Kitchen Trends for 2017

Image: Simply Grove

Kitchen trends have come and gone quickly these past few decades. There’s been a lot of high moments in kitchen design and a lot of really low moments. Anyone remember pink formica? Or how about sour green refrigerators? We’ve experimented with colors and textures for many many years. 2017 feels different though- classic moments are sticking around and new colors and materials are mixing well with items from the past. It’s all about bringing natural light in and keeping things clean. Below are a few trends that will compliment any kitchen beautifully!

1. Sconces- We are seeing more sconces flanking kitchen windows or surrounding ovens. They bring in a pop of sophistication and character. You can choose a more modern sconce or a traditional sconce. Both will bring in personality.

Image: The Future Kept

2. Tile- Subway tiles are not a thing of the past. They are staying around and being spotlighted in new shapes and colors. If you want a fresh take on white tiles, try using a dark gray or black grout.

Image: Simply Grove

3. Coffee Stations- It’s all about coffee right now. Who doesn’t drink coffee? If you don’t drink coffee, you most likely drink tea. This is making a huge trend for coffee stations. I took a unit from Ikea, painted it the colors of my kitchen cabinets and use it as a place to display my coffee maker, coffee cups and other tools needed.

Image: Coco Lapine Design

4. Shades of Gray- Gray seems to be a huge trend for kitchen cabinets. We are seeing both light gray and dark gray. Gray’s mix very well with all types of metals, marbles and a variety of colors. It also mixes well with different wood tones. Gray is definitely the new white!

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