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Brittany Watson Jepsen is an American designer and crafter who just returned to America after 2 1/2 years in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark. Her motto is "a creative mess is better than tidy idleness" and she lives each day accordingly. During graduate school for interior design she spent one summer working for designers Jonathan Adler and Celerie Kemble and another summer studying textile design at the Danish Design School. She created her blog, The House That Lars Built, as a way to keep her designing and crafting. She currently runs her blog and her etsy shop, where she sells her home accessories and paper flowers.

DIY Autumn Decor

(Via RueMag)

With the colder fall weather comes a need to make your home a little cozier. You don’t have to completely re-do a space to welcome autumn. DIY projects are great ways to add subtle accents to your home that you can change for every season. Here are six of my favorite’s:

I don’t think you would typically think of what’s cooking on the stove as home decor, but it totally can be! When I think of fall I think of very specific smells. Homemade potpourri awesome way to incorporate these smells into your home. You can keep making it throughout the season to add some wonderful aromas and beautiful decor to your home!

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A super easy, but also really cute DIY item is a pine cone garland. Pinecones are everywhere during fall and all you need is some paint and they’ll look pretty cool. 

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #interiordesign #DIY #november #autumn #decor #kitchen #bath(Left: Wordpress, Right: Country Living)

Leaves are not just for fall, but we all know of those certain trees that seem more autumn than others. Find some of those leaves and make them into clay bowls! You can use them to hold trinkets around the house or even just for display.

Once the leaves have changed color, find an assortment of kinds and colors and press them into art! You don’t even need to frame them for your work to look gorgeous. 

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #interiordesign #DIY #november #autumn #decor #kitchen #bath(Via It's Always Autumn)

Blankets are an obvious go-to for instant added comfort to a home. Make a personalized one that is super simple. The flannel plaid will be super comfy and perfect for the new colder weather. 

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #interiordesign #DIY #november #autumn #decor #kitchen #bath(Via The House That Lars Built)

This durable DIY painted cloth I made is a great autumn picnic blanket. Feel free to use it in your home too as a tablecloth for a party or a tapestry on display.

What DIY crafts are you planning to make for autumn?

6 Ways to Keep it Classy with Halloween Decor

The start of fall for many means Halloween season. But what if the traditional spooky decor isn’t your thing? You can still get in the spirit while keeping your home your style. Here are six ways to decorate your chic home for Halloween:

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Start with the porch. It’s the first thing people see when they come over and it’s super easy to decorate. All you need are some pumpkins and a simple yet spooky wreath and you’re set!

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Halloween means pumpkins. But if you want to mix up your pumpkin style, try painting them in fun colors and designs. They look great and will last longer than carving. 

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #pumpkin #candles #spooky #ghost #homedecor #centerpiece #fall #autumn #tablerunner #stairway #stairs #holidaydecor #halloween #halloweendecor #candycorn(Left: April and May, Right: Happy Money Saver)

Candles are a must around Halloween. For a spookier look, opt for black tall candles, and lots of them. It’ll give your home a haunted house vibe. Or, if you like a cuter holiday look, try filling candle holders with candy corn. It’s simple, but candy corn screams Halloween. 

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White pumpkins are perfect for the simplistic homes. Try lining a staircase or wall with matching pumpkins and the result will be beautiful.

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #pumpkin #candles #spooky #ghost #homedecor #centerpiece #fall #autumn #tablerunner #stairway #stairs #holidaydecor #halloween #halloweendecor #candycorn (Via Lauren Conrad)

You guessed it; more pumpkins! But this time we’re putting them as the focal point of our tables. A table runner with fall foliage is naturally the perfect way to go. 

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #pumpkin #candles #spooky #ghost #homedecor #centerpiece #fall #autumn #tablerunner #stairway #stairs #holidaydecor #halloween #halloweendecor #candycorn(Via Homedit)

Halloween candy isn’t just for the trick-or-treaters. A stand full of fall goodies will be tasty, but will also look great; So great you almost won’t want to touch them...almost.

Will you go all out with your Halloween decorations or keep it simple and chic?

6 Cribs for a Sophisticated Bedroom

Once kids come along, it’s easy for your whole house to get turned into a playpen. The one place that should really stay your own is your bedroom. Even when your baby is just a newborn and is sleeping in your room, you can still keep the place your own. Here are six ways to keep your room looking sophisticated with your newborn.

(Via Style Me Pretty)

The art above the crib doesn’t have to be an elephant or the ABC’s. A colorful, modern piece of art on the wall will keep the room feeling like your own.

(Via The Stori Book)

If bold and modern is your thing, don’t be afraid to keep that style alive even with a crib.

(Via Smitten Studio Online)

A super simple way to incorporate a crib is to just set it at the end of the bed. It’s not intrusive and is very practical.

