Get the Look: Playful Chinoiserie


Chinoiserie is a decorating style that has been with us for centuries, but it still feels fresh even when used in the present day (that is, depending on how it’s used). The dining room above could easily become traditional, ornately feminine, or even a bit stuffy, but the mix of bright colors and clean lines in the furnishings and accessories keep it playful and modern. You can get a similar look with the items below.

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Microwave Madness: Creative Homes for the Microwave Oven


Ah, the microwave oven—where would we be without it? It’s one of those indispensible kitchen appliances that are taken for granted in the modern home. But sometimes kitchens can’t accommodate the many conveniences that today’s gadgets provide. Let’s face it, there isn’t always enough counter space for all that great gear—and microwaves aren’t small. So let’s look at some ideas that help to clear that monster off your counters.

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Showoffs: Exposed Ventilation Ducts

Showoffs: Exposed Ventilation Ducts

As those of you who’ve been reading my posts for a while know, I’m a big fan of using unadorned materials in interior décor. I love when design incorporates items that serve a purpose and don’t need to be covered up or disguised. I suppose it’s a deconstructive take on “form follows function”. When I find great examples of this, I can’t wait to share them with all of you. Today, I’m taking a look at exposed ventilation ducts—something I live with every day in my own home.

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How to Incorporate Open Shelves in Your Kitchen

How to Incorporate Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

A trend that we see popping up everywhere is open shelving in the kitchen. It’s not a brand new concept, but one that is being embraced more and more. Some homeowners are all about it, but some don’t see the need. It does seem to limit storage space. So why do we love this trend?

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12 Pieces That Make Storage Stylish

12 Pieces That Make Storage Stylish 1 png

People move, renovate, and redecorate in the quest for more storage. It almost seems like we can never have enough. The simplest solution is to pare down of course, but a good piece of furniture with ample storage space is helpful for containing the rest.

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The Magic Behind the Kitchen Triangle Layout

The Magic Behind the Kitchen Triangle Layout on Interior Collective 1

I’m not a home chef. I’m not even much of a competent cook—one of my better half’s favorite stories is about the time I ruined a pan while simply boiling water. But he is a whiz in the kitchen and when we built our house a few years ago, one of his requirements was a spacious kitchen with all the necessary elements. One of those elements was an efficient layout.

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Highlights of Milan Design Week 2014

Caesarstone Event Feature

Highlights of Milan Design Week on Interior Collective

Springtime brings along the spirit of renewal to Milan, announcing the opening of the annual Design Week in the city. This famous event attracts the international design scene: companies and brands, galleries, top designers, architects and design friends, who gather from around the world to take part in the bustling events. We’ve picked our favorite installations, exhibits and places to see in Milan.

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Get the Look: Ione Skye’s Bedroom

Get the Look- Ione Sky’s Bedroom on the Interior Collective 1

The photo above was from a feature on actress Ione Skye’s home several years back in Domino magazine, and her home is still as inspiring and fresh today as it was then. The bedroom, in particular, is appealing for it’s light walls, natural textures, and clever use of color and pattern. If you’d like to create a similar look in your home, try bringing in some of the items below.

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Décor Throwback: Louvered Windows

Décor Throwback- Louvered Windows on the Interior Collective 1

Louvered windows, also called Jalousie windows (and I’d love to know why, so if you know, please leave a comment!), are one of those décor items that take me back to my childhood. Living in south Texas and traveling through the US and Mexico with my family and our travel trailer hitched to the back of the Buick, I was very familiar with the popular crank-out glass windows of the time. They maximized airflow while keeping out most of the elements; one of my all-time favorite memories is when a storm rolled through and the louvered windows were open to let in all that cool, moist air without drenching everything.

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Get the Look: Industrial Meets Mid-Century Modern

Get the Look- Industrial Meets Mid-Century Modern on the Interior Collective 1

Industrial style for the home is a trend that’s still going strong. In part, that’s because it mixes well with other styles, like the industrial and mid-century modern dining room above. The metal finishes are softened by the natural wood of the dining table, and the greenery and blooms bring a bit of life to the look as well. The result is the perfect balance of hard industrial style and lived-in ease. You can achieve a similar design with the items below.

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