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Brittany is an interior designer and stylist constantly searching for creativity and inspiration in the world around her. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she finds plenty of both. Her interior design studio services a variety of clients throughout California seeking her simple and collected aesthetic. Brittany believes that a house becomes a home when it is beautiful, comfortable and, most importantly, reflects the personality of the people who live inside.

4 Home Décor Items that are Better with Trim

Image: Mary McDonald

A lot of clients forego adding details or trim to furniture and accessories to keep decorating costs down and allocate those funds to other, seemingly important, items in their room. When you need 32 yards of a $150/yard trim just to add a little pizazz to your drapery, it definitely begs the question, is it worth it? But if I told you that you could get the same pizazz with a $2/yard trim and a glue gun, the answer to that same question would be a resounding, yes!

What you’ll need.

Glue Gun Ribbon Thread Sewing Machine
Images: (Top Left) BBCrafts, (Top Right) Fine Art America, (Bottom Left), (Bottom Right) Staples

There are three simple methods for adding trim. My favorite and fastest is the glue gun. However, if you’re an experienced sewer you can try hand stitching and/or using a sewing machine when applicable. Additionally, you’ll need to obtain some inexpensive trim. I love shopping for bargain ribbon or tassel fringe at discount fabric stores and of course online. Grosgrain ribbon is one of my favorite types of trim to apply and if you search around online you can find it for $2/yard in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Now that we’re all set, here are my top 4 home décor items that are just begging to be gussied up with a little trim.

Pillow Trim

Pillow Trim
Images: (Left) The Cinco Mom, (Right) Designer Pillow Shop

First up, pillows! Adding trim to pillows is like the little sugar dot on top of a Sprinkle’s cupcakes. The cupcake serves its purpose without the sugar dot and is still incredibly delicious, but the dot is what makes these cupcakes unique and allows them to stand out in a crowd. Let’s face it, without the branding of that cute little dot, Sprinkle’s would not be where it is today, and so it is with trim on pillows. There are a number of fun ways to add trim to your pillows, but some of them get a little tricky with crazy mitered corners and geometric patterns that go far beyond my DIY skills, which is why I love the example above; two simple lines on a lumbar pillow - a perfect and fool proof way to make your pillows stand out in a crowd.

Drapery Trim

Greek Key Drapery Trim
Images: (Left) Chinoiserie Chic, (Right) House Beautiful

For a long time, I never added trim to drapery, but then one day I found myself specifying a neutral drapery fabric for a client that needed a little punch. We eventually decided to add some bluish-green trim and I haven’t looked back since. It was mind blowing to me how two simple lines of trim changed the whole look of the room. Get out the glue gun and give this one a whirl, you won’t be sorry.

Lampshade Trim

Trim on Lampshades
Images: (Left) Houzz, (Right) Martha Stewart

Trim on lampshades seems like such a simple upgrade and yet, most people leave their shades plain Jane, myself included. It definitely dresses up the space, and is a great way to highlight an accent color in your overall scheme.

Furniture Trim

Furniture Trim
Image: Issuu

I know what you’re thinking; adding trim to an actual piece of furniture is way too risky. If you’re feeling a little daring, start out with something small or really inexpensive (a hand-me-down chair perhaps?). Use the glue gun and work your way around the base or bottom of the skirt slowly. Once you get that technique down, you can move on to more sophisticated trim applications, such as outlining the back of a chair or creating box detailing on the cushions!

What are your favorite ways to spice up your décor by adding trim? Try out some of our suggestions and let us know how it goes!

4 Furniture Pieces That Are Better On Wheels

There’s no debate that the wheel is one of the most important inventions of all time. Wheels just seem to make everything they are attached to more functional and fun. Looking around the house, there are a few items that could be improved upon by adding wheels. Here are my top picks for household items that are just better when they are mobile.

