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Anne Thull

Anne is an artist, whose innovative spirit and world vision have motivated her to transition into the arena of design. She is consistently working to make her products timeless by combining artistic sensibility and superior craftsmanship with meticulous attention to functionality.

This week you asked Anne about her design inspirations
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  1. Hi,

    Right now my parents are living in an old Victorian. My dad has always wanted to redo the basement to have a super sleek modern feel, but is worried that it will be too different from the rest. How important is it to have a unified artistic vision/theme between rooms in a home? Do you think there’s a point where differing tastes become too jarring? Are there times when a stark contrast in tastes enhances the overall feel of the house?


  2. Hi Anne,

    I would like to start a new project in my kids playroom. Specifically, I would like to figure out how to make the walls more playful or interactive. Should I start with art decals or what design inspirations could I begin to work with? Excited to get going!

  3. Hi Anne,

    I love looking through photos on design and fashion blogs but never quite know where to start. It can be overwhelming for people who aren’t strong with creativity. How do you start your projects and stay focused?

  4. Anne,

    Lately, I’m pretty tired with wall paintings and with summer coming around the corner, I was thinking of switching up my art decor to something different like art statues. Do you have any recommendations or tips that would soothe the mood. Thanks!

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