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I’m Karen – the VP of Marketing for Caesarstone US and the one who has fallen in love with the Interior Collective. I love her voice, her look and this community we have all created. I’m so happy that you are here and are taking this journey. I promise it will be spectacular

And the Winner is… Caesarstone!

Image: Architectural Digest

While millions of people watched Sunday’s Academy Awards from their TV’s, Caesarstone was fortunate enough to have a front row seat. Architectural Digest’s Greenroom at the Oscars, the sacred space backstage where “A” listers await their big entrance, was designed with Caesarstone surfaces.

The always elegant, and often edgy black dress could easily have been the inspiration for the sleek Jet Black Bar, beautifully adorned with decadent chocolates and the finest wines. The fantasy garden lounge featured a CS Shitake round table, which clearly took center stage.

And the Winner Is Caesarstone on the Interior CollectiveImage: Architectural Digest
And the Winner Is Caesarstone on the Interior CollectiveImage: Architectural Digest

Seeing the celebrities come and go was only part of the fun. The space so elegantly designed by AD 100’s renowned architect David Rockwell, with a digital art installation co-curated by Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon, put Caesarstone yet again in a very special category. Caesarstone, often the brand of choice by celebrities, supports the entertainment industry and works in so many creative ways outside the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy your behind the scenes look into the Greenroom. And yes, while we did see John Travolta at his rehearsal, we’ll NEVER kiss and tell!!

To learn more about this project, visit

And the Winner Is Caesarstone on the Interior CollectiveImage: Architectural DigestAnd the Winner Is Caesarstone on the Interior CollectiveImage: Architectural Digest

Caesarstone and Oki Sato from Nendo’s Stone Garden at ICFF

Preparing for any show or event is a significant undertaking. Time, effort, thought, money, strategy, and goals are all part of the process. For me, ICFF brings a very unique set of objectives. As always my goal is to present Caesarstone in an innovative, meaningful way. Which is why having the opportunity to partner with Nendo and conclude the World Tour of the Stone Garden at ICFF in New York City is thrilling.

I’m taken back to my days in college when I interned in SoHo Art Gallery and had the privilege of working with the most talented, creative minds of the time – Julian Schnable, Mary Boone, Leo Castelli, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring….it was a remarkable . Oki Sato is truly an artist – the way he thinks, the way he sees, and the way he creates is so exciting.

With each city, Oki Sato reconfigured the Garden, the space and the absence of space. He carefully places each stone so it has a purpose and logic and a completely fresh and unique impact. It is art, it is rare, and it is thrilling.

The ability to share this beautiful way to view Caesarstone in my hometown, is a gift. While the pressure is on, there is no doubt that those fortunate enough to experience the Stone Garden will be inspired. And at the end of the day – I can think of very few things that are more meaningful than that……

I hope to see you in New York City May 18-21 at the Javits Center for the last showing of the Stone Garden! We’re in booth #2212. For more information about the event click here.

Here are a few of Nendo’s other works:

Images: Swarovski elements with glass
Images: Starbucks Espresso Journey
Images: Puma House Tokyo by Nendo
Images: Nomade shade for Louis Vuitton

Caesarstone’s Recap of KBIS 2013

As I sat on the plane returning from KBIS, exhausted and with sore feet (a common casualty of tradeshows) I began to reflect on the Caesarstone experience created over the last several days.

From the beginning I had a clear goal that everyone from every vantage point within the KBIS Hall would be able to see the magnificent Caesarstone structure. My excitement began as I entered the convention center. Poised 25 feet high -among the vast number of exhibitors- was the beautiful, elegant, white Caesarstone logo surrounded by spectacular origami walls. It was a beacon of lightness inviting all visitors to enter.

As all good hosts – having tasty treats including Thermador’s Cappuccino machine working overtime to satisfy the lines of people waiting for a delicious cup of JAVA – was just the beginning. Sharing the stage offering amazing and unique bites was New Orleans chef Aaron Burgau, of Patois Restaurant. Certainly, it’s not a party without some specialty drinks – and we had the best!! 3 signature drinks (named for some of our new colors) created by award winning Mixologist – Aiden Demarest. The booth was packed!!

Image: Guests enjoy dishes created by Chef Butgau

Image: Mixologist Aiden Demarest creates signature drinks

Having the famed kitchen designer, Mick De Guilio host our Kitchen of the Year Retrospective was certainly beyond exciting. Everyone enjoyed hearing his perspectives on House Beautiful’s five year history at New York’s Rockefeller Center with Kitchen of the Year. Mick delighted everyone by spending time, sharing insights and chatting with the hundreds in attendance.

Image: Mick De Guilio talks about his Kitchen of the Year

Our cocktail party co-hosted by our dear friends at House Beautiful was the place to be. The food was flowing, and crowds spilled into the isles. What a party!

If content is king – well sharing the stage with Apartment Therapy’s contributor Abigail Stone and Japanese Trash founder Dave Hime was a royal delight. The audience listened carefully as our panel discussed how to benefit from social media and make it really an effective and meaningful tool.

Image: Apartment Therapy’s contributor Abigail Stone and Japanese Trash founder Dave Hime

As my plane was about to land, I thought: Was there one single moment that stood out above the rest? And while it is almost impossible to choose– I must say while all aspects of KBIS were memorable and significant – connecting with our customers, meeting new customers and showing them who Caesarstone is as a brand was truly amazing. After all – the customer is why we do these shows. Making sure we give them value and show them who we are and what they can expect, from colors, to customer service, to innovation, to making sure they understand the Caesarstone brand from the inside out is what it is all about!

I landed in Los Angeles – still tired and with sore feet, but thrilled with the experience we created for all those at KBIS.

Visit Caesarstone’s website for even more photos for the event!

Caesarstone Hits The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show This Weekend

Hi Everyone!