Dining Chairs

Rolling Dining Chairs Arper
Image: Arper

In one of the many apartments that I shared with 4 other girls in my early 20’s, we were taken pity upon and given a hand-me-down dining table and chairs. In a word, the dining set was ugly, but it had one giant selling point - the chairs had wheels. Getting in and out of the table and sliding over to make room for another chair was incredibly easy and who doesn’t love the extracurricular activity of rolling chair races? (I’m reigning champion, btw.) Stylistically, this idea definitely works better with modern chairs like those from Arper shown above. Traditional versions often look like bad 70’s design so I try to steer clear.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island with Wheels Stainless Steel
Image: Peppermint Bliss

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Well then, just wheel this little guy elsewhere to make some extra space. While I find absolutely nothing wrong with a permanent island, I love the idea of adding one with wheels if you don’t already have a permanent island in place. It provides a little extra storage and countertop space along with a lot of flexibility. I also love how it stands out as a separate piece of furniture amongst all of the built-in cabinetry.

Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinets
Image: CB2

I’m currently in the process of going completely digital. Meaning, no paper anywhere. This is quite a feat and knowing me, it will probably take a few years so until then I’m currently shuffling my filing cabinet around the house on a piece of cardboard because it always seems to be in the way and it’s not exactly a decorative piece that I want out on display. Also, its super heavy and I don’t want it to scratch my hardwood floors, hence the cardboard. How much better would these heavy, unsightly pieces of metal be on wheels? Genius, I tell you.

Toy Boxes

Toy Box with Wheel
Image: (Left) Indulgy, (Right) Cyrillus

I feel like such an imposter when I give decorating advice involving children, since I don’t really have any. But I’ve had enough clients with kids to know that toys in the family room and everywhere can be a bit of a problem. Toy boxes big enough to accommodate all those toys are the best solution. It’s easy for kids and parents to toss the toys inside making for a quick and easy clean up. Having these toy boxes on wheels makes them even handier because they can be wheeled into the designated messy area, and then wheeled back to their proper home and out of the way. No matter how full or heavy they are, kids can push them around themselves.

Do you have any household items with wheels that make your life easier or more fun? Comment below and let us know!

My Top 3 Summer Recipes and their Dining Decor Matchups

Well folks, Labor Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to get in our last summer meals. Certain things just taste better in the summer, so whether it’s just you and your honey, the whole extended family, or a small group of friends, here are some of my favorite summer meals and the perfect settings to enjoy them.


Bread Pudding Breakfast Nook
Images: (Top Left) Foodnetwork, (Bottom Left) Sparrows and Spatulas, (Right) heirloom philosophy

I’ll be honest, Ina Garten’s bread pudding French toast is a favorite of mine year round, but I think it tastes better in the summer – I’m generally more active so I don’t feel as guilty about the extra calories. And let me tell you… every extra calorie is worth it. Find the delicious recipe here.

I’m not necessarily a morning person, but this past week I’ve been getting up before the sunrise. I’ve really enjoyed how the sunlight slowly pours into our windows in an extra magical way that only seems to happen in the morning. There is something so great and summery about enjoying breakfast in a cozy nook next to big beautiful windows. This design element is on my “must have” list for my future home. Combine this setting with bread pudding French toast and boom! – instant perfect summer morning.


Summer Salad Patio
Images: (Top) Lonny Magazine, (Bottom) Feast and Harmony

One of my rules to live by is to eat at least one meal outside in the summertime. I don’t accomplish this on a daily basis because the rule I actually live by is “drink at least one meal out of a cup every day all year round,” but oh how I long for the perfect patio (and more time) so that I could live by the former instead. I love the patio setting above – everything from the inexpensive but fun and festive lanterns, the casual throw pillows, to the mismatched chairs. Shading is key while eating outdoors in the summer, especially during lunchtime. This rattan covering adds texture, and is an interesting departure from the standard pole umbrella.

For the perfect recipe to match your summer lunch outdoors I want to suggest something that I haven’t tried before but sounds amazing; so if you have a chance to try this before I do leave a comment and let me know how it is! I love watermelon and I love roasted corn so why not?! Find the full recipe here.


