10 Contemporary Sconces for the Bathroom

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Designed by Sutro Architects There are certainly lots of ways to light up a bathroom, and if you ask me, I’d say that a combination of them is most often the best and most complete way to do so. This depends on your lighting needs. If you need a decent reflection of yourself in the  Continue Reading »

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Open-Floor Layouts: A Double-Edged Sword Carving Design Trends

Richard Cole Architecture - Eggshell

Designed by Richard Cole Architecture | Caesarstone Eggshell The open-floor plan is a hot design trend these days, and it’s reshaping homes and offices across the globe. The open plan owes its popularity to multiple factors, such as greater spatial flexibility and conduciveness to multi-purpose use, increased aesthetic appeal, sense of stylistic unity, and improved  Continue Reading »

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Five Tips on How to Decorate with Wallpaper


Whether it’s a classic chinoiserie repeat or a bold, abstract pattern, wallpaper has been making a major comeback in interiors. But with so many options out there, choosing the wall covering that’ll work for you can be quite the obstacle. Here are our top tips from designer Kathy Kuo to help you do wallpaper the  Continue Reading »

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6 Unconventional Storage Ideas for Kitchens

Carlisle Homes_Oyster

Kitchen designed by Carlisle Home Design | Caesarstone Oyster Beautiful kitchens are all the rave these days, but function still trumps beauty when it comes to these hardworking rooms. Whether your kitchen is large or small, storage is usually at the forefront with designing them. Sometimes you have to get creative when providing storage in a  Continue Reading »

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House Tour | Basso Interiors, Inc


When you want to escape your busy city life, where do you run off to? The owners of this Vail Village condo made their home-away-from-home in the snowy mountains of Colorado and enlisted the help of Elizabeth Basso of Basso Interiors, Inc to decorate. The full- service design firm had the task of making a  Continue Reading »

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New Trend: Concrete Countertops

4003 Sleek Concrete™ - Freedom Kitchens

Designer: Freedom Kitchens | Caesarstone: Sleek Concrete We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also the hub of culinary creativity. More and more homeowners are moving away from the manufactured look of laminates and choosing materials that are inimitable and timeless. People are wanting materials that are solid and forgiving.  Continue Reading »

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12 Striking Counter Stools For Your Kitchen


Designed by: Green Couch Interior Design If you are of those people that are fortunate enough to have a kitchen island, then you probably know the importance of picking the right counter stools for it. They not only have to be practical and comfortable, but also complement the kitchen design and add to the whole  Continue Reading »

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Designer Spotlight: Sacha Nizami Design

Sacha Nizami Design- Alpine Mist 1

   When decorating a home, it’s difficult to keep a balance between too much personality and not enough. That’s where Sacha Nizami Design excels. They are a full interior decorating and design firm that puts an emphasis on individuality. Sacha styles each home with the client’s wants in mind. If she can’t find the decorative  Continue Reading »

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How to Have an Efficient Kitchen with No Uppers

Joe Filshie_Sleek Concrete

Designer: Joe Filshie | Caesarstone: Sleek Concrete Kitchens have come a very long way since the 80’s and 90’s. We are seeing beautiful yet efficient kitchens that feel more like works of art and less like your typical kitchen. There’s less oak and more marble and streamline appliances. Kitchens have become brighter and fresher by  Continue Reading »

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Console Tables of Every Style & Price


Console tables can live just about anywhere in your home… make a statement in an entryway, anchor a large piece of art, be used as an inconspicuous desk, or can easily be tucked along a spacious hall. Similarly to benches, these slender tables are super versatile! I’m sharing six groupings of console tables of every style  Continue Reading »

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