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While this stunning Toronto townhouse now boasts a modern glow and a color scheme that could impress even the most monochromatic obsessed, it didn’t always look like this. In fact, when Michelle Berwick of Michelle Berwick Design walked through the front doors, she had a big project on her hands – a 4-story big project, to be exact!

Let’s start from the top and work our way down, shall we?

On the top floor we find the master bedroom, where drama is encouraged – at least as far as the décor is concerned! Letting the bed take center stage, Michelle added some trim to the headboard wall and painted it black to create a real wow-factor upon entering this space.

We love the way she mimicked the trim on the yellow barn door for added texture and a natural flow. It feels much more glam than farmhouse, if we do say so ourselves. Mixing modern elements with a bold statement of color keeps the space from feeling too serious. Only smiles welcome here!

Just through that yellow barn door, we enter the en suite – a clean and ever so sleek bathroom that couldn’t be more complementary to its master bedroom neighbor if it tried.

The matte black floating vanity was custom made, accented with gold hardware and of course, Caesarstone quartz in Pure White.

To ensure the space was both his and her friendly, Michelle chose features that spoke to her feminine side with the crystal sconces and his masculine edge evidenced in the graphic porcelain tiles of the shower.

Flip a 180 to the other side of the master bedroom and you’ll find the home office. This room is a must-have as the homeowner works from home and needs a space to maximize productivity without any mess. To maximize storage and utility, black and white built-ins were installed creating further cohesion in the upstairs space while maintaining functionality.

When renovating a four-story townhouse, staircases can’t be ignored – there are too many of them! Michelle kept the stairs fresh and clean, painting the risers and sides white, staining the new treads to match the laminate flooring (yes, they had us fooled too) and adding square end posts with flat black pickets.

But enough about the stairs, on to the living room…

Here she is folks… Cozy. Stylish. Restrained. Lux. Now this is a living room that delivers. Not only is it totally on trend (hello mid-century modern chic!), it feels open, airy and bright. Note to self: add that buttery leather armchair to your wish list.

If you love mint/celadon/pistachio or any and all other things green, this foyer was made for you. Taking inspiration from the gorgeous handmade cement tiles on the floor, it only seemed appropriate to carry the color through this tiny space.

A main floor wouldn’t be complete without a kitchen and here’s one that is sure to put a little pep in your step. Michelle carried the minty color through to the heart of the home, but kept the upper cabinetry light and bright.

Using a custom table the homeowners already owned, Michelle cut it down and attached it to the island to create an eat-in kitchen that maximized space. By bringing the kitchen all the way over to the front entryway, the kitchen flows beautifully with the rest of the main floor living space.

Because the kitchen itself is such a statement piece, Michelle kept the hardware and lighting sleek and simple with rose gold accents and a marble fish scale backsplash. Oh, and Pure White countertops to match!

Here’s what’s behind the left door in the front entryway… It’ll make you forget everything you thought knew about powder rooms! Shares Michelle, “Powder rooms are often small pokey little spaces that only serve one purpose… So have fun with them. Add wallpaper, add decals, add a pop of color.” Now that’s advice we’re going to remember.

Down one more flight of stairs and we reach the final floor, where you’ll find a girls’ room that’s all that - and then some.

Pretty details of soft blush and nude tones mixed with that vintage rug and hints of brass make this space ultra fem.

And the room has a bathroom to match! Michelle kept this bathroom, complete with Pure White counters, neutral enough to remain timeless while adding just the right amount of pretty with the tiles and rose gold detail. The metallic finishes together with the flat black hardware complete the design – giving the girls a bathroom with plenty of personality while still being adult-friendly.

With two bedrooms and a bathroom on this floor, the homeowners wanted a shared bedroom for their two daughters so they could make the extra bedroom a homework space/playroom. We just have one question – when can we come play?

It’s whimsical, it’s colorful and it’s full of fun. And we’re not just talking about the playroom!

Credits | Contracting: La Vida Contracting | Cabinetry: Exclusive Designs | Photography: Arnal Photography

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