Kitchen and Pizza
Images: (Top) Windsor Smith via Veranda Magazine, (Bottom) Oh My Veggies

I actually had the privilege of seeing this Windsor Smith designed all-in-one kitchen-dining area in person during the Veranda show house tour. It’s just as stunning up close and really got me thinking about how I live, cook, eat, and entertain. Of course I prefer to use the dining room for more formal dinners, but so often, especially during the summer, I like to keep things casual and relaxed – I love this alternative to dining outdoors. It’s convenient, fun, large enough for a big party, and everyone is right there to help with the dishes when dinner and socializing is over!

Pizza is my pick for this summer dinner, especially in our casual kitchen-dining room, for a few reasons:

  1. Pizza is always a crowd pleaser, especially when guest can make their own.

  2. The large table doubles as an island. It’s the perfect place for guests to create their own pizza, and then dine together when they’re done baking!

  3. The possibilities for ingredients are endless; plus, during the summertime you can include extra fresh herbs and veggies.

To try out the delicious grilled caprese naan pizza, view the full recipe here.

These are just a few ideas to get your end of summer juices flowing for how you can make the most out of the few summer meals you have left.

What are your favorite recipes along with your favorite settings to dine in the summertime? Comment below to let us know!

Poster Bed Personalities

Four poster beds make a statement like nothing else in a home. Due to their large size they become an overwhelming presence in a bedroom, but overwhelming in a good way - that is if you select the style that fits with your personality and overall aesthetic of your home.

The Minimalist

Minimalist Four Poster Bed
Images: (Left) Finishing Touch Interiors, (Right) Room and Board

Sometimes you don’t want all the bells and whistles; the minimalist in you wants something clean, modern, no frills, and no fuss. The four poster bed for you is one without curves and carving. One of my favorite versions is the Architecture bed from Room and Board (shown at right, above). It’s made of steel which gives it a more modern edge than other wood options.

The Preppy Conservative

Four Poster Bed Tan Pleated
Image: Suzanne Rheinstein in Elle Décor via Summerfield

No one does preppy quite like a box pleat with trim. Dress up your simple four poster by adding a few fabric details. It creates a classic coziness without being too overwhelming. Also, don’t reserve the grandiosity of a four poster bed just for the master. I love the way the preppy canopy adds a tailored affect to the twin beds in this guest bedroom.

Casual Flair

Casual Four Poster Bed
Images: (Left) 1st Dibs via An Indian Summer, (Right) iwantiwantiwant

Perhaps your casual free-spirit identifies more with bohemian or beach chic décor. In response to these personality types we have one of the simplest solutions for dressing up a basic four poster; add light-weight drapery panels. You can always use drapery rings to attach them to the bed, but panels with tie-tops are especially low maintenance, and will give you that breezy aesthetic you’re after.

All Decked-Out

Classic Four Poster Bed
Images: (Left) Homebunch, (Right) Book: At Home A Style for Today with Things from the Past by Suzanne Rheinstein

So you were born in the wrong era. The four poster beds meant for you are the types that are right at home in Downton Abbey, or possibly even the Palace of Versailles. For you uber traditionalists out there who feel more at home dressing up than down, these are the beds for you. Curvaceous canopies and lots of gathered fabric are where it’s at. Even though I tend to fall on the more casual end of the spectrum, I can’t deny how beautiful and cozy a fully decked out canopy bed can be!

Which four poster bed would be most at home with your personality and current bedroom décor? Keep the conversation going by sharing or commenting below!

What’s Your Window Treatment Style?

Even though I grew up in a home with nothing but white blinds, I have come to really appreciate the style and functionality that comes from the multitudes of window treatments. Because of the vast variety of window coverings available, the decision of what to put where can be confusing and overwhelming: for that very reason I wanted to provide an easy guide to help readers determine what type of window treatment best suits each of you.

