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Kate Riley is the writer behind the popular home improvement and decorating blog Centsational Girl. She lives in the California Wine Country with her family where she writes about home renovation and shares style solutions on the topic of interior design

The Beauty of Quartz in Bathrooms and Kitchens

My husband and I have been remodeling homes for over ten years and we've used all kinds of surfaces for countertops. For our most recent renovation we researched the best products on the market and came to the conclusion that Caesarstone quartz was ideal for the look we were seeking.

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Both the master bathroom and kitchen in this home were stuck in the year 1989. The cabinets were honey oak and the fixtures were dated, too. The master bathroom vanity cabinets were salvageable so to freshen the space we repurposed the vanity, reinventing it as a floating vanity by removing the base.

I also flipped the doors around to take advantage of the more modern, Shaker-style trim hiding on the opposite side. Read more about how the builder grade vanity became a floating one in this article.

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The quartz countertop in Pure White was installed in preparation for the dramatic diamond tile backsplash and updated fixtures. The changes transformed the bathroom into a chic, modern space and we couldn't be happier with the fresh new look!

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In the same home, the kitchen's honey oak cabinets were in far worse condition, having taken a beating from 30 years of use. The fluorescent box light fixture and wallpaper also kept it looking drab and dated.

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We started over with new cabinets, incorporating a more modern two-color cabinet approach with white up above and gray down below.

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Refer to this article about the installation process for details on the Pure White slabs seen in this space. Polished chrome pulls and a sparkling geometric tile backsplash transformed this kitchen into a stunner!

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #quartz #kitchen #bath #interiordesign #remodel #modernkitchen #modernhome #renovation #countertops

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #quartz #kitchen #bath #interiordesign #remodel #modernkitchen #modernhome #renovation #countertops

In the breakfast nook, we added twin pantries and new cabinetry where before there was only a blank wall. We used Caesarstone's Pure White once again to create a small breakfast station housing a coffee maker, toaster, and bowl for fresh fruit to make morning meals quick and easy.

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #quartz #kitchen #bath #interiordesign #remodel #modernkitchen #modernhome #renovation #countertops

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #quartz #kitchen #bath #interiordesign #remodel #modernkitchen #modernhome #renovation #countertops

If you've ever debated over the right countertops for bathrooms and kitchens, quartz is truly the best modern solution. We love our Caesarstone quartz. It's durable, beautiful and will guarantee decades of satisfaction!

Kitchen Countertop Installation: Start to Finish

Recently we remodeled a dated kitchen in an investment property we purchased in Las Vegas. The kitchen was a complete makeover, it included removal of the old wallpaper, light fixtures, flooring, and oak cabinets. In their place are smooth textured walls, new shaker style cabinets, a contemporary geometric backsplash, new appliances, and Caesarstone countertops in Pure White.

If you have a general contractor supervising your kitchen remodel, they can handle the details of your countertop installation, but if you're making decisions for your own kitchen remodel like we were, there are several steps to the Caesarstone installation process.

First, ensure all cabinets are level, it's best to rely on a professional for cabinet installation since floors are not often straight, especially in older homes. An experienced installer has many tricks for shimming the cabinets to ensure they level so that the countertops are too.

Research a reliable fabricator, one that has experience with quartz. Gather bids and select the fabricator that will install the countertops properly and to your specifications. The first step is surface preparation, a fabricator will create a template with plywood to bring back to their shop to cut the quartz slabs for your kitchen. (The plywood may or may not be installed under your Caesarstone depending on the thickness of the slab and edge style you've chosen).

Go over all details with your fabricator, including the appliance specs, the edge detail you want (square, ogee, etc.), and cover all additional details like a waterfall edge. We contemplated one in this kitchen but decided against it given the angle of the peninsula and the fact that the waterfall edge would only have dropped down on one side only. We opted instead for a more transitional style and later framed the side of the cabinet to enclose it and for a cleaner edge.

Your fabricator will go over all the details with you in preparation of installation, in this kitchen we chose an undermount sink, the fabricator needed the template that comes with the sink for precision, and the sink had to be installed before the countertop went in.

On installation day the crew showed up with all the slabs and installed them so that they fit the countertops and sat perfectly against the back walls.

The quartz slabs were secured with adhesive, then all seams were caulked for a flawless edge on the back wall. We also installed the same Pure White in the adjacent breakfast nook where the lower cabinet creates a smaller countertop space for small appliances.

We're loving our Caesarstone countertops in Pure White, beautiful to look at, easy to clean, and the perfect surface for this space.

For more information and additional sources from this kitchen remodel, stop my blog Centsational Girl!

Modern Planters, Indoors and Out

You can find a traditional terra cotta pot anywhere or pick up a basic container in any home improvement store, those have been available for decades. Modern planters are more contemporary in design with clean lines, they can be round, square, or sculptural and are concrete, ceramic, or resin. On a modern planter you'll find no frills or colorful motifs, the smooth walls and shapes give the eye a place to rest and the simplicity of planter's design allows the botanical take the spotlight.

Gathering a series in different sizes will add interest to your porch or patio and your local nursery can assist in finding plants that will thrive in your zone.

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Take the look of a modern planter to a new level outdoors by making it permanent. Tinted concrete or stucco cast by a professional will increase your home's value and bring style to your yard. For added contrast, incorporate the warmth of wood with an attached bench. Notice how the slats in this concrete planter and bench combination mimic the elongated wood fence so that the two are cohesive.

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Indoors plants will thrive with care, a trio of chic modern planters on stands brings this living room to life, the heights and varied plantings keeps the eye moving and fills the space with natural beauty.

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Modern planters can have big impact on a much smaller scale, the spikes in this botanical housed in a simple square ceramic planter play off the spikes in the porcupine mirror creating a dramatic vignette on a console.

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When you're out and about, keep your eye open for modern planters to purchase for either indoor or outdoor placement to bring contemporary style to your home.

Bathroom Tile Trends

Bathrooms are the spaces where moisture is always present which makes tile one of the most sensible materials to use on walls, floors, and ceilings. Today’s focus is on trends in bathroom tile, the ones that are popping up in contemporary bathroom designs.

One growing trend in bathroom floors is the use of large scale motifs in the form of encaustic cement tile. With this look the floor takes the spotlight and the wall tile plays a background role. Patterns in black and white are timeless, but colorful palettes are also available, the patterns range from simple to exotic.

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Another trend in bathroom tile is the statement wall, one where the tile rises up to the ceiling and not just the few inches to protect the wall from water that splashes from the faucet. Floating vanities enhance this contemporary style and allow a glimpse at the same subtle chevron pattern that continues on the floor. Mixing metal sheens in the form of sleek nickel pulls and a brass sconce also modernizes this bathroom space.

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Geometric patterns have been popular for several years, but today’s fresh looks are more artistic, going beyond the basic hexagon or basket weave patterns. Colors are bold, angles are asymmetrical, and with the newer patterns comes the wow factor.

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Most prevalent among bathroom tile trends is the one that embraces the organic patterns present in nature. Wood look porcelain tile is available in hundreds of styles from subtle to bold in patterns that mimic hardwood but offer the benefits of tile. Seamless shower doors allow the beauty of the tile to be appreciated from all angles.

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