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About Bonjour Fete

Bonjour Fête is a party boutique that carries a curated selection of party tableware and decorations to make your celebration perfect.

Transform Your Space for Every Holiday

Bonjour once more!

The Bonjour Fête gals are comin' atcha again. Now that we’ve revealed our full Studio City shop renovation with Caesarstone, we wanted to bring you all a little bit of holiday fun!

We just opened our Pacific Palisades location in Palisades Village a couple of weeks ago, but we’ve been in our Studio City location for several months now and have gone through a few holidays here. If you’ve been to either of our shops, you'll know that we are anything but minimal when it comes to decor. So, it should be no surprise that we go all out for every holiday!We’re here today to walk you through how we transform key areas of our shop to properly celebrate each one!

Our first holiday in our new shop was Halloween.

Our front window display is obviously an area we focus on. It brings us so much joy when our customers come in saying how happy our display makes them when they walk by. Brainstorming new themes for each holiday is always the most fun; it keeps us all on our toes!

This year we went with a Marie Antoinette theme (or Marie Bone-toinette, as we liked to call our skeleton version of her). We used antique table details and a few spooky elements from her orange, black and blush color palette. And of course, our skeleton plates had to have cotton candy, Marie Antoinette-style hair!

The next area we'll shift our focus to is our front counter.

Home to some of our gorgeous Caesarstone countertops (in Frosty Carrina Honed), our front cash wrap is where our customers spend a lot of their time, so we always want it to be a little festive.

Frosty Carrina 5141

Pink tombstones, sparkly, spooky crows, skeleton snow globes and spooktacular banners helped us spookify our space!

Another themed spot in our shop is our signature bar cart. We always like to style it in a very attainable way so our shoppers can find inspiration for bar cart decor in their own homes.

Had enough ghoulish fun? Let’s move onto Thanksgiving!

Our front window display for this Thanksgiving was actually a little toned-down for us. Which, in the long run, isn’t toned down, but that’s why we said “for us.”

We incorporated lots of wicker, neutral colored pom poms, yummy fall treats from our girls at Josephine Los Angeles and of course, lots of pink!

What would Thanksgiving be without multiple pies?!

To create a more sophisticated feel this Thanksgiving, we stuck with neutral, gold and pastel blue colors throughout our shop.

Now, onto the holiday we go the most extra for - Christmas!

This year, we went with a red and pink color palette. But, if we’re being honest, our Christmas color palette has (and will continue to have) pink in it every year.

We matched our linens, place settings and treats to this color palette and it made our front window pop like crazy! Besides, who wouldn’t want to have a super pink dinner party?

One of our trusty nutcrackers kept our colorful Christmas bar cart company throughout the season. We decked the cart out with rich-hued blooms, colorful bottlebrush trees and one of our favorite Christmas village houses.

Bottlebrush trees were definitely a theme in our shop this year and we continued to use them in all of our displays, just to make every corner a little happier. Shown above is our card display, which is adjacent to our front cash wrap. Once again, this is one of the areas our shoppers see the most and we always want it to bring them joy.

Ultimately, we’re so happy to have a space that we can make the most out of for every holiday.We hope you all are soaking up every last bit of this chaotic but extremely joyous time of year!

Au Revoir!

 - Bonjour Fete Gals

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Bonjour Fete’s Storefront Reveal

Bonjour, everyone!

My name is Rachel Huntington! I am the owner of Bonjour Fetea small, women-owned business, complete with a team of hard-working, creative babes based out of Los Angeles, CA. While our brand has had an online presence since 2014, we have been a brick and mortar shop since November of 2016. Our first space was a little 900 square foot shop, where we all shared an office that doubled as our storage unit—and we loved every second of being in it. However, at the beginning of 2018, we realized we had just outgrown it.

Conveniently enough, the pet store next door to us was moving and their much bigger space was going up for rent! After a lot of thought, we decided to make the leap and we are so thankful every day that we did!

BUT, we're here to tell you that designing a new space from floor to ceiling is no small task. We had no idea there were so many decisions to make. Paint, floors, light fixtures, countertops and hardware. All needing to intertwine with each other and bring about this vision we've had in our heads.

Here are a few “before” photos of the space before we started construction!

We’ve always thought of our brand as French, mostly modern (with a touch of mid-century thrown in) and slightly eclectic. And we wanted this space to reflect that in every detail, while also being cohesive.

And, after a lot of work….


It was a process. Even though it was a much larger space, it took a lot of construction and re-designing to make it not feel closed off. We re-painted the walls a much brighter white, Cool December, by Dunn Edwards. We went with a light grey for the floors (also by Dunn Edwards, December Sky). These steps definitely gave the space the open feeling we were searching for and choosing/constructing all of our features was much easier after this!

Frosty Carrina 5141 

For the front of our store, which houses most of our home decor and gifts, we chose to play off of two of the blues in our branding color palette. We used a lighter blue for our gifting shelves (Country Air by Dunn Edwards) and a deeper navy for our front counter (Midnight Sun by Dunn Edwards). This section was completed with some mid-century styled gold hardware from Emtek to make it a fun focal point for our shoppers before they make their way back into the shop for the paper party supplies.

When drawing out the plans for our front counter space, this was the first time the question of, “Oh, what are we going to do for countertops?” came up. Another decision to make! We had real marble countertops in our first shop and while they were gorgeous, the longevity and durability of them wasn't great. Our counters (the front counter especially) host a lot of activity—various products to be stocked, conversations with our shoppers, endlessly changing displays and surfaces for photoshoots (often with wine, cake or something equally as messy!). We knew we needed something that would give us the chic look we were looking for but also had some force behind it that we didn’t get from marble. 

Cue Caesarstone! We had done a balloon installation for an event for Hedley & Bennett in Downtown LA as we were in the process of designing our shop and noticed the surfaces for their kitchen. A place they were constantly cooking, spilling and hosting—and the counters were so pretty and looked FLAWLESS, even after all that activity. Obviously, we had to ask where they were from. We did our research on Caesarstone later that day and we were certain this was the route we wanted to take.

We chose the Frosty Carrina in a Honed finish. It is just so insanely close to the marble we had before, but unlike that marble, these surfaces are scratch, crack and stain resistant (someone has already spilled wine on it, so we know for sure!). It gave us that classic French, but modern look we were going for.

After completing the renovation in the front of the store, we moved our focus to the balloon/craft room (which was originally just storage space). We removed the track lighting and added our light blue chandeliers, installed a skylight and honed in on the design for this space. It was always a dream to have pink cabinets in here. We chose this pink paneling from Semihandmade and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Once again, these cabinets are adorned with satin brass hardware from Emtek, and it may be our favorite area of the store!

Originally, we thought we would go with a different surface for this room, but the Frosty Carrina Honed  just stuck in our heads so much that we decided to carry it out through the rest of our shop as well. And as much as we love change in our other aspects of design, we felt that this continuous surface gave our shop the cohesive feel we were going.

This is a room we had dreamed up for so long. Balloons have been a key part of our business since day one and we couldn’t be more grateful for an entire room for our team to get creative in (especially when we were accustomed to assembling 20-foot garlands in our aforementioned office/storage space in our old store)!

Last but not least, I have an office! And of course, it’s pink.

Most of the time, it has at least one cake!

We’re still definitely getting into the swing of being in a larger space and are currently designing our second shop in the Pacific Palisades. We are more thankful every day that we get to live out this little dream of ours!

Au revoir!

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