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When Indianapolis homeowners tasked Chris Short, Principal Architect at HAUS | Architecture for Modern Lifestyles, to create a cigar room addition to their existing 1954 mid-century modern home, not only did he deliver a flawless design that seamlessly carries on the pre-existing rooflines, materials and glazing themes from the original portion of the home, but he along with Matt Harris, founder of MW Harris (an interior design firm) created a retreat; a night and day experience from the main living space of the home to the new cigar room.

The home, designed by renowned Indy architect Edward Pierre, was originally created for the 1954 Indianapolis Home Show, and was updated in 2007 with additional expansions to the back of the home. This main living space is filled with daylight and bright white walls.

Original brick commonly seen in mid-century modern homes still surrounds the fireplace today. In stark contrast to the light and airy nature of the main portion of the home, the cigar room now adjoined to the opposite side of the garage showcases a dark design palette rich in colors and textures.

A fully custom bar made of red gum wood, which is easily one of the main focal points of the design, houses a special place for a humidor and beverage cooler as well as additional storage space. This modern and masculine cigar room is truly a retreat. “I use this space to listen to music, to work, and to play piano. It’s a place to get away,” said the homeowner. With state of the art ventilation, it’s also a place to enjoy his cigars. Short explains, “The HVAC and exhaust systems operate independently and were specifically designed to ventilate the cigar room smoke while maintaining a comfortable temperature in the space. The HVAC system includes a carbon-filter and electronic air cleaner, and there’s 70% make-up air drawn from a roof intake while the HVAC system is operating. The make-up air also serves the exhaust system when it is active. HAUS integrated the exhaust ducts and ceiling slots into the highest point of the sloped ceiling roof for minimal visual impact and optimal functionality.”

The north and east walls feature nearly solid glass, built of some of Marvin Windows sleekest products. Indiana Marvin dealer, Franklin Window and Door, looked at the space and recommended 16’ x 6’8” four-panel sliding patio doors to fully take advantage of the property views and outdoor living space. “We had to design the three trapezoid direct set windows above the four- panel sliding door, and the tricky part was getting the stile lines to line up. The opposite wall was made up of polygon direct set windows to minimize site lines and provide maximum glass,” said Cori Brown, CEO Franklin Window and Door. These walls flood the space with ample daylight in the early hours of the day, but at night, the space takes on a totally different vibe. The black painted walls and ceilings, the warm glow of several wall sconces, and the rich navy chevron wall covering offer the ambiance of a cocktail lounge. “The cigar room doors and windows compliment the house, but are taller and larger in the new addition to maximize the drama and natural light. The doors and windows were oriented for convenient access to adjacent outdoor spaces to the east and views to the north,” said Short.

This cozy and inviting retreat is a result of excellent designers in each trade pulling together to create a space for the homeowners that fulfilled their every need, in an already amazing Indianapolis home. For modern enthusiasts like myself, a deep appreciation is felt for new construction that carries on the original architectural lines of a home designed by Edward Pierre, who is responsible for much of Indianapolis’ modern architecture.

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