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Eleni Psyllaki is an architect, specializing in interior design, living in Crete, Greece. Apart from local interior design projects, she works with clients from all around the world through personalized e-design services. Her blog, My Paradissi, is a source of inspiration for the happy and creative living. It has been named by Domino magazine as one of the best design blogs to follow. Co-author of the first European book written entirely by bloggers, ‘Wohnideen aus den Wahren Leben’ and a speaker at the Hive Blog Conference in 2012.

Bathrooms With Round Vanity Mirrors

Photo from CM Natural Designs

Round mirrors seem to be quite popular these days. You can spot them just about anywhere in a house, from a well-attained entry to a stylish living or dining room. Needless to say, round mirrors look wonderful inside a bathroom as well. Their clear geometric form complements almost all vanity styles and add an extra touch of character even in the simplest of designs. I love how they work equally well as a pair over a double vanity or as a single statement piece. They can fine tune the design of the bathroom to a more contemporary, eclectic, modern, country or chic style depending on their design and material. A matching lighting fixture, like a sconce next to it or right above or a mini pendant that is hung off-centered, completes the look while bringing depth and function. Below, you can find 5 round vanity mirror pieces I currently have on my radar.

Photo from Brown's Plumbing and Gas

01: Expedition Wall Mirror // 02: Montara Mirror // 03: Infinity 24'' Round Brass Wall Mirror // 04: Anurhada Round Wall Mirror // 05: Holden Mirror, Black

Photo from Veronica Martin Design Studio

What do you think? Are you a fan of round mirrors? Would you place one in your bathroom (or any other room of the house for that matter)?

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Decorate A Contemporary Kitchen With Light Wood Cabinetry

Hart Builders Pty Ltd.

I’d like to share with you this awesome open space kitchen I stumbled across the other day located in an equally cool and easy- going home in Australia. First thing that got my attention was how the minimalistic and unrefined oak cabinetry complements the all white lacquered surfaces and sleek countertops. The lack of pulls and knobs helps keep a clean and simple design while the incredible fish scale tile on the splashback adds character and interest. The black accents (like the stools, art and kitchen accessories) create a welcoming contrast and the simple white pendants above the island complete the look in the most subtle of ways. Inspired by this beautiful space, I put together a moodboard to help you recreate the look in your space. Hope it inspires you as much as it did me!

Hart Builders Pty Ltd

01. Ronde Small Pendant Light // 02. Bileola- Wild Cockatoos // 03. Small Bottle Salt and Pepper Grinder // 04. Brizo 63020LF-BL Solna Kitchen Faucet with Pullout Spray, Matte Black // 05. Nerd Counter Stool // 06. Circular Serving Boards, Set of 3 // 07. Kubus Bowl Large- Black

Hart Builders Pty Ltd.

What do you think? Are you fond of this kitchen style? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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How To Decorate A Bathroom Bookcase

From L'Atelier MARINKA | Architect: Miriam Gassmann | Photographer: Stéphane Deroussent

It’s not very often that we get to see bathrooms or powder rooms with a bookcase. Although reading in the bathroom is sort of a habit for many of us, having a whole collection of books in such a space is not a common thing to do. That’s a pity if you ask me. A bookcase adds character and a sophisticated vibe anywhere it’s situated, even if it’s the least expected of rooms- the bathroom. There are so many ways to decorate them, books or not! Beautiful scented candles, trinket trays and boxes, ornaments and heirlooms or souvenirs and, of course, botanicals are just some ideas. So, instead of arguing that in our digital era a bookcase is an unnecessary luxury to a home, let’s embrace this style even in the most unorthodox of placements, the bathroom.

From Templeton Architecture | Photographer: Sharyn Cairns

01: IC Lights S // 02: "Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Already Taken" Book Set // 03: Case Study Bowl Planter with Plinth // 04: Louvre Abrams // 05: Eightmood Hobert Bust // 06: "I Pledge" Extra Large Matchbox // 07: diptyque Baies Scented Candle // 08: Houndstooth Turkish Towels // 09: flat mini bud vase // 10: Vintage Photography Tour, S/6 Booth & Williams // 11:  Odeme Black Edge Ring Dish

From Stephen Chung, Architect | Photographer: Stephen Lee

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Unique Kitchenware to Display on Open Shelves

Source: Stephane Chamard

As a working mother, I find the idea of maintaining open kitchen shelves quite a challenge but I admit I’ve been always an admirer of this style. As a designer and lover of all things pretty, I have this urge to keep items that have soul and character in plain sight and, of course, items that add to the room design. And, oh my, there are so many amazing kitchenwares one can find nowadays in stores - from local handcrafters to designers and creators all around the globe (thank you internet!). If I had the opportunity, these are some of the products I’d love to have in my kitchen open shelves.