Making the decision to attend the 50th Annual Kitchen and Bath Show was easy, deciding how to breathe life into our vision was a bit more challenging. But, I do love a challenge. The vision was clear – to present the amazing new Caesarstone colors in a way that truly echoes their beauty.

The space had to be ethereal, it needed to be open and light, the goal was to create an environment that would invite people in and allow them to experience the innovative colors and meaningful content that we created.

My goal was to give real value to the many attendees who will attend KBIS this weekend. While showing our new collection is always important and meaningful, it is equally as important to present ideas, share content and provide insights that will be beneficial to our partners, the Kitchen and Bath Dealers.

Our unique space will be filled with excitement – cappuccino presented by Thermador, Chef Aaron Burgau preparing delicious food tastings, Mixologist and cocktail connoisseur Aidan Demarest with his creations of Caesarstone specialty drinks, which then leads into a meet and greet with famed designer, Mick De Giulio.


As the first day of KBIS ends, Caesarstone and House Beautiful host “Kitchen of The Year: A Five Year Retrospective” - conversation and cocktail party - along with House Beautiful magazine and with Mick, who designed the gorgeous 2012 Kitchen of the Year in Rockefeller Center.

Japanese Trash founder and frequent Interior Collective contributor Dave Hime will join a candid panel discussion on how social media affects the design industry. Apartment Therapy contributing writer Abigail Stone will share her insights for the season’s best new and emerging design trends.

You can view Caesarstone’s complete KBIS schedule HERE!

If you happen to be on New Orleans this weekend, be sure to stop by Caesarstone’s booth (#1921)! We’d love to meet you – and if you miss it – make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Caesarstone and Nendo at Milan Design Week

April in Paris….nope , this year it’s April in Milan….a city that begs for the design world to experience any time, but especially in April and especially during Milan Design Week. It is considered to be one of the design world's most influential events. Milan will transform into a vibrant carnival of contemporary creation, hosting some of the world's top designers and design companies, along with hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Much of this year's excitement will be centered on Brera Design District, a lively hub of galleries, display rooms and workshops, located at the heart of the city, and a magnet for design professionals and enthusiasts all year round. It is here that Caesarstone will unveil two exclusive installations from its partnership with renowned Japanese design studio, Nendo.

Brera Banner

Caesarstone will debut Nendo’s Stone-Edge Table collection, a truly innovative approach in concept and execution. The second installation is the magnificent Stone Garden which will be displayed in a new formation in the Palazzo’s courtyard. I am thrilled to announce that we will bring the Stone Garden to the United States at the ICFF show in New York City in May.

Stone Garden Collection
Image: Stone Garden Collection


I can’t wait to share more about Milan, New York and Nendo. To get updates about the event click here.

Caesarstone at DIFFA’s Dining by Design 2013

My introduction to DIFFA was actually on my first day at Caesarstone. I remember little about that first week, but I do remember my meeting with Architectural Digest. For someone new to Caesarstone and the industry, having a meeting with Giulio Capua and Architectural Digest team was certainly a memorable first day.

It was during that meeting that DIFFA was presented….DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. It was a concept that spoke to me – both personally and professionally. The images that my Architectural Digest friends projected on the screen were stunning. Innovative tables designed by the most notable talent showcasing a range of colors and textures that are inspirational. It was DIFFA's DINING BY DESIGN – a spectacular display of cuisine, creativity, and glamour. In conjunction with the Architectural Digest Home Design Show presentation, the event showcases design luminaries and culinary giants in a feast for the senses.

Joining this group of remarkable talent makes me smile. This year, Caesarstone will showcase two unique bars that feature one of our new colors, London Grey, as the bar top along with an illuminated Concetto backdrop. These beautiful installations will be styled by the exceptionally gifted Mark Cunningham. Equally as exciting is our presence at the AD Home Show with our friends at Thermador. Needless to say – it promises to be a great week.

Check out some photos from last year’s DINING BY DESIGN for some creative inspiration:

Ralph Lauren Design
Image: DINING BY DESIGN 2012 – Ralph Lauren

Benjamin Moore Design
Image: DINING BY DESIGN 2012 – Benjamin Moore

Marc Blackwell
Image: DINING BY DESIGN 2012 – Marc Blackwell

Rockwell Group
Image: DINING BY DESIGN 2012 – Rockwell Group

For more information about Dining by Design click here.


Caesarstone’s 2013 Color Launch

Hey all you Interior Collective fans! I’m Karen, the VP of Marketing for Caesarstone US. I’m a lover of inspiration…..a supporter of creativity and passionate about life. It is a pleasure to be joining all the amazing voices on this site and to bring you my thoughts on what inspires me.

Today, I’m excited by Caesarstone’s 2013 Color Launch!

Our five new colors are inspired by the world’s most beautiful natural marble. We were the first to create something so unique because we know top designers and homeowners love the look of marble but are challenged by its many limitations.

Today, Caesarstone has launched a new line that provides an amazing solution to these limitations. Our new colors are a unique blend of earthy tones and delicate infused veins with all the stain, scratch, and heat resistant qualities of quartz.

This Year's New Colors

Frosty Carrina: Beautiful soft ivory white with delicate powdery grey veins.

Frosty Carrina

Dreamy Marfil: A delicate blend of creamy beiges with gentle brown veins.

London Grey

London Grey: An eloquent opaque light grey with soft charcoal veins.

Piatra Grey

Piatra Grey: Smooth slate grey with chalky white veins.


Emperadoro: A rich fusion of lush, deep browns with maple colored veins

I hope you will gain some inspiration for your next project. Be sure to share your projects with me and the Interior Collective community.

Have questions about our new colors? I’m here to answer all them all! Post a comment below or visit us on Twitter or Facebook with #askkaren.

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