Wood Blinds and Woven Shades

Images: (Left) Luxaflex, (Right) Ashley Whittaker via House Beautiful

First up are louvered wood blinds and woven wood shades. These two treatments fall into the same category because they are straightforward and minimal. They come in a variety of colors and textures, but all of your options will produce similar results – a casual space with window coverings that provide medium to dark light coverage. Go with this option if your lifestyle and tastes are ‘no fuss,’ and you place heavy importance on function.

Roman Shades

Images: Regan Billingsley Interiors, (Right) Elle Décor via Colors in Design

Fabric Roman shades are a happy medium between wood blinds, shades, and flashier styles of window coverings that we’ll discuss in a minute. Roman shades are simple in their design; they can take a minimalist approach to covering windows, or they have the option to be jazzed up (depending on your fabric and trim selection). Using a fabric shade adds softness to the space. You also have the option of using a print or woven pattern – this can add to a more “decorated” room, if that’s the look you’re after.

Drapery Panels

Image: Victoria Hagan in Architectural Digest via Stockholm Vitt

Drapery panels are closer to fancy town than fabric Roman shades are. I love using drapery panels in clients’ homes simply because they can change dramatically from casual to formal based solely on the fabric that you use. Simple cotton and linen panels are right at home in the most casual of spaces, while velvet and silk panels fit anywhere from sophisticated master bedrooms to formal dining rooms. I change the pleating at the top of the drapery accordingly; fancier pleats are reserved for more formal fabrics and spaces. Drapery panels are easy to close and operate, but all of the fabric hanging on your wall definitely creates a more decorated space. This makes these the perfect pick for anyone looking for a truly decorated room, without going too formal or traditional.

Balloon Shades

Images: (Left) Veranda Magazine via Mark D. Sikes, (Right) Carlton Varney via Architectural Digest

I put these, and other heavily pleated and decorated, valances at the top of my fancy chart. You could start with a simple room design, but once these are hung you can’t deny the formality of the space. Again, fabric selection will dictate exactly just how formal the covering is; but regardless, if you love traditional design and are looking for elaborate window coverings to finish off your space, then these are for you!

Combination Treatments

Images: (Left) Design Chic, (Right) Charlotte Moss via Pinterest

Although I started out my decorating career using the simplest shades and drapes, my taste is evolving – I now crave a mixture of window covering styles that come together in one treatment. Can’t make up your mind between simple woven shades and more stylish drapery panels? Put them together in one treatment to walk the line between casual and formal!

Now I ask which window treatment style best fits your personality? Do your current window coverings match up with your style and functional needs, or is it time for a change? Keep the conversation going and comment below!

Skirted Table Solutions: Add Personality to a Table

Image: Architectural Digest

It all started when I began the hunt to find a meeting table for my new office. The corner where the table would be located is tight, but I wanted to maximize surface areas as much as I could; this resulted with me coming up with the not so popular diameter of 42 inches. I looked high and low for something I loved, would fit the style of my office, was within my budget, and right around my ’perfect’ size. After about a month of searching, a light bulb went off in my head: I realized that a skirted table was the answer to all of my woes.

In a word, skirted tables are awesome. They instantly take an ordinary table up 10 notches on the classy scale; plus, selecting a fabric and material that blends with (and compliments) the rest of the upholstery in the room is the perfect way to repurpose an old table that doesn’t quite fit with your décor. To solve my 42 inch meeting table dilemma, I found a classroom supply website with a variety of table diameters and ordered from them knowing that it doesn’t matter what the top and base look like – all I need to do is have a cloth made in the fabric of my choice and problem solved!

To assist you in jumping on the skirted bandwagon, here are four skirted table applications that you can use to freshen up the existing tables in your home.

Skirted Dining Tables

Images: (Left) Elle Décor via The Lovely Lifestyle, (Right) Jane Showers via Splendid Sass

Skirted dining tables are one of my favorite applications. They always look beautiful, and really give the dining room a really “put together” vibe. Because dining spaces are often lacking in upholstery pieces, this is also a great way to add extra softness, pattern, and color.

