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What We Believe

Design starts from the inside out. We don’t believe a room is as important as the people who live in it and the stories that they tell. Which is why we choose to find designs that start with a person; their inspirations, personality, lifestyle, and end with an expression of their beliefs in the places they call home.

Our Mission

Helping people surround themselves with designs inspired by them. Taking their own ideas and the things they have been trying to say, and turning them into a bold statement they can call home.

Who We Are

Caesarstone is a luxury quartz surface manufacturer. So you are probably wondering…why sponsor this collection? The answer is simple. Our product’s unique properties make it one of nature’s strongest minerals and a stone that thrives in the hands of designers with big ideas and a variety of architectural styles. Just like quartz, design means something different to everyone. So we brought together a community of writers and professionals to help you find what it means to you and reflect that personal inspiration into big ideas of your own.

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About Caesarstone

Caesarstone is the ultimate brand, bringing fashion, style, beauty and quality into the hearts and homes of people around the world.

The unique physical and aesthetic properties of Caesarstone's quartz surfaces have established a new product genre. By fusing leading-edge technology with design innovation, Caesarstone makes the finest quartz surfaces in the world.

Composed of 93% natural quartz, one of nature's strongest minerals, Caesarstone is resistant to stains, scratches, most household chemicals and moderate heat. Caesarstone surfaces are backed by a Residential Lifetime Warranty and a 10 year Commercial Warranty. Caesarstone’s firm dedication to quality has earned the company ISO 14001 (environmental management system), ISO 9002 (quality management standard), NSF (public health and safety), USGB, GreenGuard and SCS certifications. Caesarstone's innovative development team continually creates breakthrough color and quartz designs that influence trends and inspire creative applications.

Caesarstone's quartz surfaces retain the cool, tactile qualities of natural stone with aggregates ranging from fine to coarse-grained color blends for various visual texture. Three finishes expand the design possibilities even further: polished, honed (matte) and textured. According to Interior Design Magazine Caesarstone is one of the 12 most mentioned brands by designers.

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