look. If you’re looking for design inspiration- here are a handful of trends I’m hoping to see more of in the upcoming months:

1.) Bold textile mixing. Don’t be afraid to layer pattern, color, and texture. Make sure the scale of the print has enough contrast to it’s counterparts. This look will brighten your space, adding interest that is seasonally appropriate.

2.) Color! If you’ve been on the fence about adding color to your space, try a monochromatic palette. Don’t worry about perfectly matching, anything goes within the color family. That’s what pulls this look together: mixing different shades, finishes, and hues. And hey- if you’re brave, try experimenting with a few different colors.

Spring 2015 Design Trends #CaesarstoneUSImage: Paul Costello

3.) Bright, airy, and clean. Open the drapes, allowing the light to flood your space. Brighten your wall color for a clean and fresh look. Try pairing natural tones with organic materials- like the leather sofa in the photo below. Mix in a few sleek contemporary pieces, such as the acrylic cocktail table and modern art for a curated look.

Spring 2015 Design Trends #CaesarstoneUSImage: Brittany Ambridge

4.) Outdoor living spaces. As the weather is warming up, take advantage and spend lots of time outside! Extend your living space to your backyard, patio, or rooftop. Add plants, greenery, furniture, and lights. Be sure to purchase materials that are weather resistant, so they’ll last for years to come. Who wouldn’t want a backyard hangout?

Spring 2015 Design Trends #CaesarstoneUSImage: Domaine

5.) Plants. It’s no secret I’m a plant lover. My space is filled with them, but every spring I find myself rearranging and adding new greenery to my home. Houseplants add texture, style, and provide health benefits as well!

Spring 2015 Design Trends #CaesarstoneUSImage: Old Brand New Blog

6.) Large-scale art. After seeing so many gallery walls, I’m excited to jump on board the over-sized art trend. Not only does a large piece cover a good amount of space, but it commands your attention while making a bold statement. It can really bring a room together. I love how the artwork shown below pulls the primary colors from the palette, creating a cohesive look.

Spring 2015 Design Trends #CaesarstoneUSImage: Joanna Henderson

Which decor idea mentioned above are you most likely to try? Are there other trends are you hoping to see this spring?

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