(Via Apartment Therapy)

If your room is already on the small side, be on the lookout for a thinner crib. It’s easier to manage and will fit great in any corner.

(Via Dwell)

Consider installing a hammock style bed. It’s interesting to look at and a comfy place for baby to sleep.

(Via Hindsvik Shop)

You can even think of the crib as a statement piece. Find one that you think is just lovely and will stand out and you will not be disappointed.

Don’t be afraid to keep your baby’s crib in your personal style. Once they are older and living in their own room, you can personalize it to fit them. Until then, keep your room matching you.

How will you decorate your room once your newborn baby arrives?

6 Color Schemes Based on Animals

Nature is a great place to find color inspiration. It's full of unique combinations no matter where you look. From trees to plants to water, there's no shortage of beautiful blends of shades, textures and hues. But the true color stars of the natural world? Animals. Here are six rooms that took their color inspiration from animals.

Getty Images [left]; Style Files [right]

Tiles mimic the look of scales, so dive to the ocean for your color inspiration.

National Geographic [Left]; Fig House LA [Right]

By not only taking inspiration from the animal, but also their natural surroundings, you can get so many different pops of color that naturally go together.

Blogspot [Left]; Design Sponge [Right]

For a more neutral room, find inspiration in the majestic beauty of the horse. Use different shades of brown to create a harmonious and stunning space. You can even add a framed piece of horse art to tie it all together.

Pinterest [Left]; Bright Bazaar Blog [Right]

Foxes are known for the sumptuous colors of their fur, so naturally a room based on the combination of reds, oranges, browns and whites will look lovely, too

National Geographic [Left]; Pinterest [Right]

Parakeets come in all different colors, but we're going to focus on the combination of blue and green. Choose one as the main color and add accent pieces in the other shade. You’ll know what to expect and your color scheme will naturally work well.

Diana Beltran Herrera [Left]; Style Me Pretty [Right]

All-pink rooms can be overwhelming, but pink is a great accent in a black and white room. It adds just the right amount of flamingo flare without being over-the-top.

Which animal do you find your inspiration in?

Beautiful Ideas for Your Staircase

(Via Raandyou)

Many homes have staircases, but I think they are far too often overlooked. Sure, a staircases main purpose is to get you to a different floor of your home, but they have the potential to be more. They can easily transform into a great accent piece in your home. Here are four ways to add some beauty to your stairs.

1. Red Bubble.  If you have a staircase outside of your home, don’t forget about it! Flowers are an easy and perfect way to dress up stairs leading to your house and will give off a great first impression.

2. Pinterest.  On the other hand, if you have those beautiful wooden stairs and want to keep them simple, a pretty accessory to add is some soft lighting. My favorites are candles, but then you have to be careful. It’s beautiful, but probably not ideal if you have children...or are clumsy.

3. Pinterest.  I think it’s pretty common for most people to decorate their staircases with a garland during Christmas time or for a special event such as a wedding, but why not do it all year round? By picking flowers or other kinds of plants that are in season and making it into a garland, you can add a fun accent to yourstairs that you can change all year, depending on the season.

4. Real Simple. If you’re one of the lucky ones that has a beautiful wood staircase, consider giving the wood a whole new personality. Try painting the underside of each step in a bold color to really make them pop!

Do you have a favorite way to dress up your staircase?

Fun Back to School Projects

A new school year means new projects. A fun way to get in the mood to go back to school is to make your own back to school supplies. There are so many fun and very do-able projects that will make your school supplies stand out. Here are five DIY ways to get excited to go back to school. 

(Via PB Teen)

Students need new notebooks for their classes. Instead of having a boring notebook, customize your notebook to match your personality! It’ll even help you want to take notes in class.

(Via Pop Cosmo)

And you’re going to need something to write with in those notebooks, right? Keep up your customizing with some fun and easy to create pencils!

(Via Caught On A Whim)

Whether your class requires you to cover your textbooks or you just think it’s fun, textbook covers are the way to go. A cute fabric cover with personalized embroidery will make your textbook so much more exciting.

(Via Blogspot)

And to go with your new textbooks you probably need a bookmark. These fun bookmarks will save your place in style.

(Via The House That Lars Built)

Once you’ve finished personalizing your school supplies, it’s time to start on your desk. By making your home work space bright and colorful, you may be surprised at how much you’ll actually want to sit down and work on your school projects.

So, are you excited to start some projects and go back to school?

Jungle Inspired Interiors

When florals circled back into the trend cycle, I was ecstatic! I love me some florals. And now jungle/greenery trends have circled around again and I'm as pleased as punch. Greenery, in both prints, products, and actual plants, is great for adding depth and soul into a space. Once you have a living organism, it creates a feeling of vibrancy and depth that you can't get from too many other home decor items. Here's how to do it.