01. Trapezoid Shinogi Bowl // 02. Nesting Bowl // 03.  American Modern Cup + Saucer // 04. 'Tetsubin' Kettle // 05. Porcelain Bowl with a Bamboo Lid // 06. Speckle Serving Platter // 07. Hasami Porcelain Teapot // 08. Bridget Bodenham Ceramic Mugs

Source: Burgoyne Road

Do you have open shelving in your kitchen? Do you love this idea or find it hard to keep up? What would you place on them?

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Moodboard: Eclectic Chic Bathroom

Source: Milestone Building Pty Ltd

Are you of those people who feel that the bathroom is one of the most important spaces in the house? An in-house sanctuary to rejuvenate, recharge and relax? If so, what do you do to transform this room into an actual heaven on earth? And I don’t mean design-wise. Sure, that is important as well, but there are also many other details one can utilize to bring a soothing and welcoming vibe that is both practical and easy to implement even in the smallest of spaces.

Source: Milestone Building Pty Ltd


1. The Pampering: Soaps, lotions, creams, minerals and all those beauty products that clean, smoothen and protect your body and soul. Extra tip: pick a series that satisfies your sense of smell.

2. The Sheen: A touch of sparkle in a bathroom can take the design many miles away- this can come from a beautiful selection of vanity accessories. Extra tip: Pay attention to your needs and size of vanity to avoid overcrowding the area.

3. The Blooms: Really can’t think of any space that a small bouquet of blooms won’t make it prettier. Extra tip: Try high quality faux flowers if your bathroom lacks daylight.

4. The Softness: A plush set of towels and a cushy bathrobe is a must for a spa like charmness. Needless to say, the softer the better. Extra tip: Consider personalisation for that extra touch of glam

5. The Aroma: A lit scented candle will not only add a perfect touch of essence in a bathroom but also a warm and cozy ambience. Extra tip: Keep a pretty box of matches next to the candle to complete the look and help with the use

Sconces: Devon Sconce, Polished Nickel

Vanity: Union Square 48''W Single Vanity

Mirror: Newport Wall Mirror

Source: Milestone Building Pty Ltd. 

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8 Wooden Accents To Add A Natural Vibe To A Contemporary Kitchen

Design by Scandinavian Homes

Of the most common materials one can find in kitchen accessories like porcelain, glass and metal, wood is by far, by definition, the warmest of them all. Nowadays, designers have made it easier for us to source high end, unique wooden kitchen accessories and gadgets with a contemporary vibe to match more sophisticated and modern kitchens. As opposed to the more usual, unrefined and rustic pieces, contemporary wooden accents have a smooth finish, geometric forms and a minimalistic approach to their design. Plus, they are great to use everyday while adding a natural touch to the kitchen decor. Here are my top 8 picks I’d love to have in my kitchen pronto!

01: Hay Field Bread Board // 02: Umbra Shift Crux Mortar and Pestle // 03: Cherry + Cork Canisters // 04: Kami Mug // 05: Japanese Oak Trays // 06: Collected by The Line, Set of Six Petite Assorted Wood Bowls with Spoons // 07: Modern Salt and Pepper Shakers- Elegant Wooden Stones- Design Gift Decor // 08: Walnut Coffee Spoon Long Handle 

What do you think? Do you use wooden accessories in your kitchen? Do you see something in this list that inspires you as well?

Design by Scandinavian Homes

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3 Bathroom Accessory Combos To Uplift Your Bathroom

Photo from Houzz

When first entering a bathroom, one notices the wall and floor coverings (like the tiles, stone, paint, wallpaper, etc), the fixtures (lighting, faucets, cabinetry and hardware) and the equipment (sink, toilet, etc). Unfortunately, these are also the design elements that are mostly hard and pricey to change when trying to do a bathroom uplift. In most cases, however, the right choice of complementary accessories can take the design a long way. By picking, for example, the right towels, shower curtain, bath mat, candles and decorative accents, you can add character and help define a particular style to even the most dullest of spaces. For this post, I’m sharing 3 different accessory combos you can try to transform your bathroom into a fresh nautical, minimalistic black or eclectic- chic paradise.

