Creating a Beautiful Entryway


When people walk into your home, what is the first thing that they see? A pile of shoes? A stack of mail? Maybe a pile of toys? That’s a normal occurrence at most homes. If you are wanting to spruce up your entryway, here are a few tips that won’t break the bank. It will  Continue Reading »

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Bringing the Indoors Out


If you love to entertain or spend lots of time outdoors, having your outdoor space feel like an extension of the inside of your home will make your time outside all the more enjoyable and comfortable. Look in any shelter magazine or check out your favorite blogger’s site and you’ll find an array of articles  Continue Reading »

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Unexpected Homes

home_featured image

As the old adage goes, home is where the heart is. A home can be any shape, size, style, and location. But what about a water tower turned modern home, or a renovated 200-year-old cabin, or an unassuming garage turned lakeside retreat. We’ve been inspired by unique architects and designers who think outside the box  Continue Reading »

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Colorful Kitchen Cabinets


A new trend that we are seeing more and more is colorful cabinets in the kitchen. It’s a fun change from wood and white cabinets. Of course it works best in minimal style kitchens. Natural light, marble, white tile, light floors, these all compliment colored cabinets. (Photo:  Domaine) (Photo:  The Design Chaser) When choosing a color  Continue Reading »

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Modern Meets Classic with Black and White Rugs


Black and white in the home is for me, a go to. It’s quite easy to create a home that’s both modern and classic, while bringing in all the beautiful colors you like to fill your space with. No matter what style a room is, you can usually always find a place to add some  Continue Reading »

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Designer Spotlight | Kitchen Studio Kansas City


Kitchen Studio: Kansas City believes that every space created for their clients is the perfect reflection of their personalities, lifestyles and refined tastes. As the Caesarstone team explored the beautiful designs created by Kitchen Studio, we fell in love with each space for it’s individuality – exemplifying how their team approaches every project with a  Continue Reading »

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Inspiring Home Offices

Inspiring Office Cover

Whether your office space is your technology hub or simply a place to check emails and pay bills, create a space that offers a little something more. From inspiring offices with a view, to clever storage solutions, to bright pops of color, here are four of our favorite home office finds. Tell us, which one  Continue Reading »

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Liven Up Your Living Room with Throw Pillows

Decorative Throw Pillows -

Lets chat a little about throw pillows, shall we? Nothing makes a living room feel more homey and relaxed than a few throw pillows on the sofa or lounge chairs. Throw pillows can actually be quite tricky, but with a couple easy rules to follow I can almost guarantee that your struggle will be put  Continue Reading »

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How To Create a Gender-Neutral Nursery

Gender-Neutral Nursery -

When it comes to creating a nursery, gender-neutral is the new norm. That’s because a gender-neutral space can be easily re-purposed for a new baby or can act as a blank slate if that nursery one day becomes an office or guest room. Serena Dugan, mother of two and the chief creative officer of Serena  Continue Reading »

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The Artsy Powder Room

Bathroom Art -

We tend to spend more time in the bathroom then we think. Whether you are taking a long bubble bath or getting ready for a date night, it’s possible to spend hours in our bathrooms. Why not make it a place that we love being in? Art should not be constrained to main living spaces.  Continue Reading »

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