1. Apartment Therapy.   This already beautiful space is enhanced with hanging plants and potted plants in various forms. It adds interest vertically as well as adding great focal points to the room.

2. Coffee Klatch.  This great red wall color could be considered too hot and powerful, but it's muted with the softness of the greens, which also cools it down.

3. AQQ Index.  This basic bathroom is magically transformed with these tropical potted plants. It's both practical, because of the humidity, and visually beautiful.

4. Home Design Find.  One stellar way to create an oasis, if you have the means, is to create a focal point with a gorgeous courtyard. The tropical feeling is perfect for an escape.

5. SF Girl By Bay.  Perhaps my favorite way to incorporate tropical plants into the home is to use them as art. Here, they are placed on fun boxes that act as beautiful ornaments in the home. Use a variety of plants to keep it stimulating.


Have you fallen for the tropical trend yet?

Whimsical Children’s Rooms

Via Blog.Umbrale
Every child imagines a magical room. Whether the theme is fantasy or dinosaurs, a child's room needs to feel out of this world. Here are some ways to make your child's room feel whimsical.

Kids rooms need furniture too. Instead of just using a normal, boring chair, find one that will make a statement. This one with bunny ears on top is perfectly charming. Pairing it with matching accessories will make it even more fun.

Via Homedit

Via Land of Nod
These mushroom top stools are another example of a fun way to personalize your child's furniture.

Via Handmade Charlotte

Art on the wall can transform a room. A large mural can make a room instantly take on a new scenery.


And if you don't have or want a full mural, small art prints can help with the same fun effect.


More modern furniture is also super fun to have in children's rooms. The best way to use it though is to find colorful pieces that will keep the room feeling sweet and whimsical.

Via Handmade Charlotte


Displaying Inspiring Quotes in a Non-Cheesy Way

I have many quotes that really inspire me, as I'm sure many people do, and I've noticed that sometimes I have to read them everyday to allow them to positively affect my life. The problem with this though, is that there are so many ways to display quotes that I find far too cheesy to do in my own home. Here are some ways to display inspiration quotes without creating an eye sore.

(Photo via My Attic)

I love the fun style of this wall. It's a bold move to cover a wall in words, but here they did it perfectly.

(Photo via A Merry Mishap Blog)

If you're going to frame a quote or saying, the simpler the style, the better. I love the plain background with a simple, straight-forward font. It isn't too distracting, but still gets the message across.

(Photo via The U Lifestyle)

A simple quote next to your workspace is a perfect reminder to get things done.

(Photo via Apartment Therapy)

Chalkboards aren't used in just classrooms anymore. A modern, stylish chalkboard is a cool way to write down whatever you want. And the cool thing is that it will look exactly how you want it to and you can mix it up all the time.

(Photo via

Here is just another chalkboard example that I think is really cool. You can use it to jot down notes, as well as a memorable quote.

(Photo via NY Times)

Can you think of other stylish ways to show off your favorite quotes?

Modern Homes Inspired by Countries Around the World

Everybody has a different background and a fun way to show it is through their home decor. But you don't have to completely disregard modern styles in order to have a home inspired by your favorite country. Here are eight homes that have let different countries inspire their decor.


(Photo via This is Glamorous)

The classic white French architecture of this home is complemented perfectly with black modern furniture. The two are almost complete opposites, but when put together make the perfect combination.


(Photo via Skona Hem)

The decor in this home is without a doubt, modern. What makes it cool and Italian inspired, is the home itself. It's almost as if this is what a modern Italian castle would look like today.



(Photo via Houzz - Lewis | Schoeplein Architects)

The clean lines of this home are beautifully accentuated with a colorful tile, making it feel Moroccan in style.


(Photo via Vibeke Design)

Scandinavian style is known for being clean and simple. The Hardanger style curtain, the sheepskin, the throw that looks like a sweater, and the star lamp, although it is mainly used at Christmastime, all are beautiful and simple ways that instantly make this home look Norwegian.

South Africa

(Photo via Pinterest)

You can keep a home feeling fresh and modern while still using your accessories or souvenirs straight from South Africa. A good way to make sure everything flows together well is to coordinate the color scheme.


(Photo via decoist)

This bathroom is very simple when you only look at the actual bathroom fixtures. What makes it so cool is the Japanese style zen garden they have added. The plants and design are not complex, but they instantly make you feel like you're in Japan.


(Photo via Style Files)

This room not only feels inspired by Mexico, but it also merges retro with modern. That seems like an oxymoron, but by mixing accessories like the modern flower pots with a retro inspired chair and colors, you get a room that is a modern, retro Mexico. Seems odd, but actually works perfectly here.


(Photo via Stoudtburg Village)

You don't just have to make the inside of your house look inspired by a country. Try painting the outside of your house a fun color with detailed trim and you could instantly look like your house was lifted out of Germany.

What country inspires your home decor?