Designer Spotlight: Pedini Calgary

Dune pag 64

For over 50 years, the people at Pedini Calgary have done one thing really well: kitchen design. Pedini Calgary applies its unique design language to kitchens worldwide to create jaw-dropping kitchens with one-of-a-kind grace and craftsmanship. Don’t take our word for it, see some of their work below! As one of Pedini’s standard product lines, it  Continue Reading »

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House Tour | Claire Zinnecker


From commercial and event space to product design and home interiors, Claire Zinnecker does it all! Of course, her house is no exception. We are lucky enough to tour her adorable 1930’s bungalow that’s filled with fun furniture, products Claire designed herself, and a couple of cute pups (Monte and Emma) to guide the way!  Continue Reading »

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How To Make A Tree Stump Coffee Table

make a tree stump coffee table

Whether you live in the countryside or a city, tree stump coffee tables can work for you. I have seen many instances where they have been used as rustic home décor as well as in modern designs- I would like to say that mine sits somewhere in the middle. I believe you can find sources  Continue Reading »

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Choosing the Best Kitchen Colors and Materials

kitchen remodel 8

When it comes to a kitchen renovation, the most important part- other than making sure all the plumbing, gas lines, and walls are properly installed- is choosing colors and materials that will not only withstand trends but also daily wear and tear. Unfortunately for most, this is one of the most intimidating aspects of designing  Continue Reading »

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Designer Spotlight: Alison Kandler

Farmhouse kitchen Blizzard

Countertop: Blizzard Alison Kandler – remember that name. Alison Kandler creates some of the most unique and warm spaces, utilizing color and texture whenever there is a chance. While most of her work is inspired by traditional architecture and interior design from the 1920’s and 1930’s, she also dabbles in contemporary designs. Whether it is  Continue Reading »

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4 Steps to a Successful Bathroom Remodel


After I finished remodeling my kitchen I couldn’t stop there. I watched waaaayyy too much HGTV and was in too deep. I had to have another project. I needed one. It was a must. So I pushed on and decided to renovate my master bathroom! Ahhhh. Soon all the feels set in and I was flooded  Continue Reading »

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10 Gorgeous Pendant Lamps to Hang Above an Island

pendant image

Designed by: Zeitraum A kitchen island is unmistakably the heart of the kitchen. Not only is it usually located in the heart of the room but is also multi-functional, from cooking to washing and eating (or even doing some homework or catching up on emails during breakfast). This is a great opportunity to create the  Continue Reading »

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Decorate Your Home With Found Objects

interior collective pic 7

The farmhouse style has some very defining style choices that set the design aesthetic apart. Many can spot that lovely farmhouse style by the white walls (maybe even shiplap), simple, neutral décor, and definitely a presence of found objects. What do I mean by decorating with found objects? To keep it simple, it means to  Continue Reading »

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How to Style Your Living Room

Society 6

When I get home from a long day of working, my first thought is how much I want to just lounge on my couch and watch an old Friends episode. My living space is very multi-functional. It’s the space where I entertain and also where I watch movies and eat buckets and buckets of popcorn. Living  Continue Reading »

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House Tour | Christian May


Christian May, of Maison21, has been dazzling the design world for years as an interior decorator with a keen eye and fun sense of humor. He designs to make the world a bit prettier for the good of mankind and we are definitely on board with that life mission! His style reflects his home city  Continue Reading »

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