Designing Eco Friendly

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Rachel Winokur

Rachel Winokur

Award-winning Los Angeles Interior Designer, Rachel is known for her eco elegant solutions including the luxury spa at Casa del Mar hotel. In addition, she has appeared on HGTV and DIY, and in House Beautiful and Angeleno Interiors magazines. Rachel also managed $450M as Dir. of the Commercial Dept at Michael Smith.

This week you asked Rachel how to design eco friendly.
See her answers here.


  1. I love you work – it’s amazing. I’d really appreciate discovering which environmentally friendly companies, vendors and/or products make you top ten Fall 2013 list. Also, do you have an affordable list as well, for some of us on a designing budget?

  2. Dear Rachel,

    I want to build a built-in media/bookcase/display unit in my living room. The finish I want is a lacquer finish. Is there a good non-toxic/eco-friendly way of getting this finish?

  3. I am thinking about renovating the one, small bathroom in our condo. What are the eco-friendly flooring options for replacing the 30+ yr-old vinyl flooring? As you enter, the 27″ wide vanity and toilet are along the 8′ long right wall. The tub/shower are on the 5′ long far wall (opposite door). The floor space along the left wall must be left clear leaving no floor space for torage. How can we create storage space for towels and toiletries without making this small bathroom feel cramped? How can we expand the minimal counter space provided by the 27″ vanity?

  4. I have a super-long, wide coffee table. It’s as long as my sofa (so, about 80-something inches) and about 30″ wide (or maybe a few inches more). Originally, it was some kind of display table that was in a bank lobby and held brochures and things in the waiting area. Anyway, I love it, but can’t figure out what to put on it. I want varied height, and little “scenes” of some sort (I think?!?), but more importantly, I want it to remain empty enough that people on both sides can put their drinks – or their feet – on it. Any thoughts???

  5. Where can I get the furniture shown in pictures ?

  6. I found a retro couch/chair set at a yard sale and fell in love. I purchased the set for a very low price but am now looking at how to incorporate it into my living room. The set is from the early 70’s; yellow/gold/white cross pattern; cloth. My husband hates it but is giving me the opportunity to pull it together as long as I don’t get rid of his dark brown recliner. I am prepared to paint and add color…I just don’t know what would compliment this furniture. Too, the lighting I have is minimal with one large bay window.
    Color suggestions please…and is there a way for me to add a photo?

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