Skirted Console Tables

Images: (Left) Pinterest, (Right) Pawley Island Posh

Console tables can be tough to find in the exact width, depth, and height you need, so a skirted console can be a great solution. You can have a simple plywood table made or DIY to your exact specifications; then, cover it with a perfectly tailored cloth for instant designer style. Pleated corners and other embellishments, such as tape trim and corner ties, add to the decorative aesthetic; they really make the cover feel purposeful, and not like a generic afterthought.

Skirted Center Tables

Image: Architectural Digest

Center tables are the perfect fillers for an awkward space. In large entries and great rooms they help fill up the space and provide an extra surface to display collectibles, books, and lighting. The skirt really makes the center table stand out in the photo above. It’s the perfect pop of color, and the simple striped design at the base adds a subtle graphic element. The room just wouldn’t have the same feel without it.

Skirted Side Tables

Images: (Left) Laura Casey Interiors, (Right) Lon Ny

Skirted side and end tables serve the same purpose as other skirted applications. They both add softness to the space; however, a skirted side table placed next to your bed or reading chair can also provide extra storage for baskets of magazines or blankets that you don’t necessarily want out on display. Likewise, if you have matching side tables and want to mix things up without spending a lot of money, simply add a skirt to one of them. When redecorating a living space, covering a table with a skirt has the same quick and easy freshening and transforming effect as swapping out old pillows for new ones.

Do you have any tables at home just waiting for a skirted make-over? Share your thoughts on the skirted table trend below!

Stylish Kitchen Accessories

Designing custom kitchens are some of my favorite projects. There’s something about the durability, permanence, and functionality of a kitchen that I love. But, I don’t think that a great kitchen should stop with beautiful cabinets and a stylish backsplash: beauty in a kitchen should extend to every part. Whatever is sitting on your stove, next to your sink, or anywhere else should compliment the rest of the space instead of taking away from it. In essence, my dream kitchen is one where every part, from the largest refrigerator to the smallest teaspoon, serves a functional purpose, but also exudes stylish living.

Here are some of my favorite components that help achieve just that…

Classic Marble

Images: (Both) Crate and Barrel

I love marble on countertops, floors, and fireplace surrounds, so why stop there? These marble kitchen accessories are some of my favorites. I adore the feel of honed marble; even better, the classic white and gray palette will go with pretty much any other kitchen accessories, especially stainless.

Stylish Utensils

Images: (Left) Remodelista, (Right) All Modern

While there are many lovely stainless kitchen utensils and accessories out there, those designed by Jasper Morrison are at the top of my list. They are simple and elegant, without any unnecessary embellishments to get in the way or get crusted with food. All of Jasper’s products have a modern sensibility to them due to their clean lines and no-fuss design, but they fit as seamlessly in a traditional kitchen as they would a modern one.

Retro Storage

Image: West Elm

When West Elm jumped on the kitchen accessories train, we all knew good and affordable things would happen. These vintage style canisters and dishes will add charm to any cooking arena. What a pleasant sight it is to open a cupboard and see these super stylish canisters instead of, like my college days, bags of flour and sugar. This collection is so hip that you may not even want to hide it in the cupboard; instead, install exposed shelving just to showcase your wares.

Stainless Appliances

Images: (Top Left) The Coastal Cupboard, (Top Right) One Cuppa Coffee, (Bottom Left) The Naptime Chef, (Bottom Right) Crate & Barrel

To go with your Jasper Morrison designed utensils, I also recommend going with stainless steel appliances. White or black versions of the same types of appliances tend to have a less sophisticated look, and can make your kitchen feel dated. Using all stainless steel appliances is a great way to mix and match brands (depending on your preference), while still maintaining a cohesive look amongst your different choices of appliance brands.

