Horse Restaurant – 4 stars

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Gray & cream checkerboard flooring, wooden bistro chairs, soft tan wall-covering on the walls: I just want to take all this good taste and roll in it. (Why can't I stick with warm neutrals in my own home? Why why why?) I even love the discrete rows of clean little white-shaded sconces (no-doubt with LED lamps) and the gleaming, golden frames that line the long wall on the right in the picture. But it's the horse that gets me, that massive animal with its handsome rump and coy, strangely tentative gaze. I am indeed amazed at it's power (even as I find myself speculating rather uncomfortably on its implied and perhaps unsavory connection to the menu). This dining room gets 4 stars: 1 for good taste run a muck and 3 stars for the horse.

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