Design Trend: Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Image: The Parker Palm Springs

If you stay in a room at The Parker Palm Springs, you may find a Moroccan wedding blanket in your room. You may have noticed them over the years while flipping through your favorite shelter magazines, or even the latest Pottery Barn catalog. Moroccan wedding blankets have been growing in popularity for a few years, and have really taken off over the last couple of months.

Design Trend: Moroccan Wedding Blankets on the Interior CollectiveImage: Pottery Barn

The blankets are also known as Handiri, and are traditionally, like Beni Ourain rugs, handmade in Morocco. Made by a bride’s family before her wedding day, Handiri are woven from wool, cotton, and linen, and embellished with sequins.

Design Trend: Moroccan Wedding Blankets on the Interior CollectiveImage: Holly Becker for Decor8

The obvious use for a Handiri is as a bedspread since they are intended to be blankets. They also look beautiful draped over the back or a couch or a headboard, displayed as a wall hanging, or even as a light-use floor covering.

Design Trend: Moroccan Wedding Blankets on the Interior CollectiveImage: Design Love Fest

They may be making the design rounds right now, but the neutral palettes, understated shine, and gorgeous texture make Moroccan wedding blankets a classic you can live with for a long time.

Design Trend: Moroccan Wedding Blankets on the Interior CollectiveImage: Beyond Marrakech

How would you decorate with a Handiri in your home?


  1. I would love to have a head board covered in one of these. My dogs would destroy one if I put it on my bed.

  2. What a beautiful idea. I have been loyal to my Pendleton blankets all winter but this would be lovely for spring and summer.

  3. Whites look nice in photos. Reminds me of the 30’s and 40’s decor. Not sure re sparkley thingies for basic living. Just not my style. Browns, beiges, etc. are not allowed in our home!. Haa. These (brown) shades do not photograph well at all. Same re clothing on yep … people. Too dull. Very boring. If one can do brown, you could do green, yellows, blues, grays and even violets. NO browns.

    So, how do you launder these wedding blankets?

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