Fresh Nautical

01: Fouta Bath Collection // 02: Montara Mirror // 03: Laundry Bag // 04: Ticking Shower Curtain // 05: Lateral Teak Bath Mat // 06:  Charlotte & Castel- Cedarwood & Bergamot

Eclectic- Chic

01: Barcelona Shower Curtain design by Allem Studio // 02: Mojave Reed Diffuser // 03: Jacques Mirror // 04: Bath Towel with Embroidery // 05: MacKenzie- Childs Zig Zag Tissue Box Cover // 06:  pilar wastecan

Monochromatic Black

01: gentleman's hardware lip balm // 02: Ferm Living Grid Shower Curtain // 03: Bath Towel // 04: Smoke Hollywood Lotion Pump // 05: Black Toilet Paper Holder // 06: ombre bath mat

Are any of these styles something you’d try for your bathroom? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Moodboard: Sophisticated Country Kitchen

Choice Homes

Sure, not everyone is lucky to have a gorgeous country kitchen to decorate, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing a touch of the sophisticated country elegance to even a blah rented one. Inspired by the prettiest kitchens of that style, here are some things to be found in common that are easy to copy and bring to your home.

  • Heirloom ceramics, or at least beautiful ceramics that feel like they’ve been taken out of grandma’s old cupboard

  • Touch of green, preferably freshly picked from a garden. It gives a sort of uplifting feeling

  • Unrefined materials, like woods and stone, in their purest form with distressed edges and a coarse finish. I love the idea of using a tree branch to bring nature indoors

  • Organic textures, like rattan and linen, that bring memories of the countryside and add yet another level of warmth to the decor

  • Industrial inspired hardware and fixtures in antique finishes of copper or brass bring a masculine vibe and balance the more feminine- chic country style

01: Cambria Soup Bowl, Set of 4- Gray // 02: Pour-Over Kettle // 03: Baltimore Classic Cord Pendant // 04: Natural Teak Serving Stand // 05: Massey Bin Pull // 06: Faux Blue Hydrangea Flowers Citrus Grass Leaves in White Cube Vase // 07: Round Slate Cheese Board with Handle // 08: Farmhouse Pottery Windrow Serving Bowl // 09: Woven Rectangle Basket- Medium // 10: Anzu Stool, Natural Finish // 11: Como Brushed Modern Classic Cutlery Set- Black // 12: Blue Green Faded Linen Tea Towel 

Crown Point Cabinetry

Would you try any of the above tips in your kitchen? Any more ideas on how to bring this style in your home? I’d love to know!

Ml-h design

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10 Contemporary Sconces for the Bathroom

Designed by Sutro Architects

There are certainly lots of ways to light up a bathroom, and if you ask me, I’d say that a combination of them is most often the best and most complete way to do so. This depends on your lighting needs. If you need a decent reflection of yourself in the mirror, then a source of light coming right over your head won’t be helpful. On the contrary, the light should come from your front and/or sides from approximately the same height as your face. A wall sconce, for that matter, is a great solution, ideally placed on both sides of the mirror. They add to the ceiling lighting you may already have and create an ambience that eliminates ugly shadows and poorly lit corners.

Designed by Shirley Meisels

There is such a great collection of impressive sconces out there that I am convinced I would skip their practical nature and use them for decorative purposes alone.

Here are 10 of my recent favorites:

01: hollywood small sconce // 02: Demi Drum Sconce, Antique Brass // 03: Sabor Wall Sconce // 04: Santa & Cole Wally // 05: Rio Wall Sconce // 06: Restoration Warehouse Hinsdale Wall Sconce- Aged Brass // 07:  Stone Wall Sconce // 08: Covet Short Clip Bath Sconce // 09: Cobra Wall Lamp // 10: Milano Wall Sconce

What do you think? Do you have or plan to install sconces in your bathroom? Comment below with your favorites from the list!

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12 Striking Counter Stools For Your Kitchen

Designed by: Green Couch Interior Design

If you are of those people that are fortunate enough to have a kitchen island, then you probably know the importance of picking the right counter stools for it. They not only have to be practical and comfortable, but also complement the kitchen design and add to the whole room aesthetic. Thankfully, the choices out there are endless- which, on the other hand, can be a little overwhelming to the untrained eye.

Designed by: CNR Group Inc.

That being said, I created a list of 12 gorgeous counter stools and separated them according to their leading style. This way it will be easier for you to pick which one/s you like but also understand a little more about the various styles. A coastal stool has mostly natural materials and a breezy, laid back look; a modern stool resembles mid- century designs with bent wood, plastics and curvaceous forms; a contemporary stool has often an unmistakeable designer aesthetic; and a glam stool plays with sheen and softness to create a luxurious feeling.

Coastal: Director's Counter Stool // Midi Nutmeg Counterstool // Dayna Counter Stool

Modern: Charlotte Bar Stool, Black // Cherner Counter Stool // Bar Stool

Contemporary: Afteroom Bar Stool // Electra Ribbed Counter Stool // Puerto 26'' Bar Stool

Glam: Savoy Counter Stool, Grey Leather // Emerson Counter Stool- Brass // Reade Counter Stool, Ivory

Do any of the above stools or styles match your kitchen design? I’d love to know!

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