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About Mandi

Mandi Gubler is a DIY/Shelter Blogger known for her fearless approach to all things Do It Yourself. She is a self proclaimed thrift store junkie, craigslist stalker (not the killing kind) and garage sale maven. Mandi started her blog Vintage Revivals in July 2010 with zero DIY/Design experience. She apparently had a hidden talent that once released, not only changed her life but inspires millions. Mandi's approach to design is simple. She believes that true style has the chance to emerge when you stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, will think, or might say, and do what makes your guts grin.

Pink! For Everyone

As of late, I have become more and more obsessed with the color pink in home decor. Now, this is not channeling your inner 3-year-old Barbie’s Dreamhouse pink. This pink is unexpected, playful, and brave. And I think that a lot of us could use a dose of bravery in our lives.

Blush Wall

Blush Wall
Image: Decor8

If you are feeling like you need something ultra feminine, instead of using a neutral color like beige or gray on the wall try using a perfect shade of blush. My favorite is Feather White by Sherwin Williams. It’s like you just told your white walls how much you love them and they turned a little shy.

Pink Sofa

Pink Sofa
Image: Design Sponge

Let’s say that you are more of a try-it-on-the-furniture type person. I am pretty sure that there is nothing more wonderful in this world than a pink sofa. (And with a blush wall… Man this designer has a rosy outlook on life!)

Pink Throw Pillow

Pink Throw Pillow
Image: Vintage Revivals

If you are not ready to commit to paint, or furniture, and just want to test these waters with your big toe, try painting a small item in your house pink – a lamp, a drawer, an elephant (a small ceramic one of course!)… something that says to your friends, “Yes, I am brave. Jealous much?” I love the idea of a touch of pink in a throw pillow.

Are you a pink fan, or does it make you blush with nervousness?

How to Mix Metallics

Image: Kreyv

Raise your hand if you remember when there was a hard fast rule about mixing metallics. The rule was DON’T. If you were committed to polished brass in your house, you were committed 100%. Every doorknob, hinge, lighting fixture, drawer pull, and faucet had to be a gorgeous shade of flamboyant gold.

Luckily for us that is not the case anymore. Design rules like ‘don't mix metallics’ are being thrown out of the window and replaced with much looser guidelines and standards. Mixing metallic is where people can get hung up. When something is permanently etched into your design subconscious it can be hard to change it up.

I am in love with these rooms; they take a little from here, and a little from there, and create a magic metallic recipe.


Image: The Roof Over My Head

Kitchens and bathrooms are where people have the hardest time giving up the match. Look at how beautiful the kitchen below is. All of the brass lighting and hardware make the room feel warm, but also take note of the high polish nickel on the faucet. Can you imagine how much more sterile the room would feel if the worn brass was replaced with nickel?

Home Office

Image: houzz

When you are working with metallics, don't forget the industrial styles. Worn stainless steel and powder coated pipe are great metallics that make a space feel really vintage and used.

So tell me, what is your favorite metallic mix? Are you still against mixing?

3 DIY Projects Every Beginner Should Try

Ah yes, the beginning of your DIY journey. Welcome my new friend, I am Mandi and I will be your tour guide. Everyone has seen those incredible room makeovers that have an unbelievably low price tag. It’s really easy to look at these overhauls, get overwhelmed, and not know where to start. But that is why I am here. Today I am sharing 3 projects with you that are the best jumping off points into DIY land.

Paint A Piece of Furniture

DIY Desk
Image: Vintage Revivals

This task can be simple, or it can be really complex. It totally depends on the way you want your finished project to turn out. I recommend starting with something small like a nightstand or an end table. Use something that you already have, or pick up a newfound treasure from the thrift store. Once you have your piece, grab a few cans of spray paint, and go to town. Spray paint is the easiest way to get a smooth all-over color without worrying about brush strokes and texture. Use multiple light coats to avoid drippage, and make sure that it cures 100% before you manhandle it.

Spruce Up A Lampshade

DIY Lampshade
Image: Vintage Revivals

Target sells really great basic drum shades for $10-15. Pick one up and let your inner artist go wild. You have so many options for this blank canvas. A few of my favorites are trimming it out with ribbon, stamping or stenciling it, and covering it with your favorite inspiration fabric.

Make A Pillow

DIY Eclectic Bedding
Image: Vintage Revivals

If you have a sewing machine and can sew two straight lines then you are GOLDEN. Find fabric that inspires the crap out of you. Hit up thrift stores for vintage skirts with enough fabric for a throw pillow. That way it’s amazing AND unique (and you have a great story to tell!).

What is your favorite DIY? Let me know!

Focal Walls that Demand Attention

Does anyone remember the movie “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken?” My favorite line in the entire film is when Marie looks at Sonora and says “She’s not the star of the show, I am.” If focal walls could talk, this is what they would be saying to the rest of the room.

