The Sky’s the Limit

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Design: Takaaki Kawabata and Christina Kawabata; Image: Mikiko Kikuyama for Remodelista 

You know how sometimes you’ll be looking at interior design images online and something in one of those images will just reach out and grab you, make you amazed, and leave you star struck? That happened to me just the other day when I suddenly became aware I was seeing all sorts of terrific images of rooms with skylights. And these weren’t just any old skylights; these were something very special. So, of course, I thought I’d share them with you.

Opened Up

It was this first image that started it all for me. There I was, minding my own business and taking a look at this very interesting home renovated by an architect and his wife from a run-down cabin, when I saw the amazing use of exposed beams and then noticed the skylight behind all those beams. It’s four feet wide and runs 18 feet along the peak of the roofline of the house. Can you imagine the flood of light that it allows in? Fantastic.

Part of the Plan

The Sky's the Limit

Design: OOPEAA; Image: Jussi Tiainen

When you’re designing a contemporary take on the traditional Finnish farmhouse, you want to bring in as much light as possible—and then maximize what comes in by having all your interior space be white. This simple—but so satisfying—structure incorporates skylights as part of the plan for allowing a tremendous amount of light into the space.

Minimalist Bliss

The Sky's the Limit

Design & Image: Kolman Boye Architects 

What if your minimalist design plan doesn’t allow for many windows but you still want to emphasize natural light? Well, one gigantic skylight—placed over the kitchen sink, which is a nice touch—might be just the thing. That really does make an impact, doesn’t it?

Take Me Higher

The Sky's the Limit

Design: Stewart Reniers Design & Knickerbocker Group; Image: Trent Bell

Finally, what’s better than windows that stretch to the top of the wall? Why, skylights that open the ceiling above those windows of course! This is just the kind of sun-drenched kitchen I’d love to have coffee in each morning.

Are you a fan of skylights?

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