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Meet Shayne Morrissey of Morrissey Home Solutions, a comprehensive interior design and remodeling group in Fort Worth, Texas. When Shayne began his quest to purchase his first home, it was filled with its fair share of disappointments as he was outbid on house after house. That is, until he laid eyes on an A-line 1950’s historic shack-of-a-house that would start an architectural love affair that’s still going strong today. While the run-down little house didn’t look like much and lacked any sense of curb appeal, Shayne couldn’t dull the little voice inside his head repeating, “This is it. This is my home.” And his home it did become.

Today, Shayne’s house is what midcentury dreams are made of – but it wasn’t always this way.

The interior of the home was in shambles. There were holes in the walls, the cabinets were crumbling and the various (but all equally awful) shades of paint and mismatched wall tiles were enough to make anyone who walked through the front door dizzy. The few walls that were intact were very confining, making the already small house feel compartmentalized and claustrophobic. But Shayne saw past all of this. With the help of his team, the designer took the house down to the studs, moved walls, replaced windows, introduced new doors, reworked plumbing and crafted a space that he could proudly call home.

To make the home feel more welcoming, Shayne added a front door to the façade of the house that opens into a foyer featuring his most prized possession – a beautiful 1950’s console. Not to be overlooked: the original hardwood floors, refinished by Shayne himself!

Shayne chose a warm white paint for the majority of the interior to maximize the natural light and create the illusion of space. “It has been my experience that designing tiny homes is more challenging than large homes because I have to figure out how to utilize every square inch.”

With a strong affinity for all things mid-century mod, Shayne opted for materials, furniture and finishes that were reminiscent of the period but still respected the historic integrity of the house.

In the living room, Shayne combined new furniture pieces with mid-century modern elements for a curated and blended aesthetic. As the designer so honestly puts it, “There is nothing that breaks my heart like a room that feels like a catalogue.”

6600 Nougat

There wasn't space in the house for a proper dining table, so Shayne’s kitchen is dual purpose: both kitchen and dining room.

When it comes to design, Shayne’s motto is simple; “If it feels right, it is right.” And nothing felt more right and perfectly at home in the kitchen than Caesarstone’s Nougat quartz.

6600 Nougat

In fact, the Nougat felt so right that he carried it into the bathroom, finishing the vanity with the quartz surface. “Bathrooms are one of my favorite spaces to design. They are often times forgotten or looked over, so I love to dress them up and make them feel really special.”

6600 Nougat

We’ll wrap this tour up in the bedroom and leave you with some Morrissey words of wisdom: “Your bedroom should be the single most personal room in your home. It should be plush, calming, and most importantly, it should be undeniably you.”

We think it’s safe to say, this entire home is undeniably Shayne – just as it should be.


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