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Chanel is a maker, writer, singer, and all-around creative who approaches every aspect of life with energy. The Executive Producer at, Chanel has spent the last 8 years overseeing production and styling – from DIY projects to fashion stories – and has developed a keen eye for editorial. No stranger to a tool set, Chanel expresses her creativity through the constant redecoration of her home, her daily outfitting and entertaining friends.

Chanel Dror’s Guest House Reveal

Chanel Dror, Executive Producer at, shares how she used Caesarstone to transform her detached garage into a 1-bedroom guest house.

If you’ve ever done any kind of home renovation, you know that swift and confident decision-making is a big part of the process. In fact, I’d argue that if decisiveness isn’t a strength of yours (I’m looking at you Libras,) a lengthy home improvement project might not be a fit for your personality at all!

All Photography by Molly Culver | Intense White 6011

I learned this lesson time and time again throughout the transformation of our detached garage into a 1-bedroom studio. While I consider myself to be decisive, the small kitchen and bathroom in the 450 square foot space repeatedly proved to be a test to my convictions — specifically, selecting the finish outs. What could possibly be more overwhelming than choosing something as permanent as kitchen countertops or a bathroom vanity?! The endless possibilities add to the pressure indeed, but working with Caesarstone gave me confidence to choose the exact right product for me, and the friends and family we hope to host in our guest house. Here are a few photos of our completed space, which features Intense White surfaces throughout!

We originally planned to just put a kitchenette in the guest house, but when we realized we had the space, we went ahead and outfitted a complete kitchen. It’s now equipped to accommodate just about any culinary need, and with our durable countertops, we know it can endure just about anything!

Architect and dear friend Scott Parks designed the custom cabinets, and our contractor worked his magic to bring our vision to life. Paired with the greenish-black wood, Caesarstone in Intense White looks modern and clean, and it has a very cool textured matte finish as well.

This sweet bathroom is my favorite corner of the guest house. Scott designed the most adorable layout for the tiny space — because who doesn’t love a pony wall ledge — and all it took was a few special finish outs, like simple 2×2 tiles, to take it to the next level.

The vanity was a custom design by Scott and was built to coordinate with the kitchen cabinets. We topped it with Caesarstone in Intense White once again for a sharp look, and I’m in love with how it crisp it looks paired with all the beautiful brass faucets and fixtures.

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