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When Adam and Laura Travetti welcomed their son, Keating, they knew it wouldn’t be long before it was time to pack up their belongings and find a house with more space for their growing family. From the moment they laid eyes on the West Chester, Pennsylvania barn they now call home, they knew it was meant to be.

All Imagery: Austin Eterno Photography


What they didn’t know was just how much more space (and work!) they would soon be taking on. A stunning and unique piece of property, the 1830’s bank barn needed serious work – and Adam and Laura had never renovated anything prior to this project. Although it was a huge undertaking, it wasn’t enough to stand in the way of them and their dream home. They placed an offer on the house and immediately brought on Archer & Buchanan Architects and Michael Rhile Construction to help with the project.

Although they had brought in a professional team to help them reach their goals, both Adam and Laura wanted to be as involved in the renovation as possible. Adam described the process as “extremely collaborative” and admits it was Laura who really took the reins when it came to designing the interior.

From the moment you walk through the front doors, you feel like you’re in a rustic retreat  rich with meaningful memories. From the get-go, the couple knew they wanted to honor and preserve the history of the barn while bringing it into the 21st century. The previous owners had purchased it as an operational barn in the 1970’s and after their own renovation, lived in it right up until the Travettis purchased it in 2016. The Travettis kept the footprint of the home as close to the original as possible, while opening the space up and exposing as much of the barn as they could.

In contrast with the surrounding wooded landscape, symmetry rules in the foyer and double-height living room, from the placement of the windows to the positioning of the furniture.

No all-white kitchens here! With a bold aesthetic and unique style, the Travettis designed a kitchen that’s anything but boring. The bright blue hue of the cabinetry brightens and energizes the whole room, while splashes of orange make a statement in the form of kitchen appliances.

And where would a barn kitchen be without its Rugged Concrete counters? A home with this much rustic charm and character requires surfaces to match! The textured complexion adds another layer of dimension to the space, without overwhelming it.

Considering that their move was spearheaded by a desire for more space for their young son, it only seems fitting that he get an entire playroom dedicated to him – swing and all!

Of course, no renovation comes without its challenges… like having to reinforce areas of the home with steel beams wrapped in period wood. But you’d never know when looking at the finished product!

Some of the most beautiful details of this home were the ones left untouched during the renovation. Just look at those original stone cladding interior walls that truly speak to the integrity of the historic home.

Laura and Adam pride themselves on being quick decision makers – and good thing! With so many design decisions to finalize, there isn’t enough time in the day to fret over every last choice. When 79 individual lights fixtures needed to be hand chosen, Laura wasted no time on the task – she had every last light selected in just two days!

A perfect family home wasn’t the only thing the Travetti family got out of this renovation.

“What we took away from this project is that we truly love one another as a family!  We survived something amazing and difficult and fulfilling and frustrating and overwhelming and everything in between. The people that worked on this project are artists.  And friends now.  We all created a living breathing work of art. There are fewer and fewer of these grand stone bank barns left.  I like to think that Laura, Keating and I (along with our team) saved something so worth saving, and something that can be enjoyed for many years to come!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Adam!


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