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Coco, founder of COCOCOZY interior design blog and home furnishings collection, loves anything to do with creating beautiful, functional spaces for the home. Coco started her blog back in 2008 with a simple goal of providing design inspiration to her readers. Three years after starting the blog, she created a luxury home textiles collection that she designs and manufactures here in the U.S.

This week you asked COCOCOZY how to design eco friendly.
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  1. Hi Coco,

    I have a lot of chocolate brown, greyish blue and eggshell colors in my space. I want to freshen it up with accessories that compliment but that are a deep contrast in order to pop. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  2. Hi Coco,
    I just moved in to a new place with white walls and a white kitchen, so I have opportunity to play with colors and texture. I have wood (mostly mahogany) furniture with metal accents. What are examples of what you would you use for decor or couch? I usually lean toward blue or sea colors. I’m looking for a contemporary style with a warmer/more feminine feel.
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Coco, what’s the best surround for cleaning and beauty when a claw foot tub has to be encased? I hate rubbing up against the shower curtains, ick.
    Thanks! love your passion

  4. We have a cherry bedroom dressers and night stands that were purchased years ago. We recently bought a king sized mattress and the cherry bed/headboard will no longer work. Should we try to find another bed in cherry so the color will match closely, but never quite right? Or, should we go with something in a dark steel? Light steel?

  5. hi coco! i am moving into a small lofted apartment with very high ceilings on 9/1. i’m pretty good at coming up with creative storage ideas in small spaces, but this apartment will have an absolutely tiny closet and i’m a major shopper! any great ideas on how to store my clothes, shoes and accessories stylishly and neatly? thanks so much!

  6. Hello Coco! I just moved into my new apartment and the living area is so small! How do you mix two people’s style taste into one cohesive room!?

  7. Hi Coco, My room has a traditional blue floral rug any ideas what patterns might go with a floral pattern that can make it more modern?

  8. Hi Coco! I have a problem. I want to re-decorate my living room but don’t have the budget to do a full-fledged makeover. If you had to choose one or two items to help transform my room, what would they be? Something that will give me the most for the money. Thanks!!

  9. Hi Coco! Loving your patterns and your throws are delightful! I have a bit of a Blue/Grey/Yellow scheme going on. Do you suggest adding another color or punching up the space with more vibrant saturations of these hues?

  10. Hi!!! I just had my kitchen and keeping room redone with white cabinets and Carrera Marble counters. The walls are pale gray. The adjoining rooms are charcoal and light turquoise with pops of orange. I wanted to go with a different color story in the keeping room. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!

  11. Hi, I’m renting and I’d like a quick way to refresh my room without having to pay an arm and a leg. I have mostly beige in there, with some splashes of red and a wonderful red quilt I designed. Any ideas?

  12. Hello, Coco. I know you’re a whiz with small spaces. Is it possible to make a guest bedroom/office combo work? I don’t want my guests to feel as if they’re sleeping in my office, and I really don’t want to feel as if I’m working in a bedroom. Any advice you might be able to lend would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  13. Hi Coco! My room has a lot of black, gray, and greenery. I would like a wall color to make those colors pop, but hate the traditional red. Ideas?

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