What are some of your favorite stylish kitchen accessories? Comment below and let us know!

Floor to Ceiling Paint Designs

Images: (Top Left) Honest to Nod, (Right) Elle Decor, (Bottom Left) Down to Earth Style

Sometimes it’s the riskiest design decisions that transform a room from good to great. This is exactly how I feel about painted ceilings and floors. Painting your walls is low risk. I do it everyday when working with clients – it’s an easy sell. What isn’t such an easy sell is convincing them to paint their ceiling. People often ask, “…but won’t it feel like a cave?”, “…won’t it make the room feel smaller?”

What’s even more difficult is convincing them to paint their floors, "…but this wood dates all the way back to 1990!” “…but I won’t ever be able to get them back the way they were if I change my mind!”

My response to these (questionably) valid concerns is always: painted floors and ceilings are awesome so do it anyway!

To plead my case I’m going to need the help of some strong visuals. So, without further ado…

Floors with Pattern (and Pizazz!)

Painted Pattern Wall
Images: (Left) Mary McDonald via Pinterest, (Right) Mary McDonald via Cote De Texas

Of course it calls for the right personality and the right interior, but no one can argue with the drama and cool factor that these patterned painted floors add to each space. Using a design on your painted floors, whether bold or muted, allows you to incorporate multiple colors into your design. Or try an accent color with a little more punch, toned down by a white or neutral color in the background.

Pop of Solid Color

Painted Pattern Wall
Image: Pinterest

If you want to baby step your way into trying the patterned painted floor, I recommend starting out with a solid color in one room of your house that has defined doorways, such as the kitchen pictured above. White is a great neutral that looks great with everything and is the perfect beginner color if you can’t quite decide. But look how stunning this green option is! Without it, this kitchen would be pretty, but it would lack color and interest.

Painted Stairs

Colored Stairs
Images: (Left) Elle Decor, (Right) Katie Brown

Forget the runner, add a pop of interest and color by painting your stairs instead. This option lends itself best to casual cottage or coastal interiors, as shown in the interiors above. Blue and aqua are the perfect accent to the otherwise white painted floors.

Solid Painted Ceiling

Colored Ceiling
Images: (Left) House Beautiful, (Right) Elle Decor

Clients may be afraid of the “cave-like” effect when painting their ceiling, but I prefer the term “cozy-cocoon” instead. Painted ceilings have the biggest impact when the walls are light or muted and the ceiling is where you find the punch of color. Whether you use a high gloss finish, paint bead-board, or keep it simple and just use an eggshell finish on a plain ceiling, it’s an awesome way to use some of those brighter, bolder, hues that you love, but don’t necessarily want staring you straight in the eye when used as a wall color.

Patterned Ceilings

Patterned Ceiling
Images: (Left) Pinterest, (Right) Pinterest

If you’re feeling brave and it’s in the budget, add a little pattern to your painted ceiling. It’s especially perfect for kid’s rooms and more modern spaces, and it is much less of a permanent fixture than adding wallpaper or architectural details.

What color would you use to paint your floors or ceilings? Comment below and let us know!

4 Classy Ways to Add Patriotic Spirit to Your Décor

Image: Better Homes and Gardens

Holidays are a great time to reconnect with family and friends, take some time to relax, and reflect on the purpose of the season. There are a few holidays worth getting all decked out for. For me, the 4th of July is one of them; but, I don’t like holiday decorating to get too themey. Since I like to keep things a little bit sophisticated and classy, while still festive, here are a few quick tips for how you can add some festive yet classy 4th of July inspired décor into your home.

1. American Flag Wall Decor

American Flag Wall Decor
Images: (Left) Home Bunch, (Right) Veranda

Although American flags can certainly stay up all year round, I feel like there is something especially
summery about them. Hang them in a frame, or go even simpler than that and pin them directly to the wall for an instant pop of patriotism.

