8 Stylish Studio Apartments to Inspire Your Renovation

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Oftentimes it seems that we always dream of the extravagant home that’s perfectly decorated on a huge plot of land. Beauty doesn’t always have to come with more space though, it can be found in even the smallest of living spaces. It’s a matter of how you choose to divide and accent it. The smallest of living quarters: the studio apartment, if designed well, can be the most efficient and beautiful of spaces. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Divide the space. With one room meant for many different purposes, the challenge is to create distinct sections that feel unique. One solution is to separate the bed from the living room with a faux wall against the head of the bed like this wood wall with a console placed in front. It serves two purposes with just one wall. Genius!
  2. Take advantage of your seating. One way to create a circular conversational seating arrangement is to place a comfortable bench along the edge of the bed and group lovely chairs around the room.
  3. Curtain. One way to create separate spaces is with a curtain.
  4. Don’t be afraid of color. Though the room is small, add in pops of color to brighten the entire space.
  5. 8 Stylish Studio Apartments to Inspire Your Renovation on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Decor Pad; (2) Design Shuffle; (3) House and Home; (4) Cupcakes for Breakfast

    1. Each wall signifies a separate function. Assign each wall a different function in a space. One wall for living, one for working, one for sleeping, the last for eating. Give each of these spaces the required furniture it needs to stand on its own. A sofa and small coffee table for the living space, desk for working, bed for sleeping, table and chairs for eating.

    8 Stylish Studio Apartments to Inspire Your Renovation on the Interior CollectiveImage: CasaSugar

    1. Separate the bedroom with curtains. If you want full privacy, make a canopy bed and use curtains to create its own bedroom. Sure, it won’t cut out noise, but at least it feels separate.

    8 Stylish Studio Apartments to Inspire Your Renovation on the Interior CollectiveImage: Yellowtrace

    1. Leave the windows at the artwork. You don’t need much artwork if you have beautiful windows or doors like this all white apartment. Use the wall space for furniture and leave the rest clean.

    8 Stylish Studio Apartments to Inspire Your Renovation on the Interior CollectiveImage: Laurie Flower

    1. (top image) Keep the space to one color. To keep the space feeling uncluttered, try going with a monochromatic color palette like this mostly white studio apartment. It feels live-able because there isn’t too much going on.

    Do you live in a studio apartment? What are your tricks for making it work?

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