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Despite its name, the beautiful space by Tasting Table is anything but common. The Commons is an airy loft in SoHo/Manhattan and was designed with community, conversation and culture in mind. Tasting Table, a modern media brand for food and drink enthusiasts, decided to create a one-of-a-kind venue perfect for hosting events that marry food and culture. “Food isn't just food anymore. It's intertwined with art, fashion, music, books and more,” says a representative from Tasting Table.

The talented team at FLOAT Studio designed all 2,500 square feet of the private space, which is complete with Western exposure, 12-foot ceilings and a skylight. FLOAT Studio captured the essence of Tasting Table’s culture while ensuring the space looked modern, warm and inviting.

"Aesthetically, we tried to do something that wasn't too masculine or too feminine—gender neutral. We maintained what you need for events while not losing that Tasting Table touch and having some personality in it," says Barbara Giacoman, a junior designer at FLOAT Studio.

Let’s start our tour off in our favorite room: the kitchen. Matte burgundy cabinets bring a refined flair to this dynamic space. The FLOAT Studio team wanted to keep the rest of the kitchen neutral, however. “When you’re working with food, gearing toward neutrals helps to highlight what you’re doing,” says Brad Sherman, a partner at FLOAT Studio.

Frozen Terra 4601

This brings us to the pièce de résistance, the Frozen Terra countertops and backsplash. “The creamy color was ideal to contrast the burgundy, the black outlines [between the cabinets] and the black outlets,” continues Brad.

The matte ivory finish speckled with charcoal and silver adds lightness and dimension to the design. Since The Commons is going to be used for hosting plenty of events, the FLOAT Studio team wanted to be sure they used only the best, must durable materials.

“Function leads the design process,” says Brad. “[It] is the number one thing to understand [to know] how clients are going to move through the space." That’s why they decided to work with Caesarstone, whose quartz is virtually maintenance-free and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Additionally, tambour wall coverings were used throughout the space to add warmth and texture.

Let’s pop over to the lounge area which features an electric, royal-blue sofa. The stand out design elements incorporated throughout The Commons ensure there will be no shortage of conversation starters for the lucky guests.

A touch of greenery adds freshness and life while the wall of mirrors is a clever trick to make the room appear more spacious. Bar tables and stools are incorporated for an easy place for guests to sip on martinis and discuss the latest food trends.

The Commons can comfortably accommodate 30 people for a sit-down dinner and 75 for a walk-around tasting. The army green chairs at the oversized wooden dining table add a refreshing pop of color without competing with the bold, blue sofa.

A grand skylight opens up the space while overhead potted-plants radiate effervescence. The army green color used in the dining room is carried through to this sit-down area in conjunction with blush pillows and stools. Whether it’s rain or shine, guests can enjoy a view of the New York skies while remaining indoors.

“It feels like you are in a warm, comfortable environment that has a unique personality," says Brad. "There's nothing like this that exists. It really is a unique, one-of-a-kind space." We couldn’t agree more! One thing is certain: we know where we’ll be hosting all of our future wine-and-dine gatherings. Schedule your next event at The Commons!

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