2. Simple Pillow Swap

Patriotic Pillows
Images: (Left) House Beautiful, (Right) Zazzle

My mother was one who would change out our family room pillows during Christmas to make our home more festive. Why not apply this same idea to the 4th. It's an easy switch and doesn’t require any semi-permanent changes, such as paint or new holes in your walls. I love the idea of mixing basic red and blue stripes with flag pillows - it keeps the overall look from being too themey.

3. Festive Table Settings

Patriotic Dinning
Images: (Left) Pinterest, (Right) Pehr

If you don’t love red and blue as a design statement in your home, then another option is to only bring it out during meal time with red, white, and blue plates, napkins, placemats, table clothes, or glasses. Unless it’s a 4th of July picnic, it can be a bit much to cover the entire table in red white and blue for a simple breakfast or dinner; so, for those summer days leading up to and following the 4th, I love using just one or two of the above mentioned items at a time. For example, use red, white and blue napkins with neutral placemats, white plates, and clear glasses, or a red, white, and blue table cloth with your everyday dishes.

4. Patriotic Florals

Patriotic Florals
Images: (Left) Better Homes and Gardens, (Right) Better Homes and Gardens

Fresh flowers indoors and out are a perfect way to add to your summery 4th of July décor. I love the look of simple red flowers in a blue vase or pot; a mix of red and blue flowers in a white or clear container is also a great option. Adding miniature flags to the arrangement definitely gives it an extra boost of patriotic spirit.

What are your tips for classy 4th of July décor? Share your ideas with us by commenting below!

5 Ways to Accent Your Lifestyle With Hardware

Images: (Left) Country Living, (Right) Pinterest

There’s nothing like a trip to the hardware store to get your creative juices flowing! I first noticed this about a year ago while working on a few window displays for the California Gift show. After coming up with a few concepts, I headed to Home Depot to figure out how to execute them. I then left with materials and ideas far superior than my original plans. Miniature garden fences became rustic window frames, and metal conduit became the perfect legs for my space-aged table. Even better, there are fun and practical ways to use your local hardware store for home decoration and fashion.

Here is a round-up of a few of my favorite hardware store applications.

1. House Numbers

Hardware Stairs
Images: (Left) Country Living, (Right) Pinterest

Metal and vinyl numbers can have sophisticated or playful applications. For a family with kids, I think that numbering the stairs is a fun accent. When first coming across this mirror I never would have guess those were vinyl numbers from the hardware store… genius.

2. Hardware Bracelets

Hardware Jewelry
Images: (Left) All Free Kids Crafts, (Right) Good Ideas for You

My sister was a counselor at a girl’s camp a couple of summers ago and brought me back a bracelet that she made herself using two simple items from the hardware store – rope and nuts. This is a perfect craft for kids and adults of all ages because of the braided pattern’s simplicity. To take a more sophisticated spin on the hardware store bracelet, you can also use a simple leather strap wrapped around your wrist and embellish it with a few chunky brass fittings.

3. Hose Clamp

Hardware Clamp
Image: The Nest

Don’t underestimate the hose clamp. It adds a little of that much sought after industrial vibe in a very authentic way. Just attach to simple mason jars joined to a board installed on the wall, and viola! Instant industrial modern storage!

4. Pipes

Pipe Hardware
Images: (Left) Pinterest, (Right) DIY Network

Pipes are just so much more interesting than regular towel racks and book shelves, so why not use them instead? These are perfect for holding kitchen pots, pans, necklaces, and even jewelry in your bedroom – or just use them as a fun wall accessory.

5. Peg Board

Peg Board
Images: (Left) Savvy Design West, (Right) The Smith Nest

I recently installed a peg board in my office to hang all of my wood and paint samples, and let me tell you: it has changed my life. Add a coat of paint onto a simple peg board from the hardware store and you have instant function mixed with a splash of colorful decoration. They can hold anything from kid’s markers to kitchen utensils to gardening supplies.

What unexpected ways has the hardware store inspired you? Comment below and let us know!