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Whether it’s fashion, food, entertainment or home design, everything that represents style and taste eventually comes full circle. Designers and creators are infamous for looking back in time for the next big design inspiration, proving that nothing ever really goes out of style.

This is especially true in interior design, where Victorian vanities, Edwardian dinettes and Art Deco chairs are repeatedly incorporated with the latest design trends. Pulling off a modern vintage design—that is, mixing antique or antique inspired pieces with a modern scheme—is no small feat, as a room could easily appear misdirected and uninspired, but we have found three great examples of how to do modern vintage in your own home.



Photo courtesy of Nina Interior.


To pull off a modern vintage space, balance and harmony is a must. The vintage pieces you select should be in accordance with the rest of the room, so select furniture in the same tones and textures as the modern elements of the space. Though your pieces may represent different eras, they should still have common qualities.



Photo courtesy of Alvhem Makleri & Interior.


Selecting vintage pieces for a modern space should be strategic. Avoid overwhelming the area with too many ideas, and select key items that will stand out in the room. The textured brown chair and series of vintage photographs in the image above gives this space a vintage feel, while the large light bulb fixture impeccably represent a modern vintage item.




Photo courtesy of Buckminster Green.


A retro black heater and exposed piping adds the right amount of vintage charm to this sleek bathroom, where the demure color palette and sharp lines make for a chic modern space. The unique grey flooring is also a nice vintage-meets-modern touch.

Would you mix vintage furniture and décor with a modern design?


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