Creative Subway Tile Applications

Herringbone (Horizontal)

When thinking of standard tiles, many minds automatically picture to the subway variety. They’re clean, suitable for most design styles and come in a variety of colors and materials. But just because the shape is basic does not mean you can’t have fun with it – and be different. The application possibilities are endless and  Continue Reading »

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Cottage Style Kitchens


Cottage kitchens are charming and usually very functional and comfortable. As much as I love glamorous and dramatic kitchens, I can still appreciate the classic and cozy nature of the cottage style kitchen. This Old House The kitchen above has classic cottage style, with its glass door cabinets and vintage stove. The pastel color on  Continue Reading »

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Incorporating Industrial Chic Into Your Home

Industrial Chic via

Industrial style is gaining popularity – but also raising some eyebrows. Unlike the common misconception, this is not a ‘move into a warehouse and don’t make any updates’ kind of trend – but a carefully selected style with a raw, artistic flair. The trick: don’t be afraid to mix old with new, contrasting materials and  Continue Reading »

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Displaying Inspiring Quotes in a Non-Cheesy Way

#InspirationalQuote #Inspiring #Design

I have many quotes that really inspire me, as I’m sure many people do, and I’ve noticed that sometimes I have to read them everyday to allow them to positively affect my life. The problem with this though, is that there are so many ways to display quotes that I find far too cheesy to  Continue Reading »

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Modern Homes Inspired by Countries Around the World

#ModernHome #Global #CaesarstoneUS

Everybody has a different background and a fun way to show it is through their home decor. But you don’t have to completely disregard modern styles in order to have a home inspired by your favorite country. Here are eight homes that have let different countries inspire their decor. France (Photo via This is Glamorous)  Continue Reading »

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Decorating with Dark Walls in the Bathroom

#CaesarstoneUS #DarkWalls #Bathroom

Bathrooms were never meant to be ignored, forgotten about, or looked over. In fact, bathrooms can become design masterpieces. Since we do spend a good amount of time in our bathroom, why not make it beautiful! We all know that to reno an entire bathroom, we would almost have to take out a loan. It’s  Continue Reading »

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Memorial Day Inspired Cocktial Recipe

#MemorialDay #Cocktail

With Memorial Day coming in a few days, people across the United States are preparing to celebrate. Created as a day of remembrance for those who died in service of our country, it has also become a day to spend with friends and family. It also marks the unofficial start of summer. So while you  Continue Reading »

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Heating Up with These Inspiring Outdoor Living Spaces


Image: Est Magazine With summer approaching, it’s time to start thinking about outside living. There is nothing better than lounging in an outdoor space while enjoying the warm summer months. There are so many details that can be implemented. Are you wanting to use the space for eating, lounging, entertaining or all of the above?  Continue Reading »

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Storytelling Through Portraiture


As a photographer, my biggest interest, and the majority of my work revolves around portraiture. Much of this stems from a curiosity and desire to hear and understand the unique stories of people around me. I’m fascinated by the small events and decisions that happen on a daily basis, but lead to huge changes in  Continue Reading »

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Hanging Out | Chandeliers In The Kitchen

featuredImage_  1

There is one design element that I’ve seen more of in the kitchen, and it’s not tile or appliances. It’s Chandeliers. You won’t find them relegated to the dining room anymore, they are now being hung over kitchen islands. It’s an unexpected and dramatic adding visual impact to a space that has traditionally been a  Continue Reading »

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