Masculine Design

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Dave Hime

Dave Hime, founder/curator of, has been an interior design addict for as long as he can remember. With design heroes such as Blake Dollahite ( and Robert & Cortney Novogratz (, Dave seeks out online resources that would exemplify the interior design practices he's most drawn to: using color, texture and simple materials well. Bringing all of this together, along with his specific focus on providing interior design inspiration from a man's point of view, is Dave's mission: masculine design.

This week you asked Dave about masculine design
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  1. Hi Dave! Have you been able to find the harmony between masculine and feminine design? I love flowers and natural forms of beauty, but I don’t want my space to become too overly feminine. What’s the trick to finding that balance? Thanks for your help!

  2. Hi Dave!

    Big fan of your work 🙂 I enjoy masculine/industrial designs but am still a princess at heart. What is your take on incorporating a little bit of “girly” into masculine designs? Say, adding a touch of pink to an industrial style room?


  3. HI Dave. I have just discovered your website, Japanese Trash, I have been looking on the internet for inspiration and your website photos are awesome and just what I have been looking for. I love it…

    We are in the process of building a beachouse on the Coromandal in New Zealand and am going to TRY and follow the masculine design as I find most of it robust and hardwearing.

    I see you are drawn to colour texture and simple materials. Do you have guidelines or tips…..?

    Thank you for the opportunity to ask the questions

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