The term focal wall became main stream when shows like Trading Spaces took over our lives. After it aired, I am pretty sure that everyone in North America had a red wall. And while the red may have come and gone, the idea of having focal walls are here to stay.

Classic Focal Wall

Wood Focal Wall
Image: Makely Home

I am so in love with this wall from the blog, Makely School For Girls. It even has a tutorial so that you can do it yourself.

Tape and Paint

Painted Focal Wall
Image: Stephanie Sterjovski

Making a focal wall can be something as easy as pulling out a roll of tape and some paint. This wall paper is so fantastic, and you can absolutely replicate it yourself by using paint and tape if you are on a small budget.

Board and Batten

Colored Focal Wall
Image: The Blend

The Board and Batten and Beadboard movements have been going strong for a few years – I really love the combo of the two in this focal wall treatment.


Stencil Focal Wall
Image: 4Men 1Lady

You always have the option of creating a focal wall out of things instead of paint or pattern. This stenciled wall from 4Men 1Lady is amazing.

Creating a space that has a breathtaking focal wall isn't hard, it just takes a bit of creativity. If you are a little scared to jump in with both feet, then start with your big toe and paint one wall a different color. Creating a focal wall in a room gives it an anchor and lets you know who the star really is.

Do you have any ideas for focal walls?

Granny Chic: Crochet so Hip You Might Have to Get a Replacement

Because of the rising popularity of sites like Etsy, and the resurgence of Handmade Markets, the crafts once considered Grandma are coming back – and they are coming back with a vengeance. Granny Chic now owns my heart, and I am sure it’s gotten many of yours as well. The good news? Even if you are not 100% convinced that you need needlepoint in your house, you can dip your big toe in with these crocheted show stoppers.

Crochet Rug

Crochet Rug
Image: L&G Studio

I love this rug so much I might have a stroke over it. While the making of said rug is a little difficult there are a myriad of Etsy sellers that are at your beck and call. Rugs like this are selling for $200-$600.

Crochet Light

Crochet Light
Image: Fab

How about a simple crocheted dome light from Fab? I love how simple these are and I bet the shadows they cast are awesome.

Crochet Pillow

Crochet Pillow
Image: petitevanou

So what if you aren’t ready to plunk down a few hundred bucks to bring some yarn love into your space? Or maybe you’re just a beginner? I hear that there is nothing easier to learn than a Granny Square.
You can start by making a pillow like the above.

Crochet Throw

Crochet Throw
Image: petitevanou

And if you are REALLY motivated, you can try your hand at a throw.

So what do you think? Are you ready to embrace your inner granny?

3 DIY Shelve Tutorials to Organize Your Space

Shelving is one of those critical design elements in a space. Properly utilizing shelves makes a room feel more collected and homey. It lets you proudly display all of your found treasures. Built-in shelves are a highly coveted design feature to most; unfortunately, it can be quite hard to add them to a completed space. But don’t worry, I’m going to show you a few of my favorite bookshelves that can be built and installed in one weekend.

Industrial Pipe Shelves

Industrial Pipe Shelves
Image: The Brick House

Of course we have to kick off this roundup with these industrial pipe shelves by Morgan @ The Brick House. I am pretty sure these shelves single handedly state the industrial movement in design. They are AMAZING.

Fabric-Lined Shelves

Fabric Lined Shelves
Image: Emily A. Clark

Emily took an old book shelf and lined the back with some remnant fabric that she had stashed. I love this idea because you can personalize it to any space, and it’s removable!

Open Built-In Shelves

Built-In Shelves
Image: Vintage Revivals

I love projects that not only make a space prettier by just being there, but also actually fix something that is on the ugly list. My friend Hailee had a giant picture window between her kitchen and living room. I mean, how exactly are you supposed to decorate that?! So with a few hours and $30 we made it an open built in – it is still one of my favorite DIY’s to date.

Anyone feeling inspired to tackle one of these projects?

The Art of Displaying Kid’s Creativity

Image: Vintage Revival

In their mind’s eye, the picture that your child just handed over is THE BEST thing they have ever created… along with the last ninety-seven pictures you already have stuck to your refrigerator. So that they can be proud and you can open the fridge without 13 papers flying off, today we are talking all about displaying children’s art. Displaying your child’s art does a lot to boost their creative drive. When they see something that they created on display it encourages them to create more.

In Dylan’s room I used clothespins to attach the art and a length of trim to some shelves. It’s cute, easily removable, and interchangeable.

Kids Art
Image: UFrame

One of those slap your head genius ideas, when it comes to showing off the master pieces, are these frames from UFrame. They are designed to be interchangeable so you can have the latest and greatest on display at all times.

Kids Art
Image: Paige Knudsen

I love the idea of creating a gallery wall that can be added to over time.

Children's Crafts
Image: Little Black Door

It doesn’t even need to be formally framed. Just give them a little corner of the house and they will be thrilled!

Kids Artwork
Image: Young House Love

And if you are feeling like the parent of the year, follow in John and Sherry’s footsteps and turn the art project into a piece of fabric.

Do you display your child’s art, or are you more of an ‘in the box for safe keeping’ parent?

Design Ideas for Teen Rooms

The transition from child to tween to full on teenager is a tough one. Fortunately, taking a child’s room design from something juvenile to something that is swoon worthy is not as hard as you might think. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Clear Everything Out

Even if you are using some of the furniture again, pull it out of the room. When you have a blank space it is easier to look at things with new eyes. Determine what is an absolute must use and see what can easily be replaced.

Hit Up Your Goodwill

So let’s say getting a new bed is out of the question. Head to your local thrift store and find a new headboard for $15. It doesn't have to be expensive to be amazing!

Pinterest is Your Friend

Have your teen start a room design Pinterest board – this will give you the vibe they are searching for. Do they want something that is colorful? Calming? Comfy?

Add Basic Room Elements

Every room should have these four elements:

1. A Feature Wall

Feature Wall
Image: Emily Clark

This sets the tone for the entire space, and is where things get really fun. Don't be afraid to use color here (but make sure you don't go color crazy… Punky Brewster was not a teenager).

2. A place to sit

Bright Colored Rooms
Image: Bolig Magasinet

Depending on the size of the room, it may be as big as a couch, or it may be as small as a stack of floor pillows. When their friends come over they need a place to sit.

3. Comfy Bedding

Teen Room
Image: Serena & Lily

Sometimes teenagers are like toddlers. They need a nap/timeout. Give them a comfy place to rest.

4. A place for personality

Chalk Board Wall
Image: Apartment Therapy

Message centers are great for organizing homework, pictures, and things they love. Think outside the box. I love this chalkboard wall treatment; its funky and different. The good news is that you are not working with a child who is devoted to Dora the Explorer anymore, so let them help with the design decisions!

Do you have pictures of your teen’s room? Share pictures with us or leave your link in the comments below!

Trend Tracker: The Woodland Creatures

Usually when the trend winds of change are a-blowin, they make a slight shift from the previous trend. Think birds to feathers, chevron to herringbone and then to arrows. That is one way to predict what is on the horizon. (Now you will totally look like a genius to your friends!)

The bird trend was H.U.G.E. around about 2009. Put a bird on it was more than just a craft mania. It was like a religion. The natural outgrowth of that is what we will lovingly refer to as the owl obsession. Running along the same parallel is the taxidermy/faux taxidermy trend. As these trends are being lived out and people are hunting for the next big thing, the natural outgrowth is woodland creatures.

Woodland creatures consist of everything from foxes to hedgehogs to porcupines to squirrels. Basically, if it lives in the forest and can be perceived as adorable it counts.

Like this hedgehog pillow by Laura Frisk

Thrift Store
Image: Laura Frisk

An easy way to bring some whimsy and a pop of color into your decor, is to hit up your favorite thrift store and spray paint a furry friend statue.

Image: Found Here

When you put interesting art on your walls, it makes people take a step in and really look at it. Throwing something unexpected in to your space throws the design off balance a little and makes it memorable. And my friends, memorable is good.

Image: Buy Here
bird vignette
Image: Found Here
Image: Found Here

Doesn't this make you want to go and adopt a chipmunk? What do you think the next animal trend is?

Trend Tracker: The Conduit Pipe

There are basic staples that you need in every space to make it feel collected and not like you bought everything in a ten-piece living room group for $1299 at your local Furniture R Us. My list includes something wood, something painted, something metallic, something fabric. But lately on my Pincapades I have noticed another something. Something industrial.

Finding cool industrial furniture goes beyond spending loads of money. One of my favorite secrets for finding industrial pieces is to watch the yard sale classifieds for “Man Sales” advertised for tools and shop stuff. They will look at you like you have six heads when you tell them you are putting their huge greasy metal shelf in your daughter’s room but just roll with it. (psst. That is exactly what I did in Dylan’s room.)

Another way to get a funky industrial vibe is to build your own furniture out of conduit pipe. There are two types of conduit. Plumbing and Electrical. Typically plumbing is more expensive per foot because it has to be treated to be safe for drinking water to run through, and unless you like spending extra money for no reason, or are planning on disassembling your table legs to use as straws when you have company over, you are probably good to just go with the electrical.

You can buy conduit at your local hardware store and I know that Lowes and Home Depot can cut and thread your pipes to the exact specifications that you need.

So without further adieu, here are three of my favorite pipe projects with links to the tutorial, so you can DIY your heart out!

Plumbing Pipe Furniture
Image: Plumbing Pipe Rolling Bookcase by 4 Men 1 Lady

Image: Pipe Desk by Cafe Cartolina

How To Build A Pipe Table Tutorial
DIY project: Conduit Pipe Table by Vintage Revivals

What other ways have you used conduit pipe in your home?