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The principal of Kendall Ansell Interiors in Vancouver, Canada, Kendall Ansell has always believed that happiness starts at home. Kendall’s inclusive approach and knowledge of classical design and construction lend to her unique ability to create homes and offices with substance and style that turn her clients’ design dreams into reality. This special touch has earned Kendall four prestigious awards from in their Best of Houzz category from 2014-2017, among numerous features in publications across Canada.

Shine this Holiday Season with Metallic Decor

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again. The holidays are just around the corner and soon, family and friends will gather to share food, drinks and memories. Christmas just wouldn’t be as magical without the backdrop of a well-decorated home and 2018 is the year of metallics. With earthy tones and lustrous finishes, metallic decor provides a classic aesthetic that’s chic yet simple enough to incorporate into any home.

Accent trees are a clever, effective way to complement any space and are a great way to add another tree to your home, whether it’s big or small! Completely handmade and constructed with natural materials, a simple knot at the top creates its familiar shape that we all love so much. The metallic element here features toned-down golds and browns and the rose gold color establishes a natural focal point that draws your eye from anywhere in the room. The best part? You don’t have to be a perfectionist to make this look work! Natural imperfections of your work of art will add interest and visual appeal, while small twinkle lights add sparkle.

One of our favorite, classic looks is a beautiful garland made of greenery. With this look, it’s easy to bring the outdoors inside this season with a mantle adorned with fresh greenery that you can get from your local florist or your own backyard! The mantel we created consists of evergreen offcuts and layered metallic garlands. Textured items, like those shown in the photo, complement the metallic elements and the forest green base accentuates the intertwined garlands. Lacking a pop of color in your current decor? Luckily, you don't have to rebuy everything to achieve this look. Adding a hint of pink, for example, to primarily neutral tones typically does the trick. Or, if you’re a fan of DIY projects, simply grab a can of metallic spray paint and try refreshing some of the decor you already own!

Accent pieces complete a space by tying everything together. Tabletop decor should be used sparingly to add elegance and sophistication to your home without making it feel overcrowded. Something as simple as a golden reindeer, a Christmas staple, works great, as it provides richness to an area that could lack pizzazz. A simple candy bowl filled with your favorite holiday treats is an easy detail that requires little effort; colorful wrappers play beautifully on desired tones. Potpourri can have the same effect, in addition to filling the room with a wonderful aroma!

Metallics are a particularly agreeable holiday decor design style. One reason for this is the way that light, both natural and artificial, interacts with metallics. Whether you gravitate towards more reflective metallic decor or opt for a matte finish, light plays well with both. The glow of candles against copper, gold and pink tones in a darkened room create an unparalleled ambiance. Tree or garland lights ignite their own unique appearance as well. The downplayed tones, though more subtle, are very impactful.

Metallics lend themselves to a contemporary feel and can generate a classic or rustic impression, depending on personal preference. Feel free to go the extra mile and match stockings, gift wrap, wreaths and holiday throws to finish off the design.

As the days get shorter and the nights colder, warm up your home this holiday season with metallic decor! In addition to the elegance it adds to your humble abode, it will enhance your guests' experience and create memories that will last a lifetime. There’s no shortage of songs about being home for the holidays. With a beautifully decorated home for the season, is